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Copywriting Examples

There are many types of copywriting, and each has a unique purpose. There are copywriting for turning high a bounce rate into a high conversion rate, copywriting for search engine optimisation, copywriting for marketing communication, copywriting for improved brand awareness, and many more. It all depends on what your goals are.

Daily Posts provides a copywriting service that’s tailored to deliver impressive results. Our copywriting services possess the following features:

  • Grammatically flawless: Google and human readers alike love grammatically sound copy that reads beautifully. Most people will not engage a business whose website features grammatical errors.
  • Resonates with target audience: Your target audience has to be able to make a connection with your copy. That is why knowing the target audience is important in order to generate content that they’ll be interested in.
  • Optimised for search engines: Copy that will perform well must be optimised for search engines. This will lead to an increase in your organic traffic.
  • Powerful headings: The headline of a piece is the first thing a reader will see and is what will motivate her to opening a page. Thus, a heading must be attractive and inspiring.
  • Call to action: A potent call to action (CTA) is needed to persuade a reader to perform the specific action you've designed for them.

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Some Professional Copywriting Examples for Your Business

All copy written by us goes through Copyscape, is thoroughly proofread, and is guaranteed to be of distinctive quality thanks to the creative talent of our writers. Contact us now to get started on building your website and boosting your online visibility with quality and engaging content.

What makes us one of the best copywriting agencies around?

At Daily Posts, we recognise that all clients are different and so have different needs. This understanding allows us to provide each individual client top-notch content with a personalised touch. This is unlike other copywriting agencies who provide copy through a one-size-fits-all approach that ignores the unique voice, style, or goals of a brand.

By understanding what you hope to accomplish through online content, we can carry out research and begin building copy that is of the highest SEO standards and also attracts and engages your target audience. Furthermore, copy provided by our writers will, at the same time, boost your website’s online reputation and help establish your brand as an authority within your niche. All of this will be accomplished without you having to worry about your brand losing its distinct tone and voice, as we will ensure your loyal customers and subscribers still feel they are engaging with the same brand that they have come to know and love.

To ensure your copy is perfect, we can provide you with multiple revisions until you are satisfied that it is of the best possible fit for your website and long-term business goals. Look no further than Daily Posts content writing agency if you need dependable copywriters with a proven track record.

Getting in touch with us and arranging for the quality and quantity of copy you need is easy. We respond quickly to all enquiries, be it via email or phone, so sign up with us today to get started.

Benefits of using a copywriter for your business

Writing copy yourself for your website can be a huge hassle and a tremendous drain on what little time you have in a day. Why not let the specialists take that hassle off your hands and deliver what you need with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

We accept all copy requests from businesses in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and many other countries. We can be of service and satisfy all your copy needs according to your specifications regardless of the size of project you have in mind.

One of the guaranteed benefits of working with us, that our clients especially love, is we can maintain regular content uploads on your behalf. This means all you need do is sit back and watch your website stay updated, fresh and hot with quality and relevant content at agreed upon intervals. This way, your website will never go stale and will continue to remain relevant in the eyes of your visitors, as well as search engines such as Google.

Also, because our expert team of copywriters are well versed in the art of SEO, rest assured that content provided to you will always be in line with the latest Search Engine Optimisation requirements as detailed by Google. This will boost your organic traffic by keeping you at the top of search engine results.

Most importantly, working with us saves you time and money. Time because we can create, edit, and post all the content you need on your behalf. And money because we allow you to focus on running your business and staying profitable. We also provide our services through a range of affordable and flexible plans. Picking one that is most in line with your budget and business needs is easy. If you are uncertain about which of our content plans is the best for your business, simply get in touch with us for expert guidance. 

Features of Quality Copy from Daily Posts

For your copywriting project to accomplish the purpose you require it for, it needs to possess the following attributes. All our copywriters are trained and experienced at infusing copy with the below factors.


As your professional copywriter, we want the audience who your copy is targeted at to find it comprehensible. This is because easily comprehensible copy is engaging, entertaining and compelling. Failure to arrange copy in a structured and logical sequence will result in readers being confused and put off from your desired message which will ultimately not be communicated. Copy from us starts with a powerful intro, followed by all the vital points appropriately arranged, all of which will then be capped with a solid conclusion. Where necessary, powerful call to actions will be added to encourage your readers to perform the actions you want them to do.


Copy is pointless if your readers don’t find it useful. People want copy that will impact their lives in some way, be it by enlightening them, solving a problem, or simply entertaining them. Thus, for a copy to be effective, it must offer something your target audience wants. We can provide you such copy through keyword research and much more. By identifying the keywords those in your target market search for the most, we can build effective copy around it.


Copy with a conversational tone is what both your readers and Google want, so why not give it to them? Conversational copy connects and engages your audience more effectively and Google’s RankBrain algorithm is more likely to highly rank your webpages if the content is conversational. Our copywriters can provide you landing pages, blogs, email copy, and more all in a conversational style.


By offering relevant and original copy consistently, your brand will, over time, come to be recognised as an authority in its field. We can provide you original copy that tackles issues from a unique perspective and showcases your brand with a distinctive style. Don’t believe us? Sign up with us to view some of our samples.


Copy that is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors will sink your website’s ranking and reputation faster than the Titanic. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about this when working with our highly-qualified writers who pay close attention to all the details. For error-free copy of consistent quality, check out our packages.


Work with Daily Posts for content to boost your online presence

Daily Posts is the team that will work tirelessly to make sure you get the copy you want, in the quality and quantity you want, and when you need it. We take on bespoke requests and can deliver copy according to your exact specifications.

Your satisfaction is our priority and we want you to have always have access to the copywriter you can rely on –which is us. Our client portal is easy to use and allows you to conveniently monitor the progress of your project and request revisions.

Join our diverse list of satisfied customers by signing up with us today. It’s easy and quick, and, most important, you are guaranteed quality copy at a bargain price.

Examples of Copywriting We Provide

The Daily Posts' team offers specialised copywriting services to small and large organisations around the world. Our services can be of great benefit to you regardless of your niche or industry. Examples of our copywriting services include:

  • Creative Copywriting: This involves using words in a creative and potent manner to attract the target audience into taking an interest in a particular product or service.
  • Sales Copywriting: This is designed to boost brand awareness and is accomplished through persuasive writing that convinces readers to purchase a product or service.
  • SEO Copywriting: This service is specifically targeted at boosting your website’s ranking and visibility on search engines like Google through keywords, quality copy, and healthy links.
  • Blog Copywriting: We can plan, write, and publish blog posts for clients either on their website or social media pages, or on third party websites as guest posts for strategic visibility that boosts your search engine ranking and online authority.
  • Website Copywriting: This is copywriting for online marketing. The content is designed to capture a prospect’s interest through effective web copy that resonates with the target audience and results in healthy leads.


Contact us today for your blog posts, email copy, newsletters, white paper, manuals, brochures, press releases, landing pages, microcopy, and product descriptions.

What Makes a Great Example of Copywriting?

A superb example of copywriting is material that increases your website’s chances of ranking highly in search results. Other good examples are:

  • Copywriting that boosts the reputation of your brand
  • Copywriting that boosts organic traffic
  • Copywriting that boosts conversion rate
  • Copywriting that resonates with the target audience
  • Copywriting that makes your website an authority within its niche
  • Copywriting that doesn’t apply black hat tactics such as keyword stuffing
  • Copywriting that inspires readers to share online

Copywriting with all the above features should be accessible at an affordable price. If you want quality copywriting services at a budget friendly rate, contact Daily Posts today.

Facts about Copywriting

  • Headlines are in important part of copy and must be carefully crafted to get the attention of readers. On average, 2 out of 10 people will read a whole piece while 8 out of 10 will read just the headline.
  • Most visitors read only 20% of a page’s content. That is why it is important to highlight the most important points in the first few paragraphs so as tomake the page easily scannable.
  • Social proof in copy will significantly increase conversion rates. For instance, a website that added “4,500 current subscribers” experienced a 20% increase in their email sign up.
  • When providing a call to action, it is important to add a reason. It increases a likelihood of agreement by 60% to 94%.


Why choose Daily Posts over a freelance copywriter?

Instead of gambling by hiring a freelancer, you can opt for a tested, trusted and highly recommended copywriting agency such as Daily Posts that can deliver quality copy within deadlines regardless of the price range of your project.

Our content will help increase your brand awareness on-print and online.

Will the content be SEO friendly?

Most definitely. We are just as keen to make your content have optimal visibility in search engine results. We will provide copy that is keyword rich without hampering the flow and quality of the piece. This means increased organic traffic and conversion with a reduced bounce rate.

Can you update my website regularly with fresh content on my behalf?

Yes, we can. You can opt for our long- term plan which involves posting specific quantity of copy on your website on a regular basis.

Call Daily Posts today on 02380 970979 for a friendly chat about your copywriting project.

Daily Posts is an expert copywriting agency in the UK with a solid reputation for boosting the online image of upcoming and major brands through quality written content. We have worked with small and large companies from all across the world, as well as in a variety of niches. If you are looking to boost your online presence, our team of copywriters are the ones to get it done for you. We can accomplish this through a wide variety of copy to suit your unique needs. Examples of our copywriting include product description pages, sales pages, ad copy, blog articles and much more.

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