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How Professional Copywriting Helps Your Business

Did you know websites who get copywriting help experience up to 85% more conversion than those who don’t? Forget large discounts and incredible offers; getting copywriting help is the secret most leading brands use to stay ahead of the game.

This is what we do so well at Daily Posts. We specialise in taking businesses from a place of obscurity into the spotlight. How do we do this? Our writing team has a fool-proof strategy for the content crafting process. We start by researching and understanding your intended target audience. Then we incorporate their language style into your content and insert vital keywords that may be used in online searches. However, we also maintain your business’ tone of voice while doing so.

Our team of website copywriters have the experience, passion for the craft and wide lexicon that allows them to fill your web pages with attractive language and engaging information. Getting copywriting help is an essential need for all businesses for the following reasons:

Copywriting boosts web visibility

In a highly-digitalised and fast-paced world, businesses need a continuous stream of exceptional marketing content in the marketplace, because copywriting has become an integral part of brand visibility and overall business success. To get customers interested in your business, they first have to visit your website. We write SEO-friendly content that increases your web rankings on search engines. When a potential customer searches online, your web page is displayed as well-ranked, increasing click-through rates for your web content.

Copywriting builds online authority

Websites that continually publish fresh content will become an important resource for credible information. Our writing agency gives you access to diverse writers with new ideas every time. You can post original content about news in your industry or solutions to your customers’ problems regularly. Soon, your website can become a source of valuable information for different kinds of people. A steady stream of original content can build traffic to levels noticeable by Google website crawlers. This automatically registers your website as an authority with keywords relating to your niche.

Whenever someone searches for those keywords online, your website is quickly located in a favourably ranked position. If other credible sites begin to link to your site, its citation and trust level grow significantly. A high-authority website gives you search priority over your competitors – all because of high-quality original content.

To communicate authority, your professional writing must be original, factual, direct and clear. It must also be consistent across various online platforms. We do this to build the trust of your audience and provide them with precise yet informative content that makes you the leading brand in your niche and gives you authority.

Copywriting drives conversion rates

When your website begins to attract a significant number of visitors, it’s not enough to just rely on high engagement rates. It is advisable to initiate the next-step conversion. Our content strategy includes compelling copy that persuades customers to act.

You can ask customers to sign up for monthly newsletters – or, if you have products, lead them to make a purchase. Daily Posts copywriters ensure your content informs, involves and inspires your audience towards a particular action goal.

Web copywriting sticks quickly

Web copy is more than just words: if well-written, it can build a customer relationship, convert leads into full customers and drive sales revenue. Imagine your website is a physical store and your words are the sales team to help customers navigate the store and complete a purchase. You need a ‘sticky’ web copy that holds customers to your website. Let our copywriting help your business grow.

The Copywriting Services We Offer

We can help with the following copywriting:

  • FAQs

  • Blog articles

  • Case studies

  • Business landing pages

  • Websites

  • Newsletters

  • Service and product pages

  • Email campaigns

  • Content Marketing

  • SEO copywriting

  • Catalogue writing

  • E-book writing

  • Brochure writing

  • Feature articles

  • Periodic reports

  • Articles for magazines

  • Business intelligence reports

  • Newsletters and fact-sheets

  • About Us pages

  • Internal communications

  • B2B and B2C websites

  • Product descriptions

  • Content strategy

  • Commercials

  • Digital ads

  • Social media strategy

  • Whitepapers

  • Customer guides

  • ‘How-to’ manuals

We provide high-quality copywriting advertising services to make your business an authority amongst its competitors. Having persuasive and effective copy on your website is essential. Without well-crafted copy, your chances of online success are reduced severely.

Our website copy obeys the following rules:

  • Easy to read and jargon-free

  • Answers customer objections

  • Engages the audience and gets them to interact

  • Convinces them of your products’ value

  • Motivates them to take the next step

Why Choose Daily Posts to Help with Web Copywriting?

Daily Posts assures its clients of 100% original content and exclusivity. We do not reuse or recycle your content for other clients. You can be assured that you own the metaphorical copyright to your copy. Our rates are also very competitive, given the quality of the content we provide. There are different packages depending on the service you require.

We always put our clients at the centre of project activities. Our professional writing services take into consideration all the aspects of your business and discovers ways to present it to your target audience in a manner that they find captivating. We study your market and we know how to reel them in. These are a few procedures that give us an edge in the professional writing business:

Save time

You can choose to write your own copy, but a content strategy requires consistency. As a growing business, it is counterproductive to spend time researching, producing and publishing original content regularly. This is especially challenging when you have other customer-facing problems to resolve. A professional writing agency like Daily Posts relieves you of this ‘burden’ so that you can focus on your business. Copywriting is our business after all.

Accurate representation of your services

Our copywriters are trained specialists. We can present your business in a way that paints a vivid picture of the services you offer. We portray your brand in the way you want to be seen, giving you a personality and vibe that resonates with your readers. Your audience feels like they know you personally and that strikes an emotional chord when it comes to converting. With a combination of research, talent and fine editing, we will produce content that appeals to your general audience and compels them to act accordingly.

High-quality affordable content

Daily Posts operates a favourable system for clients. In spite of our high-quality content, we give you control over the amount you pay by allowing you to choose your price point. When registering with us, you fill out a brief, stating your content requirements, including the price point you wish to pay. Whether you are a large firm or a small business just starting out, we offer packages that you can comfortably work with without exceeding your budget. We assign it to a copywriter in your niche and your project is ready in no time.

Prompt delivery

It is our obligation to deliver all our copies on time. We are aware you may be running a tight programme and we would not want to add to your issues or cause you any setbacks. Therefore, we strive to deliver your content on or before the deadline. If for any reason we need an extension, (though this seldom happens), we tell our clients early enough to avoid disappointment. We value the trust our clients have in us and we strive to keep it that way.

Persuasive Call To Action (CTA)

We are skilled at writing effective call to actions. A powerful call to action ensures your conversion goal is met. It creates a sense of urgency and ultimately tells your audience how to respond to your marketing piece. It makes it easy for the audience to take the necessary action and compels them to act, thereby increasing your conversion rate.

After reading your copy, it is important that your visitor makes a decision. It could be to leave your page, read another page, subscribe, contact you, book an appointment, or buy your service. A weak or poorly-written call to action can be deflating and end up destroying all you’ve built in the preceding part of the copy.

Original Content

We assure you of 100% original content. We don’t condone plagiarism and we have a checking system that guarantees your copy is exclusive to your website alone. High-quality, original content is our trademark at Daily Posts, which contributes to making our customers – you – an authority in their niche market. We are also on top of industry trends and can infuse them into your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it copywriting or copyrighting?

Copywriting is about writing promotional content in order to market, brand, advertise and sell a product or service, whereas copyrighting is the process of legally securing exclusive rights to a person’s literary or artistic works, giving them the legal freedom to reproduce, publish, sell and distribute the work as they deem fit.

If you are looking for an agency that can help you create content or write copies for your brand, you need a copywriter or a copywriting agency like Daily Posts. However, if you are looking for someone who can help you secure a copyright in order to protect material and prevent illegal use of it by unauthorised people, you need a copyrighter.

How hard can copywriting be, since it is just about writing?

Contrary to popular belief, copywriting is not a walk in the park. The truth is, copywriting is a demanding job which requires creativity and expertise. It takes a level of experience, discipline and innovation to write in a way that persuades and promotes a brand or service.

What are your specialities when it comes to copywriting?

Daily Posts specialises in all forms of copywriting services including, but not limited to, Search Engine Optimised (SEO) copies, promotional copies, ad copies, direct response writing, web copywriting, blog posts, B2B and B2C copywriting.

We also create content for both online and offline magazine and newspaper advertisements, direct mail, websites, sales letters, press releases, catalogues, scripts for television or radio commercials, taglines, case studies, social media posts, web pages, online advertisements, white papers, newsletters, brochures, broadcast messages, and other marketing communications.

Do small businesses need copywriting too?

Yes, they do. Businesses of all sizes including SMEs, start-ups, and multinationals need copywriting services. Copywriting can equally help them by giving them the boost and publicity they need to grow.

Why should I choose you?

At Daily Posts, we have an international team of hand-picked copywriters who are well-versed in the art and science of writing copies which not only rank highly in search engines but engage readers and urge them to purchase the product or service. We have years of experience in crafting exceptional copies for our clients all around the globe with brilliant success.

If you are currently building a website or struggling to produce fresh content, let us help you with copywriting services. Using our copywriting services, we will improve your customer experience and help you offer a level of service that outshines your competitors. We can transform your traffic levels today, so visit our website and sign up to join many other satisfied clients. You can also call us directly on 02380 970979 to find out more.

What Is Copywriting Help?

If you are running a business, it is important that you keep your business website updated with quality copy regularly. This can be time-consuming, making it difficult for you to deal with the core aspects of your business. A much more effective approach would be to seek the professional help of a copywriting agency such as Daily Posts.

A copywriter has the skills, tools and experience to prepare search engine optimised, high quality copy that will deliver the results that can help you achieve your short- and long-term goals.

By working with a professional copywriting agency such as Daily Posts, you are guaranteed to receive copy that is tailored to reduce your bounce rate, improve the user journey, increase your brand awareness, and deliver optimal marketing communications. We can provide such copy for social media and websites in the form of blogs, landing pages, product descriptions and many more at friendly prices.

For more on how our expert copywriters at Daily Posts can be of help, give us a call today on 02380 970979.

What Types of Online Copywriting Can We Help You With?

By understanding what you’d like to achieve through online copy, we will be able to determine which of the following copywriting services matches your needs:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Copywriting: This type of website content will help you achieve high visibility in search engine results.
  • Sales Copywriting: Copy is designed to boost brand awareness and this is accomplished through persuasive writing that convinces readers to patronise a product or service.
  • Technical Copywriters: Extensive knowledge about the relevant industry or product is required to create this type of copy. This requires comprehensive research in order to deliver useful information that readers can apply.
  • Product descriptions: This type of copy is key to convincing visitors that a brand’s products are the best for them.
  • Guest posts/outreach articles: These are blogs and articles that contain useful information. They are great for increasing traffic and building online reputation.

Simply tell us the sort of copy you need and what you need it for and we will deliver according to your specifications.

Why Choose Us for Copywriting Help?

  • Always learning: Our copywriters are constantly learning and evolving in order to deliver relevant copy that is optimised for search engine performance.
  • Delivery of a personalised service: Because no two clients are the same, we avoid a one-size-fits-all approach and instead opt for a personalised approach to satisfy the needs of each client. You can count on us for a tailored service that takes into consideration your unique needs and goals.
  • Our online platform: Once you sign up with us, we will grant you access to a virtual office through which you can order for copy, communicate with us, monitor the progress of your project, and request for revisions.

At Daily Posts, our copywriting service delivers a perfect balance between affordability and superb quality. Our rates generally range between $3 and $15 per 100 words, depending on the type of copy you order for.

Because we have many professional copywriters on our team, we can deliver copy within a specified deadline.

To view copy samples that’ll convince you of our expertise, sign up with us now.

Facts about Copywriting Help

  • Content marketing gets 3x more leads than paid search advertising.
  • More than 70% of companies hire copywriters for their content marketing strategy. Such companies typically experience up to six times higher conversion rates.
  • More than 70% of online users observe the quality of grammar and spelling on a website and more than half of such users are unlikely to do business with a company whose website features obvious grammar or spelling mistakes.
  • B2B companies that blog 0-1 times per month have three times less traffic than companies that blog 11+ times per month.
  • Websites with the number one position in a Google search result gets 33% of all search traffic.


How can I communicate with you?

You can contact us via phone on 02380 970979. You can also send us a message via email, live chat, or Skype. You will receive a response within an hour if sent during business hours. In other cases, a reply will surely reach you in less than 24 hours.

What copy types can you provide?

You can contact Daily Posts for online copy such as e-commerce pages, product descriptions, press releases, guides and technical copy, articles and blogs, category and landing pages, SEO copy, and many more.

How do you meet a deadline?

We are made up of a large team of professional copywriters who will ensure your project is delivered on time and to perfection.

How much do your services cost?

Our rates generally range between $3 and $15 per 100 words depending on the type of copy ordered for.

How do you ensure a quality end product?

Our writers are trained to improve their skills and overall quality. We also make use of dependable software to ensure zero plagiarism in all delivered copy.

Contact us today on 02380 970979 for flawless copy at a great price.

Is your website lacking in visitors? Is your conversion rate at an all-time low? Your web copy may have something to do with it. A professional copywriting agency can certainly help you.

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Poorly-crafted marketing content distributed to prospective clients could harm its profit-making potential, regardless of the quality of the product. Ignoring good marketing content for a business brand is like winking in the dark. Daily Posts has unrivalled expertise and experience to help businesses turn around their fortunes with exceptional copywriting projects.

Over the years, we have offered solutions to a range of clients with their copywriting. From investment banking to real estate to gardening, our copywriters are knowledgeable and versatile. We believe strongly in the power of research and dedicate a significant part of our writing process to gaining insight into news and trends in your industry.

Daily Posts is one of the best-value copywriting agencies in the UK. With writers and clients around the globe, we have the experience to enhance your business copy so it appeals even more to your customers. Our expertise ranges from corporate to non-corporate writing. Contact us for help with copywriting services today.

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