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Copywriting for Advertising

What Is Copywriting in Advertising?

Advertising copywriting involves the creation of content like jingles, slogans, taglines, and headlines which are catchy and memorable.

Advert copywriters are often required to work hand in hand with the client and spend time understanding the product and the target audience to determine the best approach to the marketing campaign.
In advert copywriting, the writer compresses the marketing and sales process into an attractive block of text that answers most of the customers’ questions about a product, reassures their objections about the product’s performance, and persuades them to purchase the product with a rousing call to action.

Get High Quality Copywriting for Advertising

If you want to boost sales and future-proof your online advertising efforts, then you need a great copywriting package for advertising your products and services as well as your brand. At Daily Posts, we are equipped with writers who have mastered the art of copywriting and can turn your website into a magnet for customers.

Copywriting is different from content that is optimized to ensure readers are engaged and compelled to take action. Copywriting for advertising is designed to target a specific audience and evoke response, opening their eyes to the importance of the products and services that are being sold.

If you’re yet to engage in an effective advertising campaign that is boosted by effective copywriting, then it’s time to think about the progress of your business and sign up with us today. You can check out what we offer through our portfolio and customer testimonials to understand how sophisticated our writing services are.

Why your business requires online advertising

The world has long gone digital and merely having a website does not put your business on the online map. You have to engage in certain web advertising activities to pull your business out of the shadows and reach out to prospective customers that need your products or services. Being an online player and having a presence on the Internet involve many processes that can only be executed by experts.

If you’ve optimized your website for search engines and aren’t witnessing any sort of increase in web traffic and conversion rates, then there are things that you and your advertising team aren’t doing right. Web advertising has copywriting at its core and with this element missing your whole online marketing campaign can turn out to be ineffective.

Users now turn to internet-enabled devices to search for products that they need. If you’re not optimizing for search engine rankings, then your business will enjoy no visibility. Copywriting is an integral aspect of SEO that will boost your ranking up the search engine ladder and help make your products reach the right audience.

How can copywriting improve your business?

A lot of businesses have witnessed dramatic growth by engaging in marketing campaigns using radical copywriting. Even online marketers understand the need for effective copy on websites and employ the services of agencies like Daily Posts to ensure great advertising results are achieved through copywriting for advertising.

According to the research carried out by Content Marketing Institute, 91% of successful content marketers that participated in the study say they are ‘all in’ when it involves using a professional copywriting firm for their copy production. This shows how much copywriting has been embraced, not because of the hype, but due to results yielded over time.

Google crawlers rank websites according to their content, among other things. This means if you have an effective SEO strategy in place with great copywriting, users searching for products that you offer through Google will be greeted with your website as part of the results.

Even if you employ paid advertising and somehow get a lot of customers to your site, you’ll still have to convince them to act through well-written and compelling copy. Copywriting for advertising is enhanced to appeal to the pain of your website visitors and present your products and services as the solution to their problems.

Great product and brand promotion through effective copywriting

The aim of advertising is to sell your products to prospective customers. Our expert copywriters understand the concept of complementing and bringing all your advert processes together by composing highly efficient copy to make your products appealing to your customers. If your products are amazing and come with offers that cannot be matched by your competitors, your customers can’t simply know if they’re not told in words that they can relate to.

Through copywriting, your web visitors can fully understand the importance of your products and the enticing packages that come with your services. We can enhance this and make it sound like a once-in-a-lifetime offer and they’ll be happy to keep buying your products.

Our service doesn’t end with promoting your products and services. We’ll also ensure that we boost your brand image through professionally written copy. When a website contains copy of high standard, it’s a reflection of professionalism and high value. The copy we produce will also be loved by search engines. This will improve your website ranking and you’ll be established as a force in your industry.

Copywriting for advertising on social media

As of July 2018, there were 3.196 billion social media users worldwide. This shows that this platform is green for advertising and has been targeted by successful businesses. While the common practice is to engage in paid social media advertising, copywriting also yields a lot of organic results. We can help create high quality copy that you can post on your pages that will connect your customers to your products.

We are also experts in producing advertising content on social media that can easily go viral and get lots of users talking about your brand and the services you provide. With a successful social media campaign, you can add new leads to your sales funnel and further boost your business. Whether you want to enhance through Google+, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn (and you should), trust that we have what it takes to promote your business through these social media platforms.

Get ahead with copywriting that comes with extensive research

We don’t just write out of the hat at Daily Posts. We operate by carrying out thorough research to understand your ideal customers and enhance our copy to target and influence them. This way, your website visitors will take action whenever they read about your products.

Get on board with Daily Posts Today

With Daily Posts, you’ll not just be getting great value for your money, you’ll also be saving money! Our services come at different affordable packages and you can find one that suits your budgetary needs. All you have to do is sign up in our virtual office and one of our managers will get in touch with you.

Types of Advertising Copywriting

  • Human Interest Copy
    This type of copy arouses the readers’ emotions to convince them to try a product.
  • Reason Why Copy
    This type of copy appeals to the intellect of the reader by offering the reasons to try the product.
  • Educational
    Educational ad copy informs and prompts people to buy a product by educating prospective customers.
  • Expository
    Expository copy reveals full specifications of a product.
  • Suggestive
    Suggestive copy conveys a message to the readers directly or indirectly and prompts them to purchase a product.
  • Institutional
    Rather than advertise a product, institutional copy promotes a company.

What Makes Great Copywriting in Advertising?

Achieving successful copywriting in advertising requires following specific steps and guidelines:

Spotlight and emphasise the benefits

The professional writer’s first objective should be to understand all the benefits of a product, so it can be appropriately relayed to the target audience.

Identify your competition’s weaknesses

What is your brand or product’s unique feature? Why should the target market patronise your product and not your competition’s? A smart copywriter will study the competition’s offerings and identify the weaknesses that the client’s product satisfies.

Know your audience

Every product has a specific market. It’s the client’s job to identify this market and the professional writer’s job to create marketing copy to fit the language and style this specific audience can relate to.

Smart headlines

Headlines are the window to copy. If it doesn’t look attractive from the outside, people may not be interested in exploring the interior. In copywriting, readers judge the book by its cover; here, it is the headline.

Call to Action (CTA)

Successful copywriting closes with a compelling call to action, with information on how to enjoy the advantages gained from using the product. It could be a call to subscribe, email, sign up, and visit a website or a physical store.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between copywriting and copyrighting?

Because both terms are phonetically similar, it is a common misconception to confuse copyrighting (the act of invoking a legal right to ensure sole ownership over an original work) and copywriting (the process of promoting a message using creative and strategic writing).

Who can hire the services of an advert copywriter?

Anyone with a product, service or a website to market can hire a copywriter. Examples include website owners, manufacturers, and retailers.

Do I require professional services for my advert copywriting needs?

Yes. While it may be tempting to assign your business’ ad copy needs to a non-professional or even try to take on this task yourself to cut costs, this is a mistake that holds possibly disastrous outcomes. It is a crucial job best left to professionals.

What industries can an advert copywriter create content for?

Advert copywriters are often knowledgeable in multiple fields and stay abreast of new developments in the business world. A competent copywriter will have few restrictions on the type of copy they can create.

Are there other types of copywriting?

Yes, besides ad copywriting there also exist technical, creative, web, and SEO copywriting.

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