Copywriter What Do They Do

Copywriter What Do They Do

How Good Copywriting Will Help You Achieve Your Branding and Marketing Goals

What do copywriters do, really? Write? Yes, that’s obvious. But professional copywriters do a whole lot more than just produce words. The job profile of copywriters also includes researching, interviewing, sourcing images, proofreading, editing, managing projects, and planning and executing marketing campaigns.

In fact, while most people just think of writing when it comes to copywriting, it’s actually less than half of the job. A professional copywriter spends most of job man-hour brainstorming on the topic, researching the subject and the target audience, then organizing and articulate ideas.

The copywriter will also decide and source for the right visuals to enhance the message in the content, and tweaking and formatting the most appropriate writing style and ‘voice’ for the target audience. Then usually comes the actual writing, then proofreading for factual or grammatical errors, doing any necessary rewriting and then going over the content for a final editing.

These tasks are often broken down into different steps and handled by copywriters at different levels of experience and competence. For example, while a junior copywriter may undertake the first basic steps of coming up with content ideas, writing and sourcing the right images or graphics; a senior copywriter or editor edits and undertake any necessary rewrites or tweaking of content ides.

So, professional copywriting is a lot more than just being a wordsmith, and requires various creative steps, and techniques to produce a great copy that engages and compelling the target audience.

A copywriting agency like Daily Posts, which have built a reputation as the world’s leading value writing company, is staffed by trained and talented copywriters who have mastered delicate art of good copywriting.

That’s why leading brands from around the world count on their expertise and experience to produce striking and well positioned contents that drive their marketing and branding campaigns.

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So what is copywriting?

Now, you have more than a surface knowledge of what copywriting really is. But let’s zero in on the technicalities for a more perfect understanding of the job.

In clear terms, copywriting is the process of promoting a message (idea, business, product or service) using creative and strategic writing.  The text in copywriting is technically called ‘copy’ or ‘marketing content.’

Copywriters produce contents you see on websites, brochures, advertisements, billboards, catalogues and the emails usually filed in your spam box.

Just like copywriters, journalists, novelist and writers write. But copywriters are a wee different in the way they write. They use intelligent writing techniques and flowing contents but keep a clear eye on the goal of the content: To sell an idea or to trigger and prod the audience into a specific action.

That action could be to buy, opt in, sign up or engage with the advertised product, service, idea or business. That’s why a copywriter is often called “a salesman in print.”

At our writing agency, our writers are trained to write fluently and convincingly but to as well to keep focus on the agenda of the client. Other than promoting a product or idea, this could also be to enlighten the audience or demonstrate a business expertise.

Clearly projecting the client’s voice and intent

A professional copywriter’s job no doubt demands quick thinking, quick learning and quick understanding and adaptation. That means the copywriter has to perfectly understand everything and everybody connected with the content.

This includes the subject area to the specific topic, from the client to the target market, from the core message of the content to the right keywords and density to use.

But one major area the copywriter must understand and master is the right ‘voice’ to apply in the content. That is because; the copywriter’s voice in the content also varies and depends on the subject, topic, target audience and more importantly the objective of the client.

At our writing agency, our copywriters understand that as well as understanding the target market and their lifestyle, they must also reflect the voice and intent of the client in the content.

Another important factor considered in deciding what voice is right for the particular marketing content is the lifestyle of the target audience. This will greatly help in coming up with the right language and tone they will quickly and better relate or connect with.

So at Daily Posts, copywriters must clearly understand who they are speaking as and who they speaking to and write in the right tone of voice that will more effectively engage the audience and satisfy client objective.

What kind of copies do copywriters produce?

Where types of contents do copywriters write? What are the examples and what elements differentiate them?

The portfolio of a professional copywriter typically bulges with a long list of various types of client jobs, but these are the most common ones:

  • Web copies.  These include texts that go on websites and used alongside images, graphics and videos; as well as random copies on other websites to drive traffic to the client website.
  • Blog posts. They’re often written in more conversational, friendlier and informal language, and usually range between 200 and 1500 words.
  • Emails. They are brief, personal and informative. The objective is to stimulate the reader’s interest and get them to take an action.
  • Social media posts. The word counts for post on Facebook and Twitter, for example, are very limited and the copywriter has to be creative to communicate his or idea still.
  • Technical reports. These require requires the copywriter to undertake deep researches and communicate complex data in simpler, more persuasive language.

At our value writing agency, Daily Posts, clients get a constant stream of high quality, fluid and error-free marketing contents that are strategically written to rate high on search engines and be widely read.

In addition to specific client brief, the general objective is to pique and hold down the interest of the reader, the engage and compel them to take the necessary action.

Some of the world’s leading brands have come to rely on us to establish their online authority, and new businesses trust our expertise to boost their brand and business profiles.

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