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DailyPosts eBook Copywriting Service – We Help You Create eBooks that Sell Your Business

Whatever your industry niche or company sector, you may have realized that eBooks are a very effective way to boost your lead generation and conversion efforts. Many companies have put readers off eBooks because they mostly contain messages that the companies have been disseminating for years.

Unfortunately, businesses are known for creating eBooks that provide very little value to the readers, and eBooks have come to be seen as just another marketing tool. This is mostly because businesses create their eBooks as another marketing tool.

At DailyPosts, we know customers are actively and subconsciously appreciative when they get something back from a business. Your deals and coupons are great but they are directly tied to marketing. We have found that valuable eBooks are a great way to connect practically and emotionally with your customers and we help you maximize this opportunity.

We can help you create eBooks that:

  • Provide great value to your readers by creating relevant, timely and well-researched eBooks.
  • Provide objective, non-sales information to your readers that still ends up driving them to you.
  • Get high authority sites referring to your eBook and linking back to your website.
  • Add credibility to your business as you stand out from the generic newsletter and blog post crowd.
  • Position you as an unrivaled authority on the subject of your eBook and in your industry at large. We create thought-provoking eBooks backed with facts, figures and experience that your readers can relate with and learn from.
  • Get you paid to speak at conferences and seminars as an industry authority and thought leader.
  • Help you influence your readers to think, and to perceive situations and solutions the way you want them to. With our eBook copywriting service, you can effectively spread your “business doctrine” among your target audience to your advantage.

Do your readers need to purchase your eBook or provide you with their contact information to obtain a copy? We will make the action an easy one for them to take by creating high-value copy they can’t resist.

How do these benefit your company in terms of business?

  • You will drive traffic to your website because your readers will want to know more about you after reading or learning about your valuable eBook.
  • You will enjoy increased exposure on the internet as the author of valuable content.
  • You will provide knowledge that builds trust with your target customers. With trust comes engagement and conversion.
  • You will be creating great micro moments of engagement with the opt-in, download, opening and reading of your eBook. We will make sure every one of these micro moments counts by helping you create material your readers feel was worth their while.
  • If your eBook is for sale, you will enjoy huge sales.
  • If your eBook is gated, you will obtain valuable contact information from a ton of your target customers.

These are benefits you can enjoy only if your eBooks are created with the expertise, dedication and attention to details as we do at Dailyposts. Create your account to get started with us now and get your target customers reading and talking about your eBook.

Our eBook Copywriting Service Is Meant for You, Whatever Your Industry Niche

Whatever your company sector, you can use well-written eBooks to meet your online business objectives. All of the benefits listed above apply to any industry. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

We have the team

Unlike many copywriting services, we are a large, diverse team of professionals, and in-house copywriters from different parts of the world. We work together, pooling our experience and expertise to create eBooks that are unrivaled.

Here are some advantages our team size and diversity offers you:

  • Work with experts who have the personal experiences and professional training in diverse disciplines to create rounded, engaging and insightful eBooks.
  • Create and publish your eBook within your timeframe. We have the team to research, write, edit, and deliver your eBook for your revision and approval within a reasonably short time period.
  • Produce top-quality eBooks at very affordable rates because we do not outsource any part of the project.
  • Produce eBooks and other copy with consistent quality, cementing your position as a genuine industry standard. 

Our eBook Copywriting Service is Guaranteed to Make You Succeed

When we help you write an eBook, your readers will be thanking you for your valuable insights

Choose your eBook subject and let us make a great eBook out of it. Or, you can ask us to research and come up with a subject that is guaranteed to be a success. We have done this for some of our customers.

Whatever the case, we will work closely with you, turning your ideas and knowledge into a powerful eBook that will drive your business forward.

We guarantee success by conducting extensive research to ensure that:

  • The eBook provides the kind of information, education or solutions that your target customers will find highly valuable
  • The eBook is relevant to the time. The content is always up-to-date, original and factual.
  • The eBook is of the right length for the subject. We produce concise, relevant content to ensure reader engagement all through the text.

As a professional copywriting service with a 24/7 online presence, we are abreast with what your readers and target customers are talking about, what they need, and what they look to see from companies like yours.

You may take advantage of our comprehensive copywriting services and vast relationships to:

  • Raise awareness for your eBook using a website, social media, blog posts, and PR copies.
  • Distribute your eBook through the channels that really matter to your business for greater, relevant visibility.

Let Dailyposts help you produce simple and clear eBooks. We also make sure to speak in the tone that resonates with your target audience.

You may have many chances to get it right with your newsletters, blog posts, sales copy and so on. With an eBook, you have just one chance to impress and convert your reader. Let Dailyposts make your one chance count.

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