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Copywriting Marketing

Why Do You Need Copywriting Marketing?

Your target audience is exposed to a range of different options across your industry, so your marketing strategy has to set you apart from the competition.

With so much content within the online marketing space, you need copywriting that reaches out and grabs your target audience.

Our professional writers project your business identity in a way that your target audience can relate to.

What Makes Copywriting Marketing Effective?

An important aspect of marketing is attracting customers to make sales. To achieve this, marketing copywriting goes beyond generating content that interests and engages your target audience. It involves using good content that:

  • Leads to high search engine rankings.

  • Drives traffic to your site.

  • Prompts profitable customer action.

  • Boosts your conversion rates.

As a writing agency, we have professional writers who specialise in copywriting that promotes your business to the target audience. But we don’t stop there. Our copywriters have a results-orientated approach to marketing copy. We don’t just produce high-quality content but encourage your web visitors to take immediate action. We include:

  • Easy to understand language.

  • Relevant, interesting and persuasive content.

  • Bold and arresting headlines.

  • Authentic material that builds trust.

  • Compelling call-to-actions.

The Benefits of Copywriting Marketing with Daily Posts

We produce content that guides your customers through the purchase funnel, from getting them to take action to the point where a sale is made.

We combine quality content and superb copywriting for an effective marketing strategy. As a writing agency that specialises in copywriting, we are customer-focused. This means that we produce web copy with an understanding of what your target audience expects. We speak their language and present your business message from their perspective.

You never run out of fresh ideas for content across your online channels. At Daily Posts, we have a strategy that allows us to produce creative and enticing material, to market and promote your business across various platforms.

We believe in clear communication to get your tasks done without any hitches. At Daily Posts, we meet your requirements and demands on all projects.

Effective Marketing Copy for Your Business

Do you want to take your business to the next level? Are you in need of a writing agency that will deliver effective copywriting marketing? A successful business strategy has a lot to do with how your business is promoted and what sets it apart from the competition.

Daily Posts is a writing agency that specialises in writing marketing copy. We believe that copywriting should make up an essential part of your online marketing approach. Our team of copywriters create relevant and consistent content that attracts your target audience and persuades them to take action.

Get in touch with us here or call 02380 970979 to find out more.

Customer-Centric Content that Increases Search Ranking

The ultimate goal of Google search engine is to provide content that satisfies people. They want to generate the most personalised answers to the questions the user is asking. This should be your goal too.

Google crawlers use 200 factors to ascertain if the content it’s looking at is good quality and rank it accordingly. They analyse feedback from rating teams, search behaviour and how well your content answers a search query. This is the type of copy that ranks highly on search engines. Customer-centric content. Isn’t it a relief to think that what makes your audience happy makes Google bots happy too?

To make your content visible to search engines and humans we’ll carry out exhaustive keyword research to gain insight into what your customers want and the keywords they use to find products in your niche. There’s no discounting the role of keywords in copywriting marketing.

We never stuff keywords in your copy. Users loathe it and bounce fast. We’ll incorporate them naturally and develop content that complements the keywords in it without them sticking out like a sore thumb. We’re writing for humans, so they have to be able to read the content smoothly.

We’ll also research the topics they’re most interested in within your niche. Sometimes we ask for feedback you’ve received from customers because it helps us create relevant content targeted to questions they’re asking you.

We’ll look through your site to find the pages that attract the most traffic and those that aren’t performing so well. It’s important to apply marketing copywriting throughout your site for uniform brand representation. This knowledge helps us create more content in line with what your readers enjoy on your website.

Communicate your Business Message with High-Quality Marketing Copywriting

Your marketing strategy should include web copy that projects your business identity and gets the target audience to relate to your brand. You need to promote your business message through various online channels. We can create landing pages, up to date and relevant blog posts, ad copies, whitepapers and more.

With copywriting marketing, the bottom line is prompting profitable action from your target audience. Daily Posts engages your customers and keeps them coming back, using content which is relevant to them.

Our Techniques for Writing Highly-Effective Marketing Copy

Anticipate objections and overcome each one

Persuasion is good – but people won’t convert because you asked them to. There are always objections to purchasing. Reasons that hold the prospect from making a purchase. We’ll reassure your customers throughout the copy. It’s more important for high-end retail stores and luxurious brands that might need to justify an expensive price tag.

Using power words to captivate the audience

Our marketing copy always focuses on the audience, not the product or service. It might seem counterproductive, but it’s the only way to write effective marketing copy. The most powerful words in our vocabulary are “You” and “Your”.

We’ll use simple words that transport the reader to a different world where they’re playing a part in your narrative. The second most powerful word is “new”. Just the mention of the word and your readers are hooked. It’s an important copywriting tool we use to convince customers and prospects to buy an upgraded version of a software or product.

Focus on the customer

We can’t emphasise enough the importance of writing content that pays supreme attention to the reader, not the brand. We write content delivered in an individualised approach to highlight your unique benefits to the audience.


The most important element of winning marketing copy is simplicity. Writing the best terms or using jargon the average school leaver won’t understand doesn’t convey your message. Every word we write is understandable to the audience. We never simply assume they know what we mean.


Every marketing copy we write for you includes an actionable CTA. The type of CTA we write depends on the purpose of the content and the copy your readers respond to. It could be something subtle like “95% of doctors recommend this” or “download now” or “click here for your free e-book”. We tell them what to do, in a clear, unambiguous sentence.

When Do You Need a Marketing Copywriter?

Case studies: We’ll write marketing copy that demonstrates how your product or service helped a client. We’ll inspire prospects sitting on the fence to act now.

Product description: We’ll create sales copy to accompany your product. It will be search engine optimised, appeal to the customer’s pain points and connect with the reader on an emotional level.

Social media strategy: You need marketing copy to connect with potential and current customers across all your social media accounts. Each platform has its own unique best practices. Our marketing copywriters are familiar with the best techniques and will create a message tailored to each audience.

Our Guarantee:

  • We maintain the delicate balance between professionalism and creativity, to deliver content that is in line with your marketing strategy.

  • We provide authentic and original content. We use a process to ensure our copywriters deliver content that is not duplicated or plagiarised.

  • You are guaranteed material that is free of grammatical and spelling errors.

  • We abide by your requirements to meet your demands.

  • Whatever your niche, Daily Posts has professional writers who can meet your demands.

  • We handle your project within the shortest possible time, without delays or disappointments.

  • Our writing agency approaches copywriting marketing from an all-around perspective. We provide copywriting services at an affordable rate. We are a writing agency that you can rely on.

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What is copywriting marketing?

Copywriting marketing is the art of composing high-quality content for marketing. Its end goal is to build a relationship with potential customers.

A well-known and established market with a formidable marketing strategy thrives with ease.

Marketing copy promotes brand awareness. Examples of marketing copy include promotional articles, magazines, billboards, online ads, e-books, among others.

Copywriting marketing brings individuals who are searching for your products or service to you when they carry out a web search. Businesses use marketing copy to attract potential customers to their sites and possibly convert them into loyal customers.

Types of copywriting marketing


Internet copywriting:

Also known as cloud copywriting, internet copywriting is done on the internet. This involves displaying the products and services with information affixed either on or below the displayed product on social medium platforms. It is a reliable method for creating awareness in the international market.

Canvassing copywriting

This involves writing and printing out small handy advertising flyers to be issued to would-be customers. The uniqueness of this type of copywriting is that customers are at liberty to ask questions about the products or service.

Mass media copywriting:

This is written to the general public about a product or service in the form of public advertising on mass media like television and the radio.

Confined copywriting:

This is the act of conveying information about a product or service to potential customers who have prior knowledge of the product or service. It differs from mass media copywriting in the sense that everyone does not get to know about the existence of the product.

What Makes Great Copywriting Marketing?

Compelling Headlines:

Great marketing copy should have compelling a headline. A large percentage of online users only read the headlines and often miss vital information about the product or service. A good headline should compel potential customers to take the desired action.


Using difficult words to flaunt your grammatical prowess should be avoided because both learned and unlearned people are your potential customers. Copy should be easy to understand when and the message should captivate the minds of potential consumers.

Feedback and Report:

Great marketing copy should create room for customers' feedback and report. Complaints and questions about the product or service should be addressed.

Facts about Copywriting Marketing

  • 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day.
  • Content can help customers at every stage of their journey.
  • Content is vital to the purchasing process. 9 out of 10 B2B product or service buyers say online content has had a major impact on their purchasing decisions.
  • Lead generation, sales, and lead nurturing are the top three organisational objectives for content marketing, at 85%, 84%, and 78%, respectively.
  • Content marketing rakes in conversion rates six times higher than other methods.


What is copywriting marketing?

Copywriting marketing is designed to bring individuals who are searching for your products or service to you when they carry out a web search and inform them that your business is reliable and accommodating. Copywriting marketing aims at building a relationship with potential customers. 

What are the types of copywriting marketing?

These include internet copywriting marketing, canvassing copywriting, confined copywriting, and mass media copywriting.

What is canvassing copywriting?

Canvassing copywriting involves writing and printing out advertising flyers to be issued to would-be customers in their homes.

What is mass media copywriting?

Mass media copywriting is written to the general public about the existence of a product or service in the form of public advertising on mass media like television and the radio.

What is confined copywriting?

Confined copywriting conveys information about a product or service to potential customers who have prior knowledge of the product or service.

What makes great copywriting marketing?

Great copywriting marketing should have clarity, feedback and compelling headlines.

For more information about copywriting marketing or to hire a marketing copywriter, call us on 02380970979.

If there’s one feature of great copy that no one can argue with, it’s that well-written copy always sells. If you’re looking for a team of writing gurus that will craft a marketing message that aligns with your brand, evokes an emotion in your readers and stands out from the sea of other marketing messages on the internet, think Daily Posts.

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Effective Copywriting Marketing for Your Business

Sounds like a lot to achieve in one copy, right? Thankfully, our wordsmiths are up to the task. We produce compelling sales messages that are persuasive and attention-grabbing. We’re not trying to reason with your audience. We’re targeting their emotional side through killer copy that resonates with their deepest desires and compels them to take your call to action.

We specialise in writing SEO keyword-rich copy, sales and marketing copy, print design projects, landing pages and more. The quality of your promotional content will make or break your business. Do not try to save money by writing your marketing copy yourself. You’ll lose website visitors, drop in search rankings, lower your domain authority and notice your conversion rate dropping drastically.

Let Daily Posts do the heavy lifting for you. In a competitive online niche saturated with thousands of mediocre content pieces, we’ll set you apart and help you achieve your digital marketing goals. If you want more conversions than you know what to do with, we’ll help you by crafting a message that is compelling, intuitive and convincing.

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