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Copywriting for websites

How Can Copywriting for Websites Help You Stay Ahead of The Competition?

If you’re not investing in copywriting for your site, then you will be left behind. In today’s competitive environment, you have to make every effort to stand out from your competition. There’s a good chance your competitors are already investing in these services or are at least thinking about it. E-commerce is taking over, and if you don’t get in on professional web copywriting, you may be losing a huge chunk of your potential clients.

We know you want to get ahead of your competition, so here are ways professional web copywriting can help you achieve that:

Higher conversion rate

Whether on your website, social media platform or review site, the aim of crafting web copy is defeated if it fails to convert leads into customers. Know this; the majority of your visitors do not commit because they are not properly convinced. Others may want to take action but end up not doing so because, maybe, your web copy failed to emphasise what they should do next.

When it comes to converting leads into sales, Daily Posts’ web copywriting service never disappoints. Using certifiable conversion tools and strategies, our copywriters will ensure that your web copy entices your target audience to the point where they can’t resist taking action.

Grow a following

Not only can Daily Posts’ web copywriting service help you to develop a loyal following that cares about your product or service, it can also help you to engage with their community.

With engagement comes the chance to build a community of people that share your vision and values, people that believe in your brand and would do anything to get their hands on your next product or service.

A successful campaign is not only about buying your products. Your web copy can equally encourage your prospects to join your mailing list, allowing you to send out regular newsletters to them. By doing so, you are gradually beating your competition in the race.

Make your business stand out

Here’s the thing, yours is not the only website that can offer your audience the service you provide. For every product or service you have to offer on your website, there are hundreds more websites with the exact same product with possibly even better packages and deals.

The big question is, what separates your business from your competitions? Why should your audience choose you and not your competitors?

This is where our web copywriters come in. We let your visitors know why they should come to you. Our web copywriting service gives you the opportunity to say meaningful things, share your company’s vision and how it aligns with that of your prospects, announce a new product or service or even introduce an update.

To stand out from the crowd, your brand and website need to be different from the norm – unique, fresh and original. Our web copywriters at Daily Posts can help you achieve all of that.

Why Should You Work with Daily Posts?

We’re not the only company offering copywriting for websites. However, we are the company that you should invest in. Here at Daily Posts, we are dedicated to giving our customers excellent services at very affordable rates. We believe that our services can help customers get ahead and we’re more than happy to help get them there.

When you choose to work with us, don’t expect the same service you would get at every other writing agency. We have invested time and effort to set us apart from the rest and you can always expect:

Quality and error-free work

Forget about typos and grammatical mistakes. Where your business is at stake, we’ll do our very best to give you a professional facelift. We work with top editors who go through our copies meticulously, proofreading and editing them before they are finally delivered to you. With Daily Posts, you are guaranteed perfection at all times.

Engaging content

We also work with excellent content providers from all over the world to ensure you get the very best of our services. You don’t want your potential customers glancing at your site and reaching for the ‘close’ button. Our team of professional writers produce content that is unique and interesting, so that your customers can be hooked from the word ‘Go’.

Affordable Prices

If you’re worried about where you’ll find the money to pay for our services, then don’t be. Our pricing structure is very affordable and allows you to choose the rate you’re most comfortable with. We offer different packages at different price ranges so that, no matter your budget, you can access our premium services without breaking a sweat.

Personalised Service

With Daily Posts, you have our attention whenever you need it. We are readily accessible at all times. We offer tailored services and are always with you, from the beginning of your project until it is delivered to you. Even after the delivery, we are available in case you want to make some changes. We are always focused on giving our customers what they want, exactly how they want it.

Copywriting for websites: PC and mobile

The rise of portable Internet-enabled devices has changed how people operate on the web. Your website should also upgrade to accommodate this. Considering how many more people use phones and tablets to surf the web, you can’t afford to ignore the potential customers these platforms offer.

This is why we also offer copywriting services that are designed to target people using these devices. Your website will no longer be a victim of emerging technology. You too can take advantage of this change and discover a whole new world of customers.

Custom Copywriting Services

Our web copywriting services are personalised to suit your product and service. We do not offer a one-size-fits-all package, rather we modify our services to encompass all aspects of your business down to the tiniest detail. Apart from the information you provide, we also do our own research to be fully armed for your project and see it to fruition. When we provide you with our copywriting services, our professional writers will want to know:

  • What is your product?

  • Who is your customer?

  • What are your targets?

  • Who do you consider your main competitor(s)?

The reason we ask all these questions is because we don’t just believe in giving you any run of the mill content. We want to give you copywriting services that will:

  • Market your product well.

  • Target people who can actually become customers.

  • Help you reach your targets.

  • Put you ahead of the competition.

Our custom copywriting services don’t just end there. We can also give a new dimension to your business and help you to reach a whole new type of audience you didn’t know about previously. Get in touch with us and start enjoying these benefits today.

Benefits of Working with Us

As a professional writing agency, we are focused on offering a full range of benefits to clients working with us. Don’t wait for your site to fail before reaching out. These are only a few of the benefits that you’ll enjoy when you register with us:

Increased website traffic

We know how to create search engine-friendly content that will make your site visible on search engines. To you, SEO may be just an acronym. To us, it is a way of life. We create SEO-compliant content which not only appeals to your audience but to search engines also, earning you a spot on the enviable first page of search engine result pages.

Increased sales

Our copywriting services are targeted at getting your potential customers or subscribers to make that all important final step. We do this through a power-packed call to action. Everything about our copy, from the headlines, to the body, to the call to action and even to the images we use, are all geared towards encouraging and compelling the reader to commit and take that step into transitioning from a visitor to a loyal customer. This leads to a significant increase in your sales.

Value for money

When you work with us, you can choose a pricing rate that you’re most comfortable with. With Daily Posts, there are no excuses or unnecessary extensions or delays. We hold our clients in high esteem and we will ensure that you get the best value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions on Web Copywriting

What is web copywriting?

Web copywriting is the processes of writing promotional materials which are displayed exclusively on the internet. It may be in the form of copies for blogs, websites, emails, e-magazines, and so on.

Can any copywriter write my web copy?

No, it is not ideal for any copywriter to write your web copy. A lot of copywriters, especially offline or print copywriters, are not conversant with SEO-compliant strategies, mostly because the media they are acquainted with does not require search engine optimisation. Their copies are predominantly focused on the reader.

However, unlike offline copywriting, when writing a web copy, you not only have to appeal to your prospective clients, you also have to think about search engine optimisation (SEO). Therefore, when looking for a copywriter for your business, just about any copywriter won’t do.

How long will it take before I have my web copy?

We try to deliver our orders as quickly as possible. Daily Posts is a copywriting agency which means that we have a group of skilled writers who can pick up your work and start the outline immediately. However, the length of time may vary depending on the magnitude of your project and how much research it requires to make sure it is top-notch copy. Seeing as we do not like to prioritise speed over quality, we may need a little time to write, re-write, edit and deliver these types of copy.

Do I still need your web copywriting services if I already have an SEO team and a content team?

Yes, you do. Our expert copywriters will work in synergy with your SEO and content teams to give you high-quality content that will serve its full purpose. We can provide professional knowledge and expertise in content development while your team focuses on planning, delivering and publishing your product and copy.

Copywriting may seem simple enough, but unless it’s handled by professionals, you’ll find yourself wondering why your site seems to be stuck in a forgotten corner of the web. At Daily Posts, we write copy for websites that is designed to make people pay attention. Register with Daily Posts today and find out what it means to achieve the desired results from your website and watch us put your website on the map.

Sign up with us today or call us now on 02380 970979 if you would like to know more.

What Is Copywriting for Websites?

Copywriting for websites is the process of creating persuasive and engaging content that will inform customers about the products or services an organisation offers. Copywriters compose significantly good content that will compel a reader to take action. The content in supported posts or in Facebook promotions is all about guiding people through a website and telling them what they need to know.

Types of copywriting for websites

Content Copywriting

This is centred on giving updates and information to the clients of a specific site.

Sale copywriting for websites

It involves creating compelling and persuasive content for readers. This is often in the form of articles and blog posts.

SEO copywriting for websites

This is written for promotional and marketing purposes to make it rank highly in search engine results.

Technical copywriting for websites

This is written by professionals who have in-depth knowledge of a particular subject or topic. Technical copywriters produce industry guides and product manuals.

What makes great copywriting for websites?

Great copywriting is written in the active voice to pass information across to readers. Sentences written using this method are easy to comprehend.

For instance:

"Our company printed the documents for institutions."


"The documents were printed by our company for institutions."

You can see how the first sentence is not only shorter but also easier to comprehend. Great copywriting produces a well-researched content that compels an audience to take action. Good content should contain keywords, key phrases, and captivating headlines. This will help Google understand the content and rank it on the result pages.

Facts about copywriting for websites

  • Small organisations with online journals get 126% more leads.
  • According to experts, adding social evidence to your copy can increase a conversion rate.
  • Copywriters understand the importance of headlines and titles. The fewer the words of a title the higher its effectiveness. It has been confirmed that between 6 and 13 words in a title attract more website traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is copywriting for websites?

Copywriting for websites is a system of creating persuasive and engaging content that informs customers about what an organisation has to offer.

Who is a copywriter for websites?

A copywriter for websites is a person who composes good content that compels a reader to take action.

What is technical copywriting for websites?

Technical copywriting for websites is copy written by professionals who have in-depth knowledge of a particular subject.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a lead-generation page which serves as the passage point for a site or a specific area of a site.

What is sale copywriting for websites?

Sale copywriting for websites involves creating compelling and persuasive content that will speak impels a reader to buy a product or service. This is often in the form of articles and blog posts.

Are you looking at starting a new website? Do you have a product that you want everyone to know about as quickly as possible? If so, you should consider getting professional copywriting services for your site. Why wait until the launch to address this vital issue? With the right web copy, people will be practically begging for your product before you’ve even released it. Start your website with a bang and get as many sales as possible, right from the beginning.

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Quality Copywriting for Websites

Putting a website together is so easy that almost anyone can do it. This is why you could end up spending a fortune creating and maintaining your site and still feel like the internet is leaving you behind. Whether you’re looking for traffic or sales, you can’t gain either without good quality copy for your website.

Getting professional writers can be difficult, but Daily Posts provides quality copywriting for your website. We are a writing agency with highly-skilled writers who offer fast, affordable and high-ranking copywriting for your website. We are always on time, no matter the size or complexity of your project.

We can help you stay ahead of the game by providing the best quality copywriting for your website. By using our services, you’ll be able to achieve a better ranking in search engines, attract more traffic to your site and make more sales. Get in touch with us today on 02380 970979 and we’ll get you started.

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