Sales Letters

Sales Letters

Your Business Deserves ‘Sales Letters’ Copywriting that Converts

Many email sales letters fail to evoke the desired response because they are not optimised for conversion. Some lack engaging material, while others have uninspiring headlines that leave them unopened or even sent to spam.

Your business deserves sales letters that convert prospects.

Daily Posts is a professional writing agency with a speciality in copywriting sales letters. We have clients in various industries from construction and information technology to beauty and fashion. Over the course of our practice, we have produced sales letters that helped our clients grow their customer base.

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The secret to an effective email marketing strategy is to craft content that leads customers to take action. This means writing sales letters, newsletters, blog posts and so on, containing persuasive language and strong ‘Call-to-Action’ statements. You can have a well-crafted sales letter, but if your title doesn’t draw interest, the recipient may not even open it. That would be a shame, especially if you had spent considerable time and effort compiling a powerful message.

There are techniques to wording titles for sales letters to ensure they are open and read. At Daily Posts, we put time into conducting research on sales letter features, such as the ideal title, length of title, main content, keywords and ‘Call-to-Action’ statements that work. Therefore, we know how to get your business rocking using sales letters.

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Sales Letters Copywriting that Drives Website Traffic

Businesses once relied on door-to-door salesmen to market and sell their products to prospective customers. It worked mostly, but people soon began to take their security more seriously, being less comfortable about the idea of allowing strangers into their home. Then came the age of the internet, which is when digital marketing took over.

Today, ‘email sales letters’ have replaced door-to-door salesmen and direct mail. If you write your sales letters properly, you can actually complete purchases on your website.  A well-written sales letter must attract attention, engage the reader with content and send them to your website for more information.

Our sales letters are created with interesting content and language style that compels the reader to take action. The ‘Call-to-Action’ statement will make customers interested in finding out more from your website.

Sales letters are not limited to emails alone. You can have them on your sales page, blog or even on an affiliate site. The goal is to write sales letters across various online channels and draw traffic to your website or receive calls that complete the transaction.

Landing Page Copywriting to Augment Your Sales Letters

Your sales letters may be effective in pulling prospects where you want them, but what is waiting on the other end? Can they continue the conversation and seal the deal? For example, imagine a prospective customer reads one of your sales letters and is intrigued.

They want to know more, so they click the corresponding link. However, the ensuing landing page is so overloaded with content that they find it difficult to navigate the page. The next thing they do is leave.

At Daily Posts, to follow up our sales letter copywriting, our writers can create landing pages to augment the content and theme of the letter. The sales pages will contain information about the products offered in the sales letter. It will also have similar language and voice tone to match, as well as a compelling ‘Call to Action’. This keeps your prospects on the page longer and increases their chances of web conversions.

Sales Letter Copywriting that Drives Action

When you engage visitors longer on your site with well-placed instructions, you should observe higher conversion rates. If you want more subscribers, successful purchases, or visitors to supply you with information in exchange for White Pages, our copywriters can word the sales pages accordingly.

The true test of sales letter copywriting and its corresponding webpage is the volume of site traffic and the ability to convert. Although there are other factors that determine web conversion, having well-written sales letters and web pages significantly adds to success.

Our sales letter copywriting:

  • Is easy to read.
  • Engages its readers.
  • Overcomes buyer objections.
  • Answers customers’ questions.
  • Convinces customers about your product’s authenticity.
  • Motivates action (to buy, register, download or signup).

Why Hire Our Professionals for Sales Copywriting?

  1. Take advantage of other promotional channels

Sales letters are one effective way to drive traffic to your website, but there are more rewarding options. Daily Posts professional copywriters can utilise other promotional content to increase your online relevance. Content such as advertising copy, case studies, blog articles or newsletters can help to improve the authority and visibility of your website.

  1. Mirror your business personality perfectly

Professional copywriters work with different companies regularly and can apply their experience to promote your products with the most creative solutions. We use your business voice tone and audience language to produce copy that appeals to them.

Your web pages and blog posts will maintain a common theme and consistency throughout your various online communication channels.

  1. Build authority with influencer linking

As your website continually serves up fresh content, your business develops a loyal number of customers who keep returning to your website. They also share your content on the various social networks, increasing its popularity. Our copywriters can write content that attracts high authority domains to link with your website. This has the potential to increase your website’s citation and trust flow.

  1. Professional copywriters are cost-effective

You can save time and resources when you hire a copywriting agency with experienced writers like Daily Posts. In addition to improving the quality of your content, your staff can use the extra hours to add more value to the business.

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