Copywriter or Copy Writer?

The biggest difference between copy writing and copywriting lies in their purposes and objectives. Copy writing is pretty much writing to entertain and engage online audiences, while copywriting is more targeted at promotional advertising or marketing.


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James Cummings on Content and Copywriting

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Copy writing doesn’t involve copywriting, but copywriting encompasses copy writing. That is, copywriting makes use of copy writing techniques but copy writing doesn’t apply copywriting techniques or strategies. Thus, a copywriter can be a copy writer but a copy writer can’t be a copywriter.

If you are looking for a copywriter who can provide you with engaging and attractive content that grabs the attention of your audience and sells your brand, its products and services, the Daily Posts team has you covered. We have the expertise, resources and competence to effectively influence your target audience with compelling content. Our copywriting services cover the creation of blog posts, landing pages, and much more.

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What is Copy Writing?

Copy writing involves the crafting of useful content to serve a specific purpose. This purpose can be a marketing, educative or commercial one, or another type. Copy writing is commonly used to draw in prospective customers and enlighten them via blogs, articles, or press releases about the products the brand has to offer.

Simply put, the aim of copy writing is Content Marketing, that is, getting the attention of customers through content that is marketed well. If copy writing is well done, it will have no problem reaching the target audience and achieving its intended goals.

Quality copy writing will possess the following features:

  • It will possess elements such as form, structure, purpose, and so on.
  • Its aim is to provide readers with a rich experience.
  • Its language is direct and clear.
  • It features facts to back up its claims.
  • By sounding genuine, it’s able to build the trust of the audience in the content.

What is Copywriting?

Think of copywriting as our secret weapon and special ingredient every time we do amazing copy writing. Copywriting involves the crafting of compelling and engaging high-value content whose aim is primarily the marketing of a brand. Through copywriting, we can successfully sell an idea which is different from strict copy writing where the goal is to enlighten the audience about a brand and trigger interest in it.

In present day, copywriting is mostly done for web content rather than for traditional advertising. Well-written copy can engage and sell to an audience effectively. SEO copywriting uses keywords to optimise a website so that it can perform better in search engine results.

What makes Copywriting unique?

Copywriting is more effective if it contributes to branding in some form. Through branding, you can enlighten your prospective customers about why your brand should be the one they want. Unlike copy writing that simply enlightens, copywriting goes a step further by not only enlightening your audience but also compels them to take an action you want them to. This action may be to make a purchase, subscribe, or something else.

Copywriting engages, entices, and compels your audience by possessing the following attributes:

  • Attractive and powerful headlines.
  • The use of easily understood and direct words throughout the copy.
  • The use of a conversational tone to engage the audience.
  • Crafted with the intent to motivate the audience to take action
  • Possesses power words that motivate the audience to take action.
  • Increases the trust of the reader in your brand.
  • Doesn’t make use of excessively technical terms, jargon, and so on.
  • Does not exaggerate facts.

How can Daily Posts Copywriting benefit your business?

If you are in need of a tried and tested copywriter who can deliver high value copy at a great price, you need to talk to Daily Posts.

Our copywriters at Daily Posts are experienced wordsmiths that have worked with organisations in different niches all across the globe. We can be a partner with whom you can forge a lasting and productive relationship while taking your business to the next level.

There are many unscrupulous copywriters out there who make promises they can’t keep. If you look through our testimonials, you will see that’s not us. To deliver you the absolute best copy for your short and long-term goals, we first learn about your brand and your target audience. This insight will then be used to craft and tailor copy that matches your objectives and business tone as well as appeals effectively to your prospective customers.

As part of our service, we guarantee the following:

  • Deadlines will always be met
  • We welcome criticism and are open to carry out reviews as many times as you need it
  • We work according to your specifications and carry you along until the conclusion of your project
  • We are open to working with you and other experts you feel are necessary to make your copy perfect
  • Incorporating all the details you want your copy to have

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Can Daily Posts’ Copywriting help meet your business needs?

If you want to successfully compete with other businesses in your niche, especially online, your copy needs to be of the highest quality. Quality copy means that it is capable of attracting, engaging and converting your target customers.

Our writers can provide you copy that is engaging and authoritative as well as capable of compelling and converting your visitors. Another benefit of our copy is that it will boost the online exposure of your website by increasing your visibility in search engine results. This will be accomplished by:

  • Boosting the search engine ranking of your website through search engine optimisation (SEO).
  • Providing you with fresh and relevant content at regular intervals to boost the authority of your website.
  • Keyword and key phrase research to provide you relevant content that targets the right audience.
  • Increase conversion and onsite visitor time on your website through engaging copy.
  • Delivery of original copy that passes all plagiarism tests.
  • Flawless copy with correct spelling, solid sentence structure, and content that’s free of grammatical errors.

To verify that our copywriters are right for your needs, you are welcome to take us for a spin by trying us out first with small projects. We recommend that you take the opportunity to test us on our ability to deliver copy according to your specifications, grammar and spelling, engagement, and understanding of your niche.

It’s the best way we can prove to you that working with us is a sound investment. For copywriters who you can trust to effectively handle your critical business copywriting projects, give us a call today on 02380 970979.

What Guarantee Do Daily Posts’ Copywriters Offer?

All our customers enjoy the same guarantees. Some of the bigger ones include a guarantee of Honest Pricing. We charge strictly based on the number of words per project, not by the hour. This way, you are assured that we are focused more on delivering the best possible quality of copy to you rather than how long you can be billed for.

Another of our guarantees is honest dealings throughout your transactions with us. We will give you an honest quote regardless of the complexity of your project or budget. We also won’t ask you to pay more to get your job done first, especially since we have enough copywriters to service all our clients without interfering with the project of another.

All copywriting projects completed by us are done to the highest standards. Create your account with us or give us a call today on 02380 970979 to work with a copywriter who can give you an edge over your competitors.