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Daily Posts: Professional Copywriting and Content Creators

Daily Posts is an agency with a team of qualified professional copywriters and content producers; we understand the importance of steady content on your website for engaging customers and this is why we provide our clients with content that persuades their readers to act. Our prolific team of copywriters are great at selling your brand no matter what sector you operate in and will deliver worthy content to you within the agreed upon time.

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We have clients in finance, healthcare, trade services and real estate. Our content covers a wide range of topics, so you can be guaranteed that we will produce pieces that will connect with your customers regardless of their demographic.

We use a research process that helps us understand our client’s customers and the language they respond to. Following research, our copywriters create content that seeks to connect your business professionally and empathetically with its target audience.

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What Copywriters Can Offer Your Business

Copywriters know how to create a piece that focuses the attention of the readers on the message and takes them on an emotional journey which will eventually lead to them making a decision on whether or not to buy your products or services. Our writers at Daily Posts are great at writing compelling pieces that sell not just your products but your ideology, making your customers feel the need to grab what you are offering.

Keeping your business alive and maintaining it are both very time consuming and considering not everyone can create a content as well as a professional writer could, it is best to hand over the duty of copywriting to the professionals. Daily Posts writers have many skills to offer that can be used to lead customers’ right to your doorstep and they include:

  • Web Page Copy: Instead of cutting and pasting content from various sources and ending up with a jumbled piece, we will provide you with content drawn from your own pages and catalogues.

  • Press Releases: We are able to provide you a well-written piece that can get you media coverage for your business.

  • Articles: Our writers produce excellent articles that cover topics ranging from medicine, fashion, IT, automobile, real estate and many more. And they are able to create a connection with your readers that you can rely on.

  • Landing Pages: We are best at writing landing pages that increase your conversion rates and are tailored specifically for the objective you have set out to achieve.

  • SEO Copywriting: This helps your customers locate you easily on the web, we help by writing pieces that contain keywords your customers are looking for to improve your findability.

  • Product Description: It might be difficult for you as a business owner to write an objective description because of how passionate you feel about your business. Our copywriters are objective enough to create a description that will convince your readers.

A business needs the right language to convey its message across different online channels. A blandly-written landing page can cause poor search engine ranking and poor conversion rates. Whatever the message, your copy must be engaging enough to start conversations online and attract attention to your website.

What we offer

We produce quality copywriting and content for businesses with an online presence. With some of the most experienced writers on our team, our clients are guaranteed the best work projects.

At Daily Posts, our content is:

  • 100% original and exclusive to the client

  • Clean and professional (no grammatical errors)

  • Communicates well with the audience

  • Written to reflect your business’ tone of voice and suit your content strategy

Why Do You Need a Professional Writing Company?

  • Make your brand more recognisable

To build trust, a brand needs to be easily recognised. As your brand’s online reputation grows, people become more willing to do business with you. One way to become recognisable is by publishing original content on a regular basis. Get access to reliable content by working with our copywriters at Daily Posts.

  • Receive content on a regular basis

One of the major challenges of producing your own content is maintaining a steady schedule. Content production is time consuming and can take over from your other business obligations. With a professional agency as your copywriting and content partner, you have more time to focus on other projects and update your content marketing calendar.

  • Get access to creative material

As experts in content production, our professional copywriters work together to deliver creative angles on your copy projects. Our professional agency provides variation in creativity and improves the quality of your work.

  • Publish your content on influential websites

Our clients utilise our networks with influential publishers and websites. We write press releases for our clients and increase their exposure to a wider audience. Some of these posts link back to their website and improve its citation flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between copywriting and content writing?

A major difference between copywriting and content writing is that copywriting is writing for the purpose of advertisement or marketing, while content writing is done by writing valuable content that is used to bring a business to life.

  • What does a content copywriter do?

A copywriter writes content that appeals to the readers’ emotions and excites them to want to take an action. Copywriters create content that covers various topics and caters to specific needs including; landing pages, blog posts, press releases, SEO copywriting and many more.

  • Why should I hire a copywriter?

Hiring a copywriter is important if your business is online because it allows you to publish content that will drive traffic to your website. Hiring a copywriter also allows you focus on developing your business means a professional is in charge of how people view your business.

  • What type of copywriters do you have?

We have well-trained writers from all around the world. Our team comprises over 250 writers from Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia. We ensure our copywriters meet our standards before joining us and they have years of experience in sales which makes it possible for them to create content that is capable of converting visitors to your site into potential sales.

  • Can you produce regular content?

We can produce content daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly because we have a dedicated team of writers. We have clients whose requirements vary from 1000 a month to one per week and we can even upload the content on your platform.

  • What skills do your copywriters have?

We make sure our writers pay great attention to detail, are thorough and are able to create content that is true to our standards.

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Writing is an unavoidable task and written communication is important to any business that wants to survive online. Just as not everyone can be a doctor, not everyone can be a writer, which is why businesses are advised to employ the services of copywriters. Daily Posts will help you relate to your customers better.

Copywriting is the process of combining and utilising the display of words and phrases on marketing material to increase overall sales turnover. Thus, the art of copywriting is a principal feature when it comes to marketing for businesses. The quality of copy will also go a long way in determining how the targeted audience will respond to it and that is why a great deal of emphasis is placed on it, in order to boost sales and return on investment.

It is therefore important to utilise content that best suits your marketing needs. DailyPosts offerstop-notch copywriting services with the most effective well researched and search optimised content that is best suited for advertising, marketing, brand awareness, pagerank, and any other immediate needs your business might have. We create compelling copywriting content for emails, brochures, newsletters, blog posts, adverts, billboards press releases and more.

Types of Copywriting Content

  • Direct Mails

These are letters, brochures, or postcards sent to mail boxes of consumers that are subscribed to them. Direct mail advertisingoften requires some identifiable pieces of information like location, income or profession of the target audience to know which direction to tailor the message being sent. They are time-sensitive and can contain special discount offers that are available at the time the mail is being sent.

  • Social Media

With social media copy, every word is important. With a catchy headline, you’re well on your way to getting visitors, subscribers, leads, and customers. Social media copywriting is one step closer to achieving a call to action from your readers.

  • Online Advertisements

This type of copywriting involves writing electronic news, articlesand blog posts that are used for marketing on the internet.

  • Blog Posts

Blogs are an important part of advertising and promoting brand awareness. Theyhave attention-grabbing headlines anda body of content that retains attention.

  • Emails

Just like the direct mail, the same principle applies here, the differences being that these emails are sent electronically and consumers have to be registered or subscribed to the company’s mailing list to receive them.

  • Print Advertisements

These include copywriting content that appears on visible prints like, newspapers, brochures, magazines, leaflets, catalogues and manuals.

  • Press Releases

Press release copywriting is done when a newsworthy event has taken place and information regarding it needs to be publicised. It could be an award won, a new partnership, or a new product release – usually not more than a few paragraphs and not as creative as other forms of copywriting content.

  • Billboards

Billboards are more expensive and larger marketing material used by bigger brands and businesses to feature the same ad copy found on brochures and magazines but they are strategically mounted on outdoor areas like freeways, streets and street corners, where they can be visible to the public eye. Billboard copy has to be image-filled, eye-catching and creative, with short written content that’ll be simple yet memorable.

Facts about Copywriting Content

  • When a headline has a reader’s name, there is a 26% chance that she will open the email.
  • Email newsletters are the most preferred medium of content sharing and updates by blog owners.
  • Custom copy content has now been prioritised as effective marketing strategies by an average of half the population of marketers since 2014.
  • There is a need for more expertise in the area of content creation, subject matter expertise, product promotion and strategy employment in the use of content marketing.
  • 68% of users today will appreciate a brand’s claims only when the brand’s ad copy content has been read by them.
  • Case studies, blog posts and social media are the most used copywriting content for marketing and advertising products and services.
  • Statistics show that 78% of business agree that the use of ad copy to market their products and services has increased overall sales turnover and brought in more consumers than any other marketing strategy.


What Type of Copy Content Will Garner More Sales?

All forms of copywriting content are effective. The ability of the copywriter to understand the brand you are selling will enable them recommend the best ad copy medium that suits your needs. At DailyPosts, we ensure that thorough research is carried out so as to create the right content material for our clients.

What Copywriting Services Do You Provide?

As advertising and marketing copywriters, we offer all sorts of copywriting services necessaryto sell your brand; they include creating copy likeadverts, emails, brochures, newsletters, video scripts, handbills, blogpost, guest blogs, news articles,case studies, and more.

Give us a call on 02380 970979 for more information about our services.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring DailyPosts to Create My Copy?

For higher investment returns, we are the best choice for developing your ad copy because

  1. our content will help increase your brand awareness on-print and online.
  2. we can help you stand out from your competitors.
  3. we develop a connection with your clients that helps in strengthening their faith in the services and products that you offer.
  4. DailyPosts can help produce more traffic for sales conversion.

Running a business can be overwhelming, and running a business while filling your website with content can be doubly overwhelming and time consuming, and because generating content for your website is one sure fire way to generate traffic that most likely will be converted to sales, hiring a copywriter will save you not just time but will also allow you to face the primary objective of your business while you get high-quality copy at affordable prices from your copywriter.

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