Copywriting Examples

Copywriting Examples

Some Professional Copywriting Examples for Your Business

Are you wondering which part of your website requires professional help? If you are unsure what sections of your website require professionally-written content, we can give you some examples of copywriting projects that we cover.

Daily Posts are a professional writing agency with experienced copywriters in the UK. We produce website content and other online materials to help businesses increase their online presence and conversion rates. Copywriting requires professionalism and creativity. Content produced should also be able to convince potential users that your product is right for them. With many years of experience in copywriting, our agency can give your business an advantage over other online players.

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Our speciality is delivering web content and online communication materials for businesses. We have clients ranging from finance and information technology to legal firms. We cover an extensive range of niches. By unifying your brand message with effective content writing, we can engage your customers across various media platforms.

We create copy that:

  • Attracts potential buyers.
  • Increases web traffic and engagement rates.
  • Helps customers complete a purchase.

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Examples of Copywriting Jobs We Undertake

Sales pages

Sales pages contribute significantly to your business because its main objective is to complete sales and drive the bottom line. Your website may be ranked high on search engines, but if the sales page is bland or non-engaging, your potential customers will exit your site.

Poorly written sales pages can also be the reason for high abandon rates of carts on e-commerce sites. So, if your business has been recording incomplete transactions at the final stage of the customer journey, your sales pages could need improving.

At Daily Posts, we write compelling sales pages to motivate customers to finish their purchase. Our content is descriptive, engaging and compels people to act. We combine cues and ‘Call-to-Action’ statements to lead buyers successfully through the sales funnel.

Case studies

Every brand has a story of its heritage, challenges and success. There are also stories about successful projects and happy customers. When people read stories of previous works, they are more willing to do business with your company, especially if those projects are similar to the ones they have.

Case studies showcase your business’s professionalism and ability to provide solutions for jobs in your area of expertise. When properly written, case studies can build your reputation and convince potential clients to hire your organisation.

Case study writing is just one example of copywriting we perform at Daily Posts. Our writers key into your brand essence and understand the effort your business puts into its projects. We detail the client’s original pain-points, analyse the problem, demonstrate the challenges and present the solution.

We also infuse high-ranking keywords into the content to propel its search engine rankings to top positions. Our case studies are generally concluded with a bold ‘Call-to-Action’ statement directing clients to call or sign up for further conversation.

Product description

This is another important example of a copywriting service we offer. Let us imagine your ad copy successfully lands a customer on one of your product pages. The potential customer will leave your website immediately if the structure of the page:

  • Lacks a succinct header.
  • Is filled with only images and tiny illegible text underneath.
  • Lacks a read flow for users.
  • Is non-scannable
  • Is filled with technical jargon.
  • Includes carelessly written product descriptions.
  • Lacks discernible ‘Call-to-Action’ statements.

It only takes customers eight seconds on average to make this decision. The onus is on you to deliver at first sight.

Product pages must be descriptive. They must also communicate with visitors using interesting imagery, your business’s tone of voice, as well as compelling language. An effective product description page is one that has high potential to complete sales.

Web content and blog articles

Your website is like a shop window and the words are your business’s salesmen. When crafted properly, your ‘salesmen’ can convince visitors to enter, peruse your products and complete a purchase.

The website in its position as a store, has ‘aisles’ and checkout points. Once again, your ‘salesmen’ guide them through the aisles, navigating each path along the purchase funnel, helping them fill the cart. The final stage (the purchase page) must convince the buyer to complete the transaction successfully.

We write effective web content – home pages, sales pages, ‘About us’ pages, ‘Services’ pages, landing pages and so on – that guide users through websites as seamlessly as possible. Good web content is necessary for successful conversion.

Another important web content is blog posts. With regularly updated blog posts, topics can range from news to ‘How-to’ guides. You can set your business to be an online authority. As people flock to your site for valuable information, it has the potential to attract links from high authority domains. 

Why Hire a Professional Copywriting Agency?

  1. Give your copywriting an edge

Working with a professional copywriter adds flair and panache to your website’s content. It increases its effectiveness, because there is opportunity for research, originality and expertise. A professional agency can provide content regularly to enhance your SEO efforts.

  1. Boost your online authority

The ability to produce fresh content on a regular basis increases your credibility and trust amongst customers. As with copywriting, if your web content is high in quality, people will in turn associate your brand with quality. The ripple-effect can lead to increased engagement and completed sales.

  1. Promote your business and products

Professional copywriters can increase traffic to your website with quality content, but it doesn’t have to end there. You can take advantage of your popular non-sales pages to promote your products. By inserting links across your web pages, you can direct customers along the purchase funnel.

Guarantee of originality

At Daily Posts, our content is borne from research and creative writing. We assure you of 100% original content all the time.

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