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Why You Need a Copywriting Firm that Is Effective

Copywriting is even more important today than it ever was. Increasingly, the only interaction a prospective customer has with a company is the words and images put up by the company; what the company says about itself and its products and what it shows the customer as evidence.

Copy is increasingly becoming the only salesperson, customer service personnel; the whole brand prospective customers can interact with online. Whether they become customers or not, fully depends on what is on the page. In an age where your competitor’s website is just a few seconds away, you have limited time to convince the prospect that your service or product is perfect for them.

You need persuasive copy to do that and our copywriting firm can help you. We have some of the best copywriters in the UK and around the world–people who have consistently helped brands punch above their weight, or mark themselves out as distinct leaders in their fields. Our copy has led to increased revenue, even in niches that are notoriously difficult to conquer.

Our Copywriting Firm’s Advantage

Our copywriting firm approaches the task with a desire to learn as much as it can about your target customer. We spend time researching the demographics, habits, challenges and goals. We also try to learn the kinds of language they use and work out objections, complaints and praise points for a product or service similar to what you are offering.

We try to find out what makes customers buy your product or services and what would make them recommend it to someone else. It is only after these exhaustive processes that we start writing. At our copywriting firm, we treat each project as a unique entity, and only after understanding your prospects’ needs do we start trying to sell them.

Our copywriters normally start by finding a unique selling proposition and page purpose, after studying your prospects and your products or services. We find something that will connect deeply with your audience and set you apart from every other competitor. Although you may not be reinventing the wheel and your product or services may be similar to what is already out there, our creative copywriters are able to find something unique that will help you stand out.

Sometimes, clients have already found a unique selling proposition they want us to run with. In such cases, we are happy to do just that and provide necessary copy to persuade and sell the USP.

Then every element of copy is geared towards persuading the client that the promise is achievable. We provide evidence where necessary and we appeal to your prospects on an emotional level.


Copy is also geared towards proving to your prospects that the usual objections and complaints they have about similar products don’t apply in this case. We help them rationalize the sale and eliminate buyer’s remorse. This is important because the better a customer feels about a sale, the more they return to purchase another product and services and refer others to the business.

Our copywriting approach doesn’t just help clients generate sales, it also helps them to generate repeat customers. We have years of experience in delivering phenomenal CRO.


Your Brand Could Get in Trouble by Using the Wrong Copywriting Firm

Firms operating in sensitive sectors often require copy that respects strict guidelines and ethics. In such situations, employing the wrong copywriters can be disastrous and could cost you thousands in PR fees to clean your image, as well as financial sanctions. Daily Posts’ copywriting has been creating compelling copy in sensitive niches for a long time. We enjoy the challenge of writing sales copy that converts under such strict conditions.

Avoid copywriting firms that do the following:

Firms that believe bigger words equal better copy

It is erroneous to think that the hallmark of a good copywriter is using difficult words. That directly contradicts one of the aims of copywriting which is to get the message to as many people as possible. Clarity and persuasion are the major priorities while writing copy. Copy has to be understandable to as many people as possible, especially its intended demographic.

Therefore, stay away from copywriting firms that present you with copy or samples with unnecessary jargon and high-sounding words. Of course, it is reasonable and even advisable to use industry terms while writing for a specific field, but it should not appear forced or be too much.

Firms that use a weak call to action (CTA)

A call to action is the most important part of copy. It creates a sense of urgency and ultimately tells your audience how to respond to your marketing piece. Through a call to action, you make it easy for your audience to act on your ad and you compel them to act.

When you receive a sample copy from a copywriting firm, go straight to their CTA. How powerful or compelling is it? Put yourself in their customers’ shoes. Was the CTA convincing enough? Would you take action if you were an indecisive client after reading that CTA? At Daily Posts, our copywriters ensure that the structure of your call to action is written in an active voice in order to create a tone of urgency and convince clients to take action.

Firms that exaggerate or make false promises

Of course, you want customers to know how great your product or service is, but do not tolerate copywriting firms who tell blatant lies or use click baits to earn you traffic. Be careful not to exaggerate or falsify claims about your products and services or that of your competition. It could irreparably damage your image or expose you to litigation.

If you sell a drug for weight loss, do not accept copy from copywriting firms which says “lose 30kg in 3 days”, especially if you are yet to verify the pills can actually do so. Luring people in with false promises will eventually backfire in the end and give you a bad reputation, so steer clear of copywriting firms that resort to such means to earn you traffic.

At Daily Posts, we know how to get people to flock to your site without underhanded schemes and embellishments.

Firms that include inessential details

Go through sample copy meticulously and sift out the real meat from the fillers. Firms that deliver copy filled with irrelevant and extraneous information are not to be trusted with your copywriting projects. This is because too many details may distract your audience, making them forget the most important aspects of your marketing programme. At Daily Posts, we are careful not to lose the attention of your audience by providing unnecessary information. We keep it simple and let go of superfluous information without forgetting the core elements of your copy.

Benefits of Choosing Our Copywriting Firm

Some of the benefits of working with our copywriting firm, Daily Posts, are:

Our Copywriting Firm Increases Your Brand Reach

We are always focused on maintaining your brand identity through the structure, message and voice of the content that we write for you. We take the time to study your brand voice, tone and value proposition and write copy that is unmistakably yours. We can be as professional as you like, or as bold and brash as your brand requires. We ensure the prospect gains the impression that your brand is personable. Your prospects need to feel that they can relate to the brand. Our copywriters are able to find the right words to make your prospects feel this because they spend time studying your prospects – even down to the kind of adjectives they use.

Our firm specializes in writing various types of copy, including:

  • Sales Letter

  • Brochures

  • Video Sales Letter and Script

  • Blog content

  • Landing Pages

  • Email copy

  • Case studies

  • Press releases

Regardless of the kind of writing you want delivered, you can rest assured that we are experts in writing copy that converts readers into customers.

SEO Copy

Another advantage of choosing our copywriting firm is that our copy is search engine optimized. On numerous occasions, we have designed and implemented content marketing strategies that allowed our clients to rank for competitive keywords.

We also specialize in conducting keyword and LSI research that enables us to help our clients seek out high converting traffic that is under-target in their industry. We incorporate the necessary keywords, including the long-tail and industry core keywords, focusing on language and search queries that convert.

Your Partner for Growth

We are keen on building a relationship with you that enables us to monitor your content marketing results. This will help us to improve and tweak copy for optimal value. Also, we can advise you on the best way to achieve your objectives. We look for long-term value partnerships that are win/win. Nothing else will do.

Frequently asked questions on copywriting firms

What do copywriting firms do?

Like the name implies, copywriting firms employ different copywriters from various fields who create texts or copy that promote businesses. These include but are not limited to brochures, websites, letters, print ads, articles, social media posts, emails, scripts, jingles and any form of the written word intended for brand promotion.

Should I go for copywriting firms or freelance copywriters?

Freelance copywriters work for themselves at their own pace, whereas copywriting firms work for a copywriting company. When looking for a copywriter, it is worthwhile to go with a copywriting agency instead of a freelance copywriter.

Copywriting agencies like Daily Posts employ hundreds of copywriters so your project would be immediately attended to. You are assured of a variety that you may not get while working with just one person and agencies have a medley of copywriters who specialise in different fields and can perfectly write about your business.

Do you write copy for businesses in other countries?

Yes. Daily Posts’ copywriting services cut across national boundaries. We work for clients all over the world and employ the best copywriters from different parts of the globe so as to give our copy a native touch if need be. All our correspondence and orders are via phone or email so distance is not a barrier.

Can you help me with copyright?

No, we can’t. Copyrighting is about legal ownership of a piece of work whereas what we do is copywriting. Both are totally unrelated.

Get started today. We run a smooth process and we regularly update you on the progress of your tasks. Our Daily Posts copywriting firm offers an affordable, value-for-money service. We will deliver real growth for your budget. There is no project too big or too small.

Call us today or sign up for an account to get started.

What Is a Copywriting Firm?

A copywriting firm is made up of professionals who provide writing and editing services to organisations and individuals on a for-hire or per-project basis.

A copywriting firm just like any other organised company has a structure that guides its staff members. Compared to freelancers, a copywriting firm has many writers with different levels of expertise ranging from publishing, fitness, marine, technology to medicine. A copywriting firm can handle almost any type of copy because of its diversity. At Daily Posts, we have trained writers, art directors, creative directors, brand managers, content marketers, and editors who can offer you exceptional and SEO optimised copy.

Our services are within your budget. From our UK based company, we work with clients from different parts of the world mostly from the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

There are different copywriting firms that offer different services to clients.

  • Marketing copywriting: This copywriting firm specialises in carefully persuading a target buyer to purchase a product or service. It helps create an emotional attachment between your brand and the target customer.
  • Advertising copywriting:It creates promotional copy for the purpose of advertising. The advertising could be for the TV, billboard, or online publishing.
  • SEO (search engine optimisation) copywriting firm: It specialises in writing quality SEO optimised content to boost the page rank of a website or blog.
  • Creative copywriting firm: This firm creates ideas, concepts, phrases, and stories for brand awareness.
  • Technical copywriting firm:Writers in this firm have specialised knowledge about an industry. This type of copywriting is important in the health and technology industries.

As a copywriting firm, Daily Posts UK has distinct staff members that can provide any copy you need. All our staff members are dedicated to giving you the best return on your investment.

What Makes a Great Copywriting Firm?

There are different types of copywriting firms, each offering different services at different prices. To identify a great copywriting firm, there are certain things to look out for.

At Daily Posts, no writing is too big. No matter the size of your project or how quick you want it, we will give you an exceptional copy within your budget.

  • Meet deadline:A great copywriting firm should be able to beat a deadline, and not overwhelm clients by keeping them waiting. At Daily Posts, your work is a priority. Once you hire us, you get access to our virtual office through which you can order for copy, make enquires, and monitor the progress of your work.
  • Understand your target audience: A great copywriting firm should know your target customer(s) and what appeals to them.
  • Diversity: A diversified copywriting firm prepares your copy in time, and your copy goes through rigorous scrutiny.
  • A great copywriting firm should be able to work with your budget a still provide you with the best service.

At Daily Posts, no writing is too big. No matter the size of your project or how quick you want it, we will give you exceptional copy within your budget.

Facts about Copywriting Firms


  • 85% of all marketers in the UK now invest in content marketing. 
  •  64% of B2B marketers generate leads via social media.
  •   More marketers in the UK are creating more content for their brands.
  •   61% of marketers admit that SEO boosting and a growing organic presence is great for inbound marketing.
  • 70% of UK marketers prioritise visual content.
  •  41% of content marketers claim content generates a positive return on investment.
  • The top 3 marketing formats used by B2B marketers are a blog, social media platforms, and emails.
  • 60% of B2B marketers are committed to content marketing.

Frequently asked questions about Copywriting Firms

How can my company benefit from hiring a copywriting firm? Copywriting firms have experts who write and spin words. They understand the techniques of writing good copy and are familiar with SEO best practices.

How does SEO help my brand?

The Google search engine loves quality content. The more high-quality content you have on your blog or webpage, the more traffic you have.

How much do copywriting firms charge?

Different copywriting firms charge in different ways, at Daily Posts, we deliver exceptional content within your budget. Prices are available based on the type of content you need.

How fast can a copywriting firm deliver my project?

Copywriting firms have professional writers dedicated solely to writing exceptional copy for you. At Daily Posts, we have trained our staff members to ensure that your piece is delivered in time, we also give you access to our virtual office so you can monitor the progress of your work.

What kind of copywriting firm is Daily Posts UK?

Daily Posts offers a wide range of services. Our services include cover brochures, landing pages, blog posts, product descriptions, and more.

If you need high-quality copy at a great price, call us today on 02380 970979, and let us know how we can be of service to you.

To become an online authority, you need to update your website with fresh content regularly. Daily Posts is one of the best copywriting firms you could ever work with; we believe in the best. For web content, articles, product descriptions, case studies and FAQ pages, you can rely on us to deliver high-quality copy for your website.

Setup Your Account

Daily Posts specializes in writing copy that turns visitors and readers into customers. Our copywriting firm is renowned for consistently delivering above average conversion rates in multiple industries. Our professional writers are master salesmen with the written word and our results over the years are a testament to their skills. You can put them to work for your brand by signing up for an account now.

For your business to succeed and outcompete your rivals, all you need is an efficient copywriting firm to handle your writing needs and craft persuasive content for you, and Daily Posts’ copywriting service can deliver this perfectly. We have been able to greatly improve our clients’ businesses through our compelling copy.

With decades of experience under their belt, our copywriters will find the right angle and selling proposition that will make a bland product more exciting. Our copywriting firm is waiting to help; contact us today.

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