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Copywriting for SEO

Brand Message Based SEO Copywriting

Do you need well-written content to improve the SEO standing of your business website? Do you have poorly written landing pages? Are your product descriptions empty or unprofessionally written? You can trust Daily Posts SEO copywriters to provide content that will speak to your target market efficiently- while increasing overall search engine visibility for your brand.

Are you creating a brand new web page from scratch and in need of professionals that understand how website copy should be?  You can trust us to provide you with the very best results.  We have helped many businesses to create SEO copy that can attract traffic and ensure conversion in an efficient manner.

Whether you are working to deadlines of a few hours or a couple of weeks, we have the right number of quality copywriters to deliver exceptional content.  With us, you never have to shift your launch date!

At Daily Posts, communication is our forte. All that you need to be able to efficiently communicate with your customers, is to tell us what you are looking for. We will then take time to craft the best SEO copy that perfectly encapsulates your message.  The content will feature your brand voice and have a human touch.

If you would like to know how we can help, call us now on 02380 970979.

SEO Copywriters for Improved Conversions

It is vital that you have website copy that makes an instant positive impression on your target audience.  You have less than 5 seconds to make an impression on any visitor that reads your copy.  The impression they get in those 5 seconds will determine if they will go on to read the rest of the copy and proceed to take action or if they will look elsewhere.

We have copywriters that are fully versed in the art of triggering curiosity. Allow us to bring in visitors and then turn them to conversions.  The quality of your SEO copy is what determines the level of curiosity amongst your target audience. We can give this to you!

Are you on a search for quality content writers that can grab attention and won’t cost you a fortune? Are you fully committed to ensuring that your target audience will hear your message? Do you want SEO copy written in impeccable English and devoid of any mistakes?  Daily Posts SEO Copywriting is your best bet!

What You Should Expect With our Copywriting for SEO

A good number of our past customers are amazed by the quality of our copy in comparison to the prices we charge. Our content writers are professionals with years of experience in the industry.  In combination with our strict quality control measures, you have a winning product.

Our writers craft content that is well structured, effective and eye-catching. This increases the chances of your target audience in consuming all the information you have for them. If the content doesn’t meet our lofty expectations, we will not submit it to you!

When you work with Daily Posts on your copywriting for SEO, you can expect the following:

  • Content that matches your brand voice and content structure.

  • Content that clearly addresses your target audience.

  • Content that is devoid of all kinds of errors.

  • Content that is completely unique with no-traces of plagiarism.

  • Content written for human consumption and not spun.

How to get your SEO content written

Our process for handling copywriting for SEO projects on Daily Posts is unrivalled.  The process is carefully crafted to be sure that we always provide you with exactly what you need. Here is how it works.

  • First of all, you provide us with answers to vital information on the copy you want. This will cover basics like word count, website address, titles and keywords, niche and anchors (if any). We will also expect you to provide us with any resources that can help to better communicate your needs, including language preferences. When you have provided everything necessary to deliver on the project, you can set us a deadline.

  • The next step is to choose the price that fits your budget. We charge a fixed amount at each level for 100 words.

  • Copywriters at that price point will then get on the project as soon as possible- working with the information you have provided to create high quality content.

  • The finished content is sent to the editors who thoroughly assess them for quality as well as adherence to all instructions you have provided us. Content that meets requirements are then submitted to you.

Talk to Daily Posts for a streamlined solution in copywriting for SEO.  You no longer have to put up with missed deadlines or copywriters that never follow briefs! We are experts at what we do. Join many other businesses to enjoy a truly world-class writing service by signing up immediately.

Copywriting for SEO is an online marketing strategy. The way search engines work, the computer algorithms, what people search for, keywords typed into search engines, and which search engines are preferred by the targeted audience, determine how SEO copywriting is done.

As an online entrepreneur, you have to concentrate on site improvement and post content that has top positioning, drives more audience and brings income.

Types of Copywriting

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Copywriting

Website optimisation copywriting centres on the perceptibility of the article. Optimising a website involves editing content, adding new content, doing HTML, and associated coding. This increases its relevance to specific keywords and removes barriers to the indexing activities of search engines.

Sales copywriting

This involves composing ads and correspondence that address your potential customers’ needs.

Content copywriting

This type of web-explicit copywriting is centred on one subject and is written as how-to articles or pamphlets. It concentrates less on making deals and more on providing useful information to the targeted audience.

Technical copywriting

This requires explicit knowledgeand information in a field or industry to be able to produce the best quality content. For instance, if you needed to have promotions made for your dialect learning programming, you would require a marketing specialist who has information about PCs, as well as dialects.

What makes great copywriting for SEO?

One of the key factors that make great copywriting for SEO is the uniqueness of the content. The copywriter must have adequate and proper understanding of persuasive content which will get readers to take action.

Good copywriting should not be plagiarised. The skyscraper technique is always best to use in gathering the most useful information available and puttingeverything together in acomprehensive way for the target audience.

The content must be unique and well researched. This implies that along with the unique content, the content must be comprehended by the readers and must contain solid and useful information.

Also, copywriters should be aware of the keywords and must know how to drive traffic to a website. Persistence and time to gain sufficient knowledge of how to get the specific results that require using SEO copywriting are needed by copywriters.

The copywriters need to know how to use inbound links and keywords to maximise traffic and the ranking of awebsite. The content should be creative, read well, provide information and have a persuasive style to make a reader take action.

Facts about Copywriting for SEO

According to netmarketshare.com, Google accounted for over 79% of all global desktop search traffic, followed by Bing at 7.27%, Baidu at 6.55% and Yahoo at 5.06% in 2017. Thus, to get the most out of SEO, you need to play by Google's tenets. Positioning high on Yahoo or Bing is pleasant; however, organisations that rank on Google are no doubt getting the most business.

Utilising Google Search Console will enable you to see how individuals are currently getting to your site through Google searches. This can be useful for understanding the qualities and shortcomings of your content. It will give you the opportunity to adjust your content according to the results you are getting.

The two common determinants of a search engine or website ranking include the content and keywords. Your content should not only appeal to the audience, it must also be relevant to your audience.This means that content should contain educative and entertaining information. Hence, the use of key-phrases, well-researched content and unique content to a great extent determine the site ranking.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO copywriting?

This is the use of content to maximise the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.

Who is a copywriter?

A copywriter is a person who carries out in-depth research and writes content that will make consumers interested in a product or subject.

What is marketing copywriting?

Marketing copywriting involves the use of trends in the marketplace to help write advertisements and correspondence that address customers’ needs. These copywriters know how to influence the public by focusing on people's desires.

Why the use ofkeywords in search engine optimisation?

SEO keywords are the words or phrases used in web content that make it possible for people to find a site using search engines. These help your online content rank higher in search results.

What is content copywriting?

This specialised form of copywriting centres on one subject and is written in the form of how-to articles, blogs, or newsletters. It focuses less on making sales and more on providing information to the consumer.

What is technical copywriting?

Technical copywriting involves writing technical content which requirestechnical knowledge of a subject. Topics such as software, computer, hydrocarbon and health, are best portrayed with technical copywriting.

It’s no use crafting witty copy if it is not going to be seen by your target audience. At DailyPosts writing agency, our copywriting for SEO involves weaving high-ranking industry keywords into your content to give your website a boost. The resulting ranking will drive sales-ready leads to your website.

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DailyPosts: Your Top Option for Copywriting for SEO

Here at Daily Posts, we have made a name for providing businesses and individuals around the globe with unprecedented flexibility and affordability on exceptional SEO Copywriting. Our SEO copywriters have unrivalled experience and expertise. We are therefore able to constantly produce high quality copywriting for SEO that is devoid of errors, meets all your requirements and have a human touch.

Our writing agency has some of the most fluent writers in the industry.  With our writers, you are sure to have SEO copywriting that fully meets your requirements. When our copywriters are done with crafting your content, our team of editors carefully check each work against your requirements before passing them on to you.

With expert writers in different niches, you can be sure of effective copy that meets your needs.

Contact us today to begin the process of getting high quality SEO copywriting.

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