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Businesses that are strategic, and looking to take control of their market, understand the need for better brand expression in the market place. That’s why some of the world’s leading brands have relied on the expertise and experience of Daily Posts, the world’s best value writing agency, to produce copywriting that boosts their brand value and profit.


DailyPosts: The Home of Copywriting Experts

Tired of bland automated content? Do you want copy that connects emotionally with your customers? You have come to the right place. DailyPosts is a professional writing agency with years of experience in business communication through written content.

We have copywriting experts who are talented in their respective niches. Whatever topic you want; finance, real estate, fashion, tech, marketing, you name it…we write it. We have clients from various corporate and non-corporate sectors. We write content guaranteed to improve business relationships and give you an edge over your competitors.

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At DailyPosts, we write copy that sells products for our clients. We produce rich, compelling content for any business. With some of the most talented copywriters on our team, we are capable of writing content for any business. We believe every business connects customers through an angle, and it is our job to find that connection and use it.

Our work begins with audience research. By understanding information processing habits, we can produce content aimed at inspiring action.

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Get SEO-friendly Content From Expert Copywriters

Website copy can enhance your business’ online presence by driving its search engine rankings. Most search engines rankings, particularly Google are influenced by click-through rates, relevant content and landing page structure. A well-structured landing page with quality content relevant to the ad copy will keep attracting website visitors and stick them to your page.

Our copywriters are trained to produce content that delivers results. We combine excellent writing skill with well-researched keywords to create SEO-friendly content. Your website is like an online shop window. We make great sales teams of your content.

Like a sales person, the words are meant to guide customers through your website (the aisles), suggest suitable products and initiate a purchase.

To do this, our copy:

  • Is easy to understand (jargon-free).
  • Engages your audience.
  • Answers their purchase objections.
  • Provides answers to visitor inquiries.
  • Convinces them to buy your products.
  • Ensures final action is completed (call, register account, buy, download).

At DailyPosts, our words form a part of our arsenal, and we apply them to give your business a strong online presence. We use your business’ voice tone, turn of phrase, and extensive lexicon to increase your website appeal towards visitors and potential customers. 

Expert Copywriters Increase Web Conversion With Persuasive Copy

Creating attention is only an aspect of good copywriting. The ideal yardstick is its ability to convince people to take the next step. Our copy doesn’t just pull visitors to your website, but is developed to initiate conversion.

Whether you want people to register for newsletter subscriptions, or buy new running kits, we produce content to make it happen.

By using your customers’ language, and certain action words and call-to-action statements, we will make your landing page a centre of attraction for people seeking information about your services.

DailyPosts Copywriters Create Sticky Content

We write interesting content that attracts and holds customers to web pages that matter. Your information pages, brand campaign banners, sales pages and blogs can benefit from our ‘sticky content’. We can write the following for your website:

  • Business landing pages
  • FAQs pages
  • Magazine articles and guest posts
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Product descriptions
  • How-to manuals
  • Customer guides

In addition to attracting customers to your website, thesecontent pieces will drive up your business credibility in the industry. When your website is regularly updated with original content, it encourages repeat visits from interested users. This also increases its online authority for search engine algorithms.

Websites with high authority have good trust and citation flow levels. It becomes more visible when customers search the internet for services related to your business.

A Team of Expert Copywriters and Editors

We have a team of talented copywriters, while our editors apply the finishing touches and make your content publish-ready. Poor grammar and sentence structure have the potential to ruin a company’s credibility. It’s hard to establish an authority status with poor content. Our editors runthorough checks, and improve the attractiveness of finished pieces.

Why Do You Need Professional Copywriters?

  • Steady supply of content

In order to execute an effective content marketing strategy, the biggest challenge is content that needs to be written and published regularly. In the hands of professionals, your content is guaranteed to impress, engage and compel users into action. At DailyPosts, there’s no limit to the quality of ideas we can come up with.

  • Enjoy improved search engine rankings

Our copywriting services come with SEO practices to guarantee high rankings on search engines. We insert special keywords associated with your business in the content. A combination of fresh content and strategically placed keywords improves the positioning of websites on SERPs.

  • Get content that builds relationships

Some professional writing agencies use automated applications to create their client’s copy. The result is usually a mechanical gibberish without emotional relevance. At DailyPosts, our writing comes from the heart. We produce content with your customer at the centre of the message.

This gives it a personality your audience will love. The goal of our copywriting service is to produce content that builds relationships.

  • We find your voice

Every brand has a personality, however, not all of them reflect it in their communication. Our copywriters are experts at bringing a brand’s personality to life through writing. In the content we produce, your brand’s voice will be heard and loved. This emotional connection is key to initiating action.

Original and Exclusive Content

At DailyPosts, we produce content that is:

  • 100% original and exclusive to you.
  • Proof-read and error-free.
  • Communicates strongly with the target audience.
  • Written to match your company’s voice tone and content marketing strategy.

Our pricing system not only makes content affordable, but gives you full control of your budget.

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