Daily Posts’ Copywriting Blog Posts

Daily Posts’ Copywriting Blog Posts

Daily Posts: Helping You Copywrite Your Blog Posts

Blogging isn’t the same thing as copywriting. For some people, blogging is simply a hobby. For others, it is a commercial venture to make money. For businesses, it can be a way to engage and communicate with their clients and prospects, thereby boosting sales.

Copywriting, on the other hand, is the art and science of purposefully crafting copy that persuades people to carry out a specific action.However, copywriting can enhance your blogging to produce better results. We at Daily Posts can help you apply powerful copywriting tools to your blog posts.

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How Copywriting Can Help Your Blog

  • Blogging as a hobby

If you fall into this category, you may earnestly believe that you don’t need copywriting. You blog about your life, work, weekly experiences, hobbies, travel adventures – or even about your expertise – and you have little or no interest in making money (or perhaps didn’t realise you could make money blogging).

However, you want people to read your posts and crave a wider audience. This is where copywriting comes in:

  • To make your blog posts more focused and polished.
  • To bring your blog more social media and organic search engine traffic.
  • To help better engage your audience.
  • To help your blog by persuading your audience to subscribe to a mailing list.

Daily Posts’ copywriting services can help you achieve all this.

  • Blogging for Extra Cash

This is the category of people that blog in the hope of making money by publishing affiliate marketing ads on their website, as well as publishing marketing posts from companies (that are willing to pay for the service) or even by reviewing products for rewards. Their blog posts usually share specific niche expertise. They too crave bigger audiences and copywriting can help them:

  • Create more useful and informative blog posts – in turn drawing more attention to their blog.
  • Generate traffic from search engines and social media.
  • Drive and maintain engagement.
  • Build and nurture a community of like-minded people and people that need their expertise.
  • Use persuasive writing to grow a mailing list and compel their audience to follow a promotee’s link.
  • Blogging for Businesses

When you blog to promote your brand, copywriting becomes essential. This is because your business blog is all about building trust and subtly creating awareness around your product or service in order to convert sales. Using substandard content on your company blog would only ruin your brand’s credibility. By copywriting your blog:

  • You draw attention to your product or service.
  • You build your brand’s reputation and credibility.
  • You generate traffic from search engines (using SEO copywriting) and social media.
  • You engage your prospects and clients.
  • You convert leads to sales.
  • You earn the loyalty of your customers.

When You Hire Daily Posts to Copywrite Your Blog Posts, You Get:

  • Purpose Driven Content

Every blog post should have a purpose. For businesses, it could be to create a buzz around a product or service by publishing useful, informative posts about its benefits. For other bloggers, it could be to grow their mailing lists or direct traffic to an advertiser’s product by discussing the product in a general term and using a ‘Call-to-Action’. To successfully undertake this content marketing strategy, you definitely need copywriting skills. If you don’t possess such skills, your best option is to hire someone that does.

Daily Posts can help you create purpose-driven content for your blog.

  • Powerful Headlines

When the headlines of your blog posts don’t stand out, no one will want to read the rest of your posts. Sadly, many bloggers don’t realise this fact. Neither do they realise that there is an art to crafting attention-grabbing headlines, which reside in copywriting. Daily Posts can help you nail them.

  • Blog Posts that Are Reader-Friendly

Copywriting is about persuasion – similar to that of salespeople. They reach out to prospects and persuade them accordingly by talking to them. You too can utilise this strategy for your blog posts. People love it when your focus is on them – when you care about their needs and don’t question their intelligence or beliefs.

Therefore, always research your audience to understand their needs and tailor your blog posts to satisfy them. Address your audience directly by using the term ‘You’ in your posts. Share your knowledge in a way that doesn’t belittle your audience’s intelligence. Use simple English. Strive for clarity. Use bullet points  and subheadings and always reply to comments.

If you’re a copywriting expert, you may have already applied these tips to your blog posts. If you aren’t, then Daily Posts is here to help you craft blog posts that are reader-friendly.

  • Blog Posts Written for Both Your Audience and Search Engines

Your blog posts are for real people, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect the technology that helps reach those people. Search engines, for most bloggers, are a major source of traffic. This is because people rely on search engines to source the information they are looking for online. For instance, Google search processes more than 5.5 billion searches per day. By tailoring your blog posts for search engines too, you pull in your own share of the organic traffic machines, like Google Search channel to blogs.

Crafting blog posts that appeal to your audience – and at the same time leverage search engine optimisation – requires SEO copywriting skills. You don’t have SEO copywriting skills? No problem. Daily Posts can help.

  • Beat Writer’s Block and Deliver Regular Blog Posts

Every writer experiences writer’s block. Whether you own a personal or business blog, you may have experienced writer’s block before and know that it can easily prevent you from producing regular blog posts.The problem is that your audience isn’t going to wait around until you find your muse again.

The good news is that professional copywriters can easily transcend writer’s block. Whether you want a few quality posts written for your blog (while you battle writer’s block) or you need copywriters who can consistently deliver, all year round, Daily Posts is here to help.

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