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Copywriter What Do They Do

The Ultimate Guide to Copywriting and Copywriters

What is the Objective of this Guide?

To provide a basic understanding of what our copywriters do and how they do it. Copywriting is more than just writing. It involves a lot of planning, research and several more steps before content creation can actually begin. This guide takes a look at the processes involved before a copywriter can actually put pen to paper (or hand to keyboard, as the case may be).

Who is it for?

Anyone who has a need to reach a larger audience and improve sales, using copy—bloggers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and all website owners or administrators.

How Good Copywriting Will Help You Achieve Your Branding and Marketing Goals

What do copywriters do? Write? Yes, but professional copywriters do a whole lot more than just produce words. The job profile of copywriters also includes researching, interviewing, sourcing images, proofreading, editing, managing projects, planning and executing marketing campaigns.

In fact, while most people think that copywriting is all about writing, it’s actually less than half of the job. A professional copywriter spends most of his hours brainstorming on the topic, researching the subject and the target audience, organizing and articulating his ideas.

The copywriter will also decide and source for the right visuals to enhance the message in the content. He also tweaks and formats the most appropriate writing style and ‘voice’ for the target audience; then comes the actual writing, followed by proofreading for factual or grammatical errors and doing any necessary rewriting, and then going over the content for final editing.

These tasks are often broken down into different steps and handled by copywriters at different levels of experience and competence. For example, while a junior copywriter may undertake the basic steps of coming up with content ideas, writing and sourcing the right images or graphics, a senior copywriter or editor edits and undertakes any necessary rewrites or tweaking of content.

So, a professional copywriter is much more than just a wordsmith. Various creative steps and techniques are required to produce a great copy that engages the target audience.

A copywriting agency like Daily Posts, which has built a reputation as the world’s leading value writing company, is staffed by trained and talented copywriters, who have mastered the art of good copywriting.

That’s why leading brands from around the world count on our expertise and experience to produce striking and well-positioned contents that drive their marketing and branding campaigns.

Sign up to Daily Posts today and get started on creative writing projects that will put your business and products on the map and imprint on the minds of your target market.

What is copywriting?

In clear terms, copywriting is the process of promoting a message (idea, business, product or service), using creative and strategic writing. The text in copywriting is technically called ‘copy’ or ‘marketing content.’

Copywriters produce the contents you see on websites, brochures, advertisements, billboards, and catalogues.

Just like copywriters, journalists and novelists all write. But copywriters are a bit different in the way they write. They use intelligent writing techniques and flowing contents but keep a clear eye on the goal of the content—to sell an idea or to trigger and prod the audience into action.

That action could be to buy, opt in, sign up or engage with the advertised product, service, idea or business. That’s why a copywriter is often called “a salesman in print.”

At our writing agency, our writers are trained to write in a way that attracts visitors or potential customers, as well as keep focus on the agenda of the client. Other than promoting a product or an idea, this could also enlighten the audience or demonstrate a business expertise.

Clearly projecting the client’s voice and intent

A professional copywriter’s job no doubt demands quick thinking, learning, understanding, and adaptation. This means the copywriter has to perfectly understand everything about the content and its target audience.

This includes the subject area to the specific topic, from the client to the target market, from the core message of the content to the right keywords and density to use.

But one major area the copywriter must understand and master is the right ‘voice’ to apply in the content. The copywriter’s voice must depend on the subject, topic, target audience, and the objective of the client.

At our writing agency, our copywriters understand that as well as the target audience and its lifestyle; they reflect the voice and intent of the client in the content.

At Daily Posts, copywriters clearly understand who they are speaking to as well as who they are speaking as. They use the right tone of voice that will more effectively engage the audience and satisfy client objectives.

What kind of copies do copywriters produce?

What types of contents do copywriters write? What are the examples and what elements differentiate them?

The portfolio of a professional copywriter typically bulges with a long list of various types of client jobs, but these are the most common ones:

Web copies: These include texts that go on websites and used alongside images, graphics and videos; as well as random copies on other websites to drive traffic to the client’s website. Web copies are indeed the most common and often the most important content on the web, frequently combining elements of search engine optimization copywriting, sales copywriting, technical copywriting and even a bit of creative writing, if necessary.

Web copies can be anything from blog posts, which are often written in a more conversational, friendly and informal language and usually range between 200 and 1500 words, to emails that are brief, personal and informative in order to stimulate the readers’ interests and get them to take action. Web copies can also be social media posts with strict word counts that force the writer to be creative in communicating his ideas in the limited available space.

Technical reports: These require the copywriter to undertake deep research and communicate complex data in a simpler, more persuasive language. Technical copywriters usually possess a deep understanding of the specific industry they are creating content for. The type of content typically produced for technical copywriting includes user manuals for advanced computing software and hardware, posts covering new and upcoming technology and technological advancements, and tutorials for website design tools among others.

Search Engine Optimization Copywriting

The objective of SEO copywriting is to help boost your website’s search engine ranking by focusing on well-written articles that contain a good keyword percentage. Here, the copywriter needs to get into the mindset of web users and potential visitors to a website in order to anticipate what they will search for on the Internet as well as the keywords they will use in the search and then cleverly place those keywords in strategic points within the landing page, page titles and ads.

At Daily Posts, clients get a constant stream of high quality, fluid and error-free marketing contents that are strategically written to rate high on search engines and be widely read.

In addition to a specific client brief, the general objective is to pique the interest of the reader, engage and compel him to take action.

Some of the world’s leading brands have come to rely on us to establish their online authority, and new businesses trust our expertise to boost their brands and business profiles.

Sign up today to be a part of the success story and get your business and brands on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the skills and qualifications of the writers at Daily Posts?

Daily Posts writers are required to have a basic knowledge of different industries and demonstrate the ability to conduct thorough, exhaustive research and convert that research into structurally sound, highly engaging pieces of content. We conduct daily training programmes for our writers in order to maintain the high standards expected of them.

How are Daily Posts writers hired?

Daily Posts only hires writers after they have undergone multiple rigorous writing tests that cover multiple aspects of copywriting in order to prove that they have what it takes to consistently produce high quality content that will satisfy our customers.

How long do the Daily Posts writers take to complete a project?

Depending of the scale of the project involved, we set a reasonable timeframe for completion while accounting for the extra time required to add the finishing touches to the content. In the event that a writer is unable to complete a project for any reason whatsoever, we have other accomplished and capable writers ready to complete the task at a moment’s notice to ensure that we keep up with the time constraints set by our customers.

What Industries can I get the Daily Posts team to create content for?

Our writers are a capable bunch that is knowledgeable across multiple fields and industries. We can guarantee that for whatever obscure content you need produced, we have the right writer for the job.

How do I contact the Daily Posts team?

You can reach us on Skype at YesDailyPosts or over the phone on either

023 80 970 979 – UK or

(646) 679-7971 US

Now that you are armed with an understanding of how our writers do what they do, it should be easy to understand how we can guarantee a return of excellence on every project we tackle. Make the decision that will improve your website performance and sign up with us today.

Who Are Copywriters and What Do They Do?

Copywriting is a skill that can be learned. It thrives on talent but knowledge of the proper use of the English language and the ability to use words to get the desired result is the art of copywriting. Copy is the text of any advertisement or publication. It is written for a specific brand or company and is used to send a message to a target audience. It can be for the promotion of a product, gaining brand awareness, or the distribution of information.
It is the job of the copywriter to understand the need of a client. Once a client’s goals have been set, the copywriter must research the target audience and find the best way to get the message to them. Every type of audience is different based on age group, culture, and technological preferences. The copywriter must determine the best writing style to use and the medium to distribute copy to ensure that the message is easily understood.

Types of copywriters

  • SEO copywriters

Search engine optimisation copywriters focus on online content. They create relevant content for a website or blog. They use keywords, links, and other SEO strategies to help a page rank highly on search engine result pages. Guest posts are also used to help search engines recognise a page that is relevant to a field.

  • Advertisement/sales copywriters

These writers find new and creative ways to push products. They use attention-grabbing techniques to get an audience interested in a product and provide reasons they should make a purchase. These writers can produce both online and offline copy. The medium used for distribution will determine the format of the content.

  • Technical copywriters

Technical copywriting is about giving detailed information about a subject. Content must be expertly written and accurate. It can be in the form of educational documents that help the reader understand a topic.

  • Social copywriters

These writers handle the communication and interactions between an organisation and its customers. They handle content on social media, blogs, and interactive websites.

What makes a great copywriter?

Excellent copywriters are detail oriented. They pay attention to every bit of content to make sure the piece meets the standard required and achieves the desired result. They understand the number of words that should be used to pass a message across.
At Daily Posts, we stay up to date on current content writing practices. Our writers do proper research of the targeted audience and write content that suits them. Language that is relatable is used to make the readers feel comfortable like they are getting information from an actual person. We make sure that content is easy to read without talking down to the readers.
Good copywriting is memorable long after the reader has left the page. It also influences the reader to take action based on the organisation’s needs. The action can be interaction on social media such as likes or retweets, it can be successful sales on an e-commerce website or it can be increased traffic to an informative blog. Depending on the goals set, good copywriting should be able to achieve them as determined by analytics.

Facts about copywriters

  • 92% of successful organisations focus on building a sustainable audience. They try to keep their audience engaged and informed.
  • A webpage having the first place ranking for a keyword on Google will lead to a click-through rate of 31.35% for mobile devices. It will also have a 34.36% click-through rate on desktop computers.
  • 91.5% of the average share of online traffic goes to the web pages that rank highest on search engine result pages. This percentage goes mostly to the site on the first page of Google’s search results.
  • 7.8 times more website traffic is received by websites with great web copy. The quality of the content will determine the amount of traffic it generates.
  • Organisations that update their websites regularly generate 126% more leads than organisations that do not keep their websites updated with quality content frequently.


Who are SEO copywriters?

Search engine optimisation copywriters focus on online content. They create relevant content for a specific website or blog using keywords, links, and other SEO strategies to help the page rank highly on search engine result pages.

What does a copywriter do?

It is the job of the copywriter to understand the need of a client. Once the client’s goals have been set, the copywriter must research the target audience and find the best way to communicate the message to them.

Which copywriters write for advertisements?

Sales or advertisement copywriters write this type of content. These writers find new and creative ways to push products. They use attention-grabbing techniques to get an audience interested in a product and provide reasons they should make a purchase.
For more information, call us on 02380 970979.

In the present digital age, copywriting is more crucial for a successful web presence than ever before. Marketing, search engine optimization, content, site architecture, and even an attractive user interface, are all critical cogs in the digital marketing machine, but to really hold it all together, quality copywriting is of the essence. With effective copywriting, you can increase the amount of traffic to your site, raise your search engine results page (SERP) ranking, and make subscribers out of site visitors. There is no better place to find effective copywriters than with us. Sign up today to find out how we can help you grow your website 

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