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Why Business Copywriting is Important Today

Businesses copywriting is even more vital today because many small business owners now have an online presence and need help communicating the benefits of their business to a diverse audience online.

There are email copies to be written, landing page copies, sales letter, banner copies, PPC copies, and so much more. It costs thousands of pounds to run advertising campaigns, and businesses need to get the words right every single time. That is why businesses turn to Daily Posts to help them get it just right.

Another key aspect of the job of a business copywriter is ensuring that copies to be posted online are search engine optimized.

Here are a few places where our business copywriting services has proved useful to clients:

  • Web Page Copy: Too many small businesses online have copies that are badly written or just don’t convert. Our service enables them to convert more visitors to customers.

  • Case Studies: Case studies need to be expertly written not just to show what you have done in the past, but as a subtle sales copy that addresses various challenges, engages your prospect’s heart and closes the sale. At least, that is how Daily Posts goes about it.

  • Press Releases: Press Releases are not extinct. On the contrary, in small towns, expertly written press releases can translate to local press coverage. Think of what that free advertising can do for your business.

  • E-books: Daily Posts helps businesses to write e-books that not only educates potential customers on a subject of interest, but sells them the advantages of using your services or products subtly. The e-book also positions you as an authority that can be trusted- boosting your brand and credibility.

  • Blog Posts: Blogposts enable you to connect with your audience while speaking conversationally and addressing issues and challenges they may have. It also keeps you constantly in the heart of your potential customer because of its regular nature. Businesses that update their blog regularly also have a 55% higher conversion than businesses that don’t – but only when done right. Daily Posts ensures that you get it right regularly.

  • Sales Page and Landing Page: Businesses need writing agencies to help them write long sales letters or a short landing page that help them convert visitors into leads. A 5% increase in conversion can be the difference between running a profitable campaign or not. That’s why businesses rely on Daily Posts copywriting business service to get it right.

  • Commercials: Small businesses still rely on radio and TV in their local market as advertising mediums. However, they often struggle to pass their message because of air time constraint. Daily Posts ensures that their short and quick advertising message is also clear and concise, thereby increasing their advert ROI.

  • Product Descriptions: Small blurbs, catalogue copy, menu description, and so on, may seem simple and straight forward but it’s also a sales pitch. Daily Posts help businesses sell more products by projecting benefits in these copies without making it sound like a sales pitch.

  • Email Copy: Email marketing has at least a 3600% return on investment when done right. There is simply too much at stake and too much to gain for businesses. That is why they trust our copywriters to help them get it right.

Our Approach

Our approach to copywriting for business is to first understand the business audience. We go to great length to understand your buyer persona and the needs and challenges of your target audience. We also study objections to similar products and discontent in the market to help us better position your product as the solution.

The next stage is to make an offer or develop a unique selling proposition that stands you out from the competition and also entices your audience. We then support this offer with an elaborate copy that speaks to the heart of your customer and, triggers and connects with the right emotions.

Further, the copy is strengthened by our meticulous approach to research- offering proofs, data, and resource to back up the claims.

Our Business Copywriters

Our business copywriters are our secret. With copywriters that have decades of experience in various industries, it’s easy to do more in a short time. Our talented writers are proud of their job and judge their work mainly based on sales and conversions.

They pride themselves in turning lots of businesses and agencies into brands. Also, increasing cash flow and return over the years. The copy can be as professional as it needs to be or it can be as bold as it should be- depending on the brand image you are trying to project.

We Can Help

Whichever angle your business wants to pursue, you need copywriters that can find the words to turn prospects into customers and sceptics into advocates. If you need copywriting that gets results, Daily Posts is here to help.

We rarely receive requests for revision because we go through various quality control checks and our editors ensure that our copywriters follow your instructions carefully. They also proofread and crosscheck facts and figures. However, if you need revisions, you get unlimited revisions till you are 100% satisfied with the end product.

Call us today or sign up for an account and put your business copywriting needs into one of the best hands in the UK

In a highly digitalized and fast-paced world, businesses needs a continuous stream of exceptional marketing contents in the marketplace, as copywriting has become an integral part of brand visibility and overall business success. Astute brands today depend on the experience and expertise of Daily Posts’ best value writing services to get their businesses ahead.

Setup Your Account

A lot of businesses find the entire copywriting process tiring. Sure they understand the need to write about their business but they just don’t know how to go about it, or they make the mistake of thinking that they just need enough words to explain what they do. However, what many do not understand, is the need to sell their goods or services with words.

If you need a copywriter or a writing agency to help you communicate your business in writing, you need a copywriter that understands how to close sales with just written words. Our business copywriters can help you do just that and you can sign up for an account immediately to get started.

This goes deeper than just writing grammatically correct sentences or writing professionally. In fact, sometimes, an official sounding copy may just not be right for your business and may end up not selling anything.

That is why you need an agency that understands what it takes to connect emotionally with your target audience and write a business copy that actually delivers sales and a good ROI.

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