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You’ve started your small business, set up shop, designed a beautiful website and now you’re ready to find your ideal customers. You’ve probably heard that email marketing is the most effective digital marketing strategy, so you pull up your computer to write a sales email. Sadly, no one is replying or even reading your email. What’s wrong?


Your Business Deserves ‘Sales Letters’ Copywriting that Converts

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A mistake many small businesses make is writing the same letter to each prospect, irrespective of their needs, the stage they are at in the buyer’s journey and the knowledge of their most recent activity.

A winning sales letter could be the difference between a business that closes shop within three months and one that stays in business for the long run. You’re not saving money by writing your sales email on your own. In fact, you’re hurting conversion for your website and losing customers, fast!

Let Daily Posts write your sales letters for you. You need a talented pool of sales copywriters who understand your niche, your product, your audience and the buyer’s journey. We’ll produce letters that make the reader curious from the headline and engage them from the very first word. Our copies are enthralling, riveting and, best of all, convincing. In the end, the only action your reader takes is the one you’ve established as the goal of the sales letter.

Your Business Deserves Copywriting that Converts

Many email sales letters fail to evoke the desired response because they are not optimised for conversion. Some lack engaging material, while others have uninspiring headlines.

Daily Posts is a professional writing agency with a speciality in copywriting sales letters. We have served clients in various industries from construction, information technology, beauty and fashion. Since our inception, we have produced sales letters that have helped our clients grow their customer base.

The secret to an effective email marketing strategy is to craft content that leads customers to take action. This means writing sales letters, newsletters and blog posts that contain persuasive language and strong ‘Call-to-Action’ statements.

You can have a well-crafted sales letter, but if your title doesn’t draw interest, the recipient may not even open it. This would be a shame, especially if you spent considerable time and effort compiling a powerful message.

At Daily Posts, we put the time into researching sales letter features, such as the ideal title, main content, keywords and call-to-actions that work. We know how to get your business going using sales letters.

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Sales Letter Copywriting that Drives Website Traffic

To increase website traffic from sales letters, your letter has to be engaging and interesting enough that people want to forward it to their colleagues and share it on social media. The only way to achieve this goal is to create buyer personas and get inside the mind of the buyer. The headline we create is informed by the problems your target audience face.

A unique headline gets your foot in the door and grabs the reader’s attention. Successful headlines we use include how-to guides that teach the reader how to solve a problem. The more problems we solve for your reader, the more willing they are to share your content and patronise your brand.

A headline alone is not enough to create viral copies. We use a short, opening paragraph that packs a powerful punch to get you noticed. A knockout opening sentence in your sales letter encourages people to share your links. Our opening sentences hook the reader, influence their views and generate sales for your company.

Get targeted sales letters that generate qualified leads and increase your ROI

When writing a sales letter, we’re answering questions such as what the primary and secondary goals of your target audience are. What challenges are they faced with on a daily basis? How can we create a sales letter that overcomes these challenges?

Targeted sales letters work wonders for direct marketing. Our letters follow the best design practices and have a positive impact on your brand. We use short paragraphs to make your content easily skimmable and include lots of white space in between paragraphs.

We write to the individual, engaging them in conversation and using “you” and “your” to speak to them. Our letters are not stifled by jargon but flow more informally like we’re talking to a friend.

The call-to-action is an area we excel at. We know the importance of getting it right. Whatever your call to action, such as going to your website, calling your phone number, sending in a form or making a sale, we keep your CTA clear and concise. A proven tactic we use is to include a CTA that removes risk for the consumer. We also tell them what action to take right now and encourage the reader to respond immediately.

Daily Posts; writing sales letters that persuade your readers to act

Our sales letter copywriting:

  • is easy to read.
  • engages its readers.
  • overcomes buyer objections.
  • answers customers’ questions.
  • convinces customers of your product’s authenticity.
  • motivates action (to buy, register, download or signup).

Current sales efforts not delivering the desired results? It’s time to try Daily Posts

If you’re spending a decent chunk of your marketing budget on email and you notice that the results you expected are not what you’re getting, you should consider upgrading to Daily Posts. Our copywriters create sales letters that excite the reader, hold their attention and motivate them to act.

Pick one of your sales letters and review it. Is the writer already floundering in the opening sentence? Does the headline include any benefits? Do you notice that your key message is lost in the middle? Does it speak directly to the problems the user is facing? Does it offer the unique reason why your product is better than other solutions? Is there a compelling call-to-action?

If you can’t answer all these questions with a resounding yes, you need a better sales letter. A professional copywriter knows the importance of choosing the right words and getting all the small details right. You can leverage your sales copies for success but only with a good copywriter at your side.

Our formula for writing sales letters your prospects respond to

Personalised letters

This is the first and the most important tip for writing a sales letter. It must be personalised to the reader. They should read it and feel your content was written just for them. If you want to sell digital marketing courses, you’ll target B2B and B2C marketers who’ll get the most value from your course. You could also target small business owners who’ll benefit from learning about digital marketing.

Conversely, sending emails to a furniture maker, a lawyer, student or social media manager who isn’t interested means your sales letter has failed. Daily Posts will craft personalised emails for each segment of your target audience.

We never use words that send your emails to the spam folder

If you’re sending out sales emails, Gmail and Yahoo look for words that automatically constitute as spam. Many people don’t look through their spam folders, so we avoid those words. These words/phrases include save money, dollar sign, no fees, free, order, income, cheap, price and cash, among others.

Mention the prospect’s name

In most cases, we’ve seen that people are more likely to read through an email when they see their name in the copy. While this is a tired technique, it still works for establishing a personal connection with your audience.

Why Hire Our Professionals for Sales Copywriting?

Leverage promotional content beyond sales letters

Sales letters are one effective way to drive traffic to your website, but there are other more rewarding options. Daily Posts professional copywriters can utilise other promotional content to increase your online relevance. Content such as advertising copy, case studies, blog articles or newsletters can help to improve the authority and visibility of your website.

Mirror your business personality perfectly

Professional copywriters work with different companies and can apply their experience to promote your products with the most creative solutions. We use your business voice, tone and audience language to produce copy that appeals to them.

Your web pages and blog posts will maintain common themes and consistency throughout your various online communication channels.

Build authority with influencer linking

As your website continually serves up fresh content, your business develops a loyal number of customers who will keep returning. They also share your content on social networks. Our copywriters will write content that attracts high-authority domains to link with your site. This has the potential to increase your website’s citation and trust flow.

Professional copywriters are cost-effective

You can save time and resources when you hire a copywriting agency with experienced writers. Your staff also has more time to focus on core business operations that drive direct sales.

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