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Copywriting Agencies UK

DailyPosts: The Most Prolific Copywriting Agency in the UK

Are you looking for a copywriting agency to do your business writing or regular blogposts? Many agencies in the UK specialise in a particular writing niche, but at DailyPosts, we write on diverse topics ranging from professional to arty and even adventure travel posts.

Our copywriting agency operates from the UK, but our writers and clients extend across the globe including the U.S. and Australia. Wherever you are, we can produce compelling content that mirrors your business personality and tone of voice. Our aim is to help businesses and individuals connect with their audience on a deeper level through articulate content.

Contact us directly through phone on 02380 970979to find out more.

Whether you need content for email marketing posts, blog articles or sales pages we have a talented team of writers capable of producing engaging copy. Our content is professional and witty. We maintain the right mix to ensure your readers are informed and engaged at the same time.

We incorporate the right language into your message. DailyPosts copywriting agency will convince your customers that your business is right for them. Sign up here to start receiving quality content today.

Quality Website Copy

At our agency, we write copy that sells our client to their audience. We believe every business connectsto their customers with the right language. We invest in research methods to identify the most effective ways to build client-customer relationships through copy.

Our copywriting agency hires smart, creative and professional writers. We have the experience and extensive lexicon to fill your web pages with authority content. Our web copy service includes online editorials such as:

  • FAQs

  • Sales pages

  • Blog articles

  • Case studies

  • Press releases

The average internet user is already overwhelmed with information. Therefore, to stand out, your content must be relevant and useful. It must also solve basic problems for the reader. Many product descriptions, for example, tend to focus on features people don’t care about. The question is, can it solve my problem?

At DailyPosts copywriting agency, we focus on inherent needs of the customer. By highlighting their pain-points and promoting solutions your product offers, we are able to provide the answers your customers seek.

Copywriting That Drives Online Visibility

There is no use of having great copy without a wide audience reach. Our content is optimised for search engine visibility. We provide high value original content that grabs attention and engagesreaders. We also insert specifickeywords at strategic places in your content for positive rankings when potential customers type your service in search engines.

Web copy is about the reader, not just the business. While we promote your message, we put the audience at the centre to make them relate with the information. Our copy is:

  • Easy to understand.

  • Smart and professional.

  • Error-free and meaningful (no fluff).

  • Written to start a positive conversation.

  • Compelling enough to motivate action.

However, our focus is not only on search engine ranking, but also on the content’s ability to effect action.

Copywriting That Motivates Next Level Action

Website copy is more than attention and engagement; it is also about action. While on-site traffic and sessional time are essential, it is more important to get results from them.

We craft sales pages that do what they are supposed to; sell. DailyPosts produces persuasivecontent, written to inspire customers to sign up for services or subscribe to newsletters. This is the ultimate test of web copy.

Our copywriting mirrors your business personality into your content to enhance the reader experience and drive conversions. With compelling copy and effective call-to-action, your sales figures will increase.

Copywriting That Develops and Nurtures Customer Relationships

At our writing agency, we believe in developing customer relationships through powerful messages. Our copywriters aim to help brands nurture leads by enhancing the quality of content they produce. This means using language their customers identify with.

Having your copy written by the most prolific copywriting agency in the UK can foster relationships with existing customers and convert tentative ones from your competitors. Doing it yourself could lead toa diluted brand personality. Let us help you publish content made specifically for your audience.

Why Hire DailyPostsCopywriting Agency?

  • Publish content regularly:

 One of the biggest challenges brands have when it comes to maintaining a content marketing strategy is their consistency. For a content marketing plan to succeed, content must be posted regularly. However, businesses are usually too occupied with traditional operations to create, write, and publish content regularly.

Our copywriting company provides a solution to this by creating a content schedule and plan to publish fresh content for your business on a regular basis. 

  • Access to high quality content

 Get access to high-quality posts on an on-going basis when you sign up with us. In addition to becoming the go-to place for relevant information, you become an authority in your niche.

People are always searching for solutions to their problems. By providing them with information on your site, your readership base will increase. This can be leveraged towards your sales pages and increase sales.

  • Affordable content

At DailyPosts, we operate a flexible pricing system that gives you control over your costs, depending on the type of content you want. For the quality of content we produce, our rates are one of the most competitive among other copywriting agencies in the UK.

  • Originality and exclusivity

 Our writing agency operates under the policy of providing original content for our clients. This is important to maintain positive SEO rankings and we don’t compromise on originality. We also promise exclusive copy for our clients. This means we don’t reuse any content or give them to another client. The content is 100% yours.

Contact us Today for High-quality Copy

Choosing a professional copywriter to handle content is an important decision for any organisation. At DailyPosts, we are renowned to be one of the most prolific copywriting agencies in the UK. We guarantee regular high-quality content for your brand.

Sign up today to become one of our partners.

What is a Copywriting Agency?

A copywriting agency is made up of a team of online content creators that specialise in providing writing and editing services to persons or organisations. Such an agency is run like a typical business and may offer its services on a per-project or for-hire basis.

Unlike freelance copywriters or other types of copywriters who work alone, a copywriting agency is typically made up of various writers with different areas of expertise. The result of this is copywriting agencies can offer a wider range of services than individual copywriters for hire.

Depending on the organisational structure or the project being worked on, a copywriting agency’s staff may work from the agency’s office, onsite with the client, or virtually from any location. At DailyPosts, we are a UK based copywriting agency that work virtually with clients from all over the world. Most of our clients are from the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Once you sign up with us, you will be provided access to your own virtual office through which you can order for copy, monitor progress of your project, make enquiries, and much more. The services of our agency are available to all persons and organisations regardless of if their niche is technology, publishing, finance, medicine, fitness, non-profit, fitness, and so on. Asides from writers, we also have on staff our own in-house editors.

Contact us today on 02380 970979 for enquiries

Types of Copywriting Agencies in the UK

There are a variety of copywriting agencies in the UK and each offers a variety of services. Some of the more common types of copywriting agencies in the UK include:

  • Freelance copywriter: This is often a one-person company in which one writer offers his/her skills to satisfy the copywriting needs of businesses or individuals. A freelance copywriter is typically limited in services he/she can provide as they specialise in only one or two forms of copywriting, such as crafting articles and blogs, but not technical copy or press releases.
  • Agency copywriter: This is a firm made up of copywriters and other professionals who work together to deliver copy requested by clients. Such an organisation can handle larger projects than freelancers because they have more hands. They also have various specialists in-house which means they can handle almost any copy request asked for by a client
  • Advertising copywriting: These are agencies that specialise in creating copy for promotional purposes on behalf of a client. The copy may be for online publishing or for media such as TV or print.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) copywriting: This type of agency focuses on delivering copy that will boost a website’s search engine ranking and performance.

As a copywriting agency in the UK, we offer services such as Promotional copywriting, Long-copy work, Website copywriting, SEO copywriting, Online article copywriting, and more.

What makes a great copywriting agency?

A great copywriting agency offers high quality copy at a great price. The agency must also understand your needs and be able to deliver the quality and quantity of copy you need without hassle. To verify that a copywriting agency is right for you, ask the following questions:

How much do you know about my industry and business?

Without understanding your business or industry, a copywriting agency will not be able to provide you relevant or in-depth copy.

Who is my target audience?

Asides from understanding your business, the agency must also understand your target audience as the copy they provide must be able to resonate with said audience

Do you search engine optimise?

This is crucial because copy that isn’t search engine optimised will likely perform poorly in search results meaning low organic traffic for your website.

Have you produced copy for businesses similar to mine?

If the agency has experience successfully serving a company similar to yours, this will be a great indication of their competence and ability to deliver.

What do you charge for copywriting?

The agency must be able to work within your budget to deliver the services you need. If you find the agency’s services to pricey, you can either find a cheaper alternative or expand your budget

At DailyPosts, we offer customer friendly price plans that allow you pick how much you are willing to pay for quality copy

Facts about UK Copywriting Agencies

  • 90% of B2C marketers and 85% of all marketers in the UK are investing in content marketing
  • More than three quarters of marketers in the UK are creating more content than last year.
  • 61% of marketers believe boosting SEO and growing organic presence is top priority for inbound marketing
  • 70% of UK marketers prioritise visual content.
  • 41% of content marketers claim content are generating positive ROI


How does my business benefit from good website content?

Google loves high-quality content. The more high quality content you have, the more your business will stand out in search engine results which means more organic traffic, reduced bounce rate, and more sales.

Who owns the copyright of written content?

Once content is delivered to you, you become sole owner of all rights to the copy.

Do you provide samples of previous content?

Once you sign up with us, you will have access to all the samples you desire.

Where can I Hire a Copywriter?

You can hire a copywriter right here for whatever project you have in mind. Simply get in touch with us via phone, email, or Skype to provide your project details and we will take care of the rest. Our services cover brochures, white papers, blog posts, landing pages, product descriptions and more.

Call DailyPosts today on 02380970979 for top copywriting services in the UK at a great price.

Several writing agencies in the UK offer lots of promises. But most times the client is left frustrated by the bland, uncreative and keyword-deficient copies that stay buried in the back end of Google search engine. With a rich profile of successfully executed copywriting projects for some of the world’s biggest brands, Daily Posts has become established as the world’s leading value writing company.

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