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Copywriting Blog Posts

What Is a Blog Post?

A blog postis detailed content published ona company's website for people to read. Blog posts inform readers, educate customers, generate leads,  build brand awareness, and establish a company's credibility.

Blogs are special toolscompanies can use in their marketing strategies. The quality of the content must be exceptional to attract customers, rank higher on search engines, and provide valuable information to its readers.

Blog posts need to be regularly published, so this amount of work may be challenging to your organisation. Daily Post's skilled copywriters can help you save time and resources by writing great blog posts that are relevant to your audience, engaging to readers, deliver valuable information, and match the company’s marketing strategy for the brand.

Types of Blog Posts

Here are the four major types of blog posts that can help drive more traffic to your company’s website:

  • The Instructional/How-to Blog Post: By creating a blog post that instructs, solves problems, and answers questions, companies can engage their customers, provide value, and establish credibility as a reputable source.
  • The List Blog Post: Writing list blog posts help organise detailed information into a numbered list that is easier and faster for customers to read, share, and take action.
  • The Personal Spotlight Blog Post: Theseposts highlight specific employees and thair  rols inan organisation. This makes companies appear real and friendly to readers.

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What Makes Great Blog Posts?

Exceptional blog posts are directed at a specific audience, so before writing content for a blog, the organisation must determine who their readers are, what appeals to them, and how they can best connect with them. This way, great blog postscan betweakedbased on technicality, length, images, and language. 

A great blog post must contain an impactful headline and opening paragraph that compel readers to learn more about the content.

Great blog posts not only contain good content, they must follow strategies for search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO helps elevate the content so it can reach potential customers better when they search for solutions to their problems.

A major feature of exceptional blog posts lies in the presence of calls to action that the customer can take after reading the content; whether that comes in the form of signing up to learn more through newsletters, reading other similar blog posts, or even sharing on social media.

Facts about Blog Posts

Recent research reveals that up to 90 percent of organic search traffic to a company's website comes through its blog. Potential leads and customers can be gained when they search for related industry and find relevant blogs.

Blogging is an affordable and effective way to reach a target audience and provide them with valuable content. 52 percent of B2B companies revealed that blogs are the most vital key in their content marketing activities and success, even greater than email and social media marketing.

Blog posts also help companies increase their credibility and personal authority, as they are able to write lengthy, detailed, and informative content to their customers. Regular blog posts also help increase the trust and confidence that readers have in the company, as they can trust to visit the organisation’s website for quality information in the specific industry.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blog Posts

How Does One Create a Headline That Can Appeal to Readers?

This can be done by askingquestions, using numbers, and clever wordplay to attract customers to read more of the content. The vital thing to note is that headlines must never come across as a clickbait, as this may destroy the credibility of the organisation. A great way to find what works best for a specific audience is through testing and tweaking to see the blog post headlines that readers respond best to.

How Does One Increase Company Credibility Through Blog Posts?

Blog posts filled with facts, statistics, infographics, and numbers help increase the trust readers have in the organisation. A blog post must be fact checked and proofread;if a company publishes a blog post with errors or inaccurate information, it can affect its authority. Another way to increase credibility is ensuring that the content is properly edited.

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