Copywriter Portfolio

Copywriter Portfolio

Move Your Business Forward with Daily Posts’ Range of Expert Copywriting Portfolio

Professional copywriting is a vast field, encompassing various types of content that is expertly, creatively crafted and cleverly skewed to trigger positive reactions in the reader, all the while achieving the client’s objectives.

At Daily Posts, the wide range of copywriting portfolio available requires similar detailed techniques, but subtly and deliberately applied to fit the particular type of copywriting.

Firstly, what is copywriting? It is good, flowing and engaging content, but it does more. It advertises or sells a product, service, idea or brand without sounding intrusive or tedious. It is compelling, persuasive and clearly communicates benefits to the reader, with the end aim of getting them to take action – buy, subscribe, sign up, visit etc.

Copywriting cuts across various niches and industries. Therefore, it comes in different styles, formats and concepts. Professional and experienced copywriting will satisfy the need of any client, whatever the background or specific preferences – whether it is website copywriting, technical copywriting, SEO copywriting, advertising copywriting, email or newsletter copywriting or online copywriting.

When you engage the specialised services of Daily Posts, you open up a channel of consistent supply of high-quality, appealing and proficiently written content from our well trained and skilled professional writers, who are always 100% committed to client’s briefs.

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Daily Posts: Copywriting portfolio we cover

At our writing company, every completed work is a statement in creative and strategic thinking.

Content produced by our professional writers consistently scores high in grammar, spelling and creative writing. Beyond that, our copies always rate high in more subtle and modern skills like intelligent keyword insertions, rhyme techniques, creative headlining, clever use of imageries and ‘Calls to Action’.

This ensures that content is always compelling, persuasive, ranks high on search engines and has high conversion rates. At Daily Posts, our copywriting portfolio includes a variety of brilliantly-produced content types.

Advertising copywriting

This content type involves conceptualising, developing and producing effective advertising copies for traditional (TV, radio, newspapers and magazines) and digital media (websites, web copies and social media).

Professional advertising copywriting helps to create appealing and attention-grabbing headlines, engaging body copy and powerful ‘Calls to Action’ that read and thread logically.

Other creative concepts of advertising copywriting include eye-catching strap-lines, slogans and catchphrases for radio jingles, web advertising and TV commercials.

Our professional advertising copywriters can also work closely with the client or art director to develop a fully-fledged advertising or promotional campaign for the brand, product or service.

Website copywriting

A professional website copywriter is responsible for producing persuasive and engaging content for websites.

Website copywriting is creative, deliberate and strategic to contribute to a great user experience for the site visitor, alongside visuals, navigation and other features of the website.

Trained website copywriters at Daily Posts understand the need to make a conscious effort to  understand general web user behaviour and the target audience persona, as well as having a working knowledge of web design and usability, as well as technical areas like SEO, CSS and HTML.

In general terms, professional website copywriting content helps in structuring the site, planning the user’s experience and setting the right tone of voice for the website, and ultimately the brand.

SEO copywriting

The focus of SEO copywriting is to make the content rank on Google first page. The objective is often two-fold: make the content appeal to the target readers and achieve prominence in industry or product search results at the top of search engines.

So, aside writing the content to provide useful information to the reader and promote the product, the underlying goal is to make the copy become more visible across a wide field of target audience online.

This is achieved by making the content keyword-rich, in addition to the regular creative and persuasive elements of good copy.

SEO copywriting focuses on inserting keywords a specific number of times within the content, so it is not underdone or overdone. This copywriting technique is called keyword density.

For example, if the required keyword density for an article is 3%, it means that the identified keywords must be repeated 15 times in a 500-word content.

However, this doesn’t always have to be the exact terms. Synonyms are occasionally used to avoid monotony, and inject variety and creativity.

Technical Copywriting

Technical copywriting is writing that creates informative and compelling content in specialised fields such as IT, engineering and medicine.

A technical copywriter shows vast knowledge in the technical niche of topic or subject. Then he communicates technical data, research results and useful information in simple, engaging and easy to understand language, with minimal use of the specialised field’s jargon.

While technical writers are trained to teach or educate the target audience about the content of the brief, a professional technical copywriter explains and persuades, as well as achieves better results with the target audience and the client’s objectives.

At our writing agency, our writers are keenly aware of the need to focus not just on content, but also on creative elements in the copy that will encourage users to read it, without compromising on the accuracy and preciseness of the information. The objective is to both educate and sell the idea, concept, brand, service or product at all times.

Online article copywriting

Online copywriting does a bit more than offline writing: It is SEO-friendly and increases the brand value of a product, business or client profile, while effectively communicating the USP and persuading the reader to take requited action.

When you sign up with our writing agency for your large writing projects or brand communication campaign, you get consistent quality and delivery within set deadlines, whatever category of copywriting you require.

We’re constantly focused on client’s briefs, and ensure that the final content appeals and persuades the target market, as well as satisfies the clients’ objectives.  We make certain that while content is strategically written for search engine optimisation, they’re first and foremost written for a human audience and more importantly tailored to suit a specific target audience.


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Special Project Content

Content for adverts, micro-copy and technical documents. For copy that takes a lot of time.