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Are you tired of emailing back and forth with your copywriter with regards your order? Having a platform from which you can order, review and receive your content orders is the answer for you. Daily Posts, one of the leading writing companies in the world, has such a platform which makes getting your content easy and convenient.


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As a business with a website, you’ll have various content needs to keep the site in top-performing mode. From sales pages to company news updates and casual blog articles, a functional website needs to be updated with fresh content regularly to maintain relevance online.

Daily Posts are a professional writing agency that handles online copywriting jobs for businesses that want the best content on their website. We have been providing copy solutions for years, allowing our clients more time to adhere to other demanding aspects of their business. We also have some of the most prolific writers in our agency, and can provide copy for a range of different business niches.

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Online copywriting is different from traditional media in many ways. Firstly, it must be SEO-friendly to achieve favourable rankings on search engines (SERP). Also, it must be written in a style that engages web users and compels them to act quickly, using powerful ‘Call to Action’ statements.

Good business web copy should not be too self-involved or overbearing, otherwise it might put off the target audience. At Daily Posts, our writers understand this and produce suitably engaging content with these objectives in mind.

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SEO-friendly Online Copywriting Jobs

Your online copy must be visible for web users to read. If your content is positioned on the second page of a search engine, you won’t get the response you need. To succeed online, your website must be among the top five results a user sees after initiating a search query.

Organic traffic from search engines is a very effective way to grow leads for your business. We use SEO techniques to incorporate high-ranked industry keywords into your content. This leapfrogs your website over its competitors and gets it ranked appropriately on SERP. By creating useful content that attracts links from other websites with high domain authorities, your website should experience an increase in web traffic and more suitable leads.

It doesn’t matter what niche your business operates in. Our copywriters produce content that gives it a competitive edge over other businesses in the same industry. With more traffic, you have a higher chance of getting profitable conversions.

Online Copywriting Jobs with Effective Landing Pages

Are your corresponding landing pages efficient enough? If your website is ranked favourably on search engines, you must be able to satisfy the ensuing web traffic with interesting content. The content must be engaging and able to keep customers on your website long enough to act.

For example, let’s suppose your content ranks favourably on Google and users click through to visit your website. Unfortunately, if the landing page is too busy, it becomes difficult for customers to obtain the information they want and they will subsequently leave for other sites with more user-friendly text.

Your landing page must use the right font, paragraph length and titles to make the page readable. Most web users only scan the landing pages for the information they want, so the page must be scannable and contain bullet points.

Our copywriters not only write well-structured landing pages, but create interesting content that keeps users glued to your website. To get users to convert, your landing page must be descriptive, have a brief header and explain why your product or service is the right choice for the customer.

The ‘Call-to-Action’ must also be persuasive. The content of your online copywriting job could be the deciding factor between a successful conversion and a lost sale.

Online Copywriting Jobs with High Conversion Rates

When you hire a professional copywriter to write content for your website, you expect not just high quality, but also potential to convert. Whether your goal is to grow your customer database, sell more products or register more subscribers, we write copy with the objective to convert.

At Daily Posts, we produce copy that:

  • Converts
  • Builds your communication strategy on a solid foundation
  • Is compelling and attracts leads to your website

Some examples of online copywriting jobs we write for clients are:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) pages
  • Sales pages
  • Website content (services, ‘About us’, ‘Contact’ pages and more)
  • Product description pages
  • Case Studies
  • Customer guides
  • Ad copies

We provide all types of copy (on top of what’s listed above), so if you have any projects that need professional writing, Daily Posts can write it for you.

Why Hire a Professional Writing Agency?

  1. Save time

Creating content is a huge time-consuming process – more so when it has to be consistent. It can become a work and time vortex if you don’t have assistance. As your business expands, it’s not savvy to continue spending hours each day trying to meet the growing content demands. At Daily Posts, our professional copywriters can help you. We not only specialise in content production and SEO, but can free up time for you to focus on more demanding aspects of your business.

  1. Get a steady supply of original content

To become an online authority in your niche, your business must update its website with fresh content regularly. Developing a steady supply of content can be a major challenge for busy companies. Hiring a professional copywriting agency makes this easy for you. When people associate your website with useful information and consistency, it has a high chance of establishing an authority. This gives the business an edge over competitors on the web.

  1. Correct grammar and spelling

Publishing content fraught with spelling errors and grammatical inconsistencies can hurt the credibility of your business. Companies who write their own copy may not have enough time to proofread their work. The result can lead to a breakdown in trust amongst your customers. Keep your website an authority by hiring professionals to complete your online copywriting jobs.

Daily Posts’ copy-editors will not only proofread your final content, but also make it more presentable for publishing.

Our clients are also assured 100% of original content at all times.

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