Getting a Good Freelance Copywriter

You may have hired a freelance copywriter before, but the whole process of looking for a writer, interviewing shortlisted candidates and managing your writer(s) in-house can be time consuming. You might have also experienced frustration at unmet deadlines or substandard work, leading to you having to do it yourself.


Your Own On-Call Freelance Copywriter, Without The Hassle of Hiring (or Firing) 

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Securing the services of a freelance copywriter can be great for your business if you get the right one. However, there are thousands of copywriters out there, and making a choice can be tricky. Getting the right freelance copywriter is easy with Daily Posts, where there is always a pool of expert, highly-skilled copywriters available.

Running your business should take precedence over filling your website with content. Let Daily Posts’ team of professional writers handle your website copy and other content marketing needs. Handing over the tasks of producing content and managing writers will bring several benefits to you and your business.

Compelling content is what attracts and keeps people on your website. More importantly, your web content should persuade your visitors to buy your product or service. With an established writing company like Daily Posts, you can have the content you need within hours of placing your order. Our team of freelance copywriting experts are available round-the-clock for your content needs.

Why Outsource Your Copywriting Needs to A Team of Freelance Writers?

This is an often-asked question, especially considering the fact that basically everyone can write to some extent. Why then pay someone else to do something you already know how to do?

Well, because they are professionals. You need a good freelance writer to craft your copies, no matter how well you think you can write. It may sound crazy, but copywriting is not about impeccable writing skills. It takes more than being able to string together a couple of sentences to craft persuasive copy. Look at it this way; you may be good with stitching up your torn clothes, but that does not mean you can sew an amazing ballroom dress like a professional seamstress.

Save time

If you don’t have the time or inclination to write your own blog posts, website content or email marketing campaigns, a reliable writing company is an ideal partner for these business requirements.  Effective copywriting can take time to produce, especially if you do not have the training or experience to do so. Writers do this on a regular basis and can easily put into words what it is you wish to convey to your customers.

While having an in-house writer or hiring a freelancer on your own can take care of the content production aspect, there is also the process of managing the writer you hired, so that the content you request is available when you need it. Obligations such as following up with your writer, editing submitted work, proofreading content and making sure deadlines are met, will all be taken off your shoulders when you sign up with a professional writing agency.

Save money

Aside from having a team of professional copywriters at your disposal day and night, hiring a writing company for your content needs will ensure you stay within budget. We have a set price list for the type of content you need, as well as the volume of web content that you require within a certain period of time.

Do you need a writer to produce a couple of blog posts a week? Or are you looking for a team of writers to come up with 200,000 words of content each day? Just outline your requirements and your budget and we will match you with the writer(s) who will be able to provide the content you need. We understand how critical it is for business owners to stay within budget to maintain margins. Quality writing doesn’t have to come at a premium price. An established writing agency with an on-call team of writers can deliver quality content at an affordable price.

Publish quality content regularly

Coming up with new ideas for blog posts, email marketing campaigns, landing pages, newsletters or web pages can be overwhelming for most business owners. However, creating new content and publishing it regularly is necessary to stay relevant. You need to consistently produce something new and timely to keep customers interested.

For an experienced freelance copywriter, this is not something that takes a lot of time. Hashing ideas and fleshing them out into words that reach customers are what copywriters do for a living. With our writing agency’s team of wordsmiths, you are assured a regular supply of content to post on your website or blog, whether you need them daily, weekly or monthly.

Rank high in search results

The volume and pace at which your content is published is one thing, but whether they are crafted with search engine results in mind is another. Even if your content is interesting and provides value to your customers and readers, it will be a wasted effort if nobody reads it because it is buried deep down in search engine results.

Effective online copywriting doesn’t just require great readability; it also requires that the written piece is optimised for search engines, so it shows up in the top results. A freelance writer who is well-versed in crafting copy for online use will be able to come up with something that employs the skilful use of keywords for search engines, as well as catches the attention of your readers and customers.

Wide choice of writers, any time you want

The type of writing that you need will depend on what you want to achieve. Are you in need of an informative blog post? Do you require something humorous or informal for your newsletter? Does your FAQ page need updating? Different types of content have corresponding writing styles necessary to make them effective.

Getting an account with a copywriting service means you have access to a team of copywriters that can write a variety of content whenever you need it. Whether you require an informative, technical, inspirational or informal piece, you are not limited to just one writer’s style. Aside from our team of expert writers, we also have in-house editorial staff that ensure the content you receive has been proofread for spelling and grammar.

Maintaining your business’ online presence requires dedication to producing content that attracts new customers and maintains a relationship with your existing ones. Our team of professional copywriters and editors at Daily Posts ensure you have the quality content that you need whenever you require it.

How Do You Get A Good Freelance Copywriter?

The internet is overflowing with self-proclaimed freelance copywriters and copywriting agencies. There are dozens of sites, from Craigslist to Fiverr to Freelancer, all full of people touting themselves as great copywriters. How do you know which to choose? Do you take their word for it and hope they deliver?

Below are a few tips that will help you pick out the best freelance copywriters from the pack, but the most important tip is to go with Daily Posts, a renowned copywriting agency that has been tested and trusted over time and has proved to be consistent in quality.

Ask for a sample

Some freelance copywriters or agencies give you the option of requesting a sample copy. This shows they are certain of their prowess and have nothing to hide. If your freelance copywriter asks if you want a sample, always say yes. If they do not offer, ask for it. That way, you don’t only get to test the copywriter’s writing skills, but also their productivity and ability to follow instructions.

Samples can come in various forms. For some people, the content on a copywriter’s website is a good enough sample, since they can easily judge the writer’s competence by weighing up its quality. For others, having the copywriter send them a sample in a particular niche also works. If you plan on hiring the copywriter for a long-term project, then providing a subject and requesting a written sample based on your specifications may be your best option.

Your copywriting needs

You may find this surprising, but there are different fields of specialisation when it comes to copywriting. Although some copywriters can handle several aspects of copywriting, at the end of the day, most dedicate themselves to only one or two branches of copywriting. Therefore, when looking for a good freelance writer, the big question is: can they work in your niche? A copywriter that is competent in writing food and food-related copies might not be as equipped in writing sports, medical, finance, or legal copies. It’s that simple.

So, first consider what you want. Is it a website copy in the entertainment niche or SEO copy in the legal niche? Do not settle for a jack of all trades. Decide on what you want and look for a professional freelance copywriter that specialises in that particular niche. Better still, hire a copywriting agency to do the job. This option is ideal because writing agencies like Daily Posts work with a wide range of copywriters, who specialise in a variety of niches.

When you hire Daily Posts to write your copy, we evaluate the task, delve into our pool of over 2000 professional copywriters and assign it to one who specialises in your niche.

As a writing company, Daily Posts has many copywriters, editors and SEO analysts in their team. This means that when you hire us, you are utilising this specific expertise. Not every copywriter can craft powerful copies that make it easy for your audience to take the necessary action and help you achieve your conversion goal. At Daily Posts, we do this seamlessly.

How is their attitude?

One of the things to bear in mind while assessing your would-be copywriter is their attitude. Is he/she the kind of person who tells you they know everything? Do they discard your input? Do they ask questions to understand your vision better? Do they insist on their own ideas instead of yours?

Daily Posts’ freelance copywriters are eager to listen to you, incorporate your ideas into the copy, make reasonable changes to the copy, or, at least, come to a favourable compromise which leaves both parties satisfied.

Also, be sure they are reliable and able to meet a deadline. No matter how good a copywriter is, if they have a lax attitude to deadlines, they are regarded as unprofessional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between agency copywriters and freelance copywriters?

Freelance copywriters work for and by themselves at their own pace whereas agency copywriters work for a copywriting company. Daily Posts is a copywriting agency that has hundreds of freelance copywriters in its employ and they attend to your project immediately. With Daily Posts, you are assured of a variety that you may not get while working with just one person, and agencies have a medley of copywriters who specialise in different fields and can perfectly write about your unique business.

Can I make changes to the copy?

If you do not feel totally satisfied with the first draft, we offer amendments, taking into consideration all your direction and specifications. With your help and feedback, we will deliver a much better copy that you will be pleased with.

Can we fine-tune the copy when it is delivered?

Yes, you can. The copy is officially yours to do with what you please when the payment is made, and we have delivered it to you. So, it goes without saying that you are free to make any necessary adjustments to it once you have it.

Can my copy be reused for another brand?

Never. Your copy is 100% yours and yours alone. At Daily Posts, we pride ourselves on our ability to create ultra-exclusive content for all our clients, so we would never use your copy for any other brand or business.

Do you understand SEO and how to use it my copy?

Yes, we are quite adept at SEO and use it for most of our work. We incorporate keywords into our copies in a way that is organic, and we employ a lot of SEO-friendly strategies leading to our clients’ web pages ranking higher in search engine searches.

Are you ready to partner with a writing agency and reap the benefits of quality content delivered on time? Get started and set up an account now. Make Daily Posts your own on-call freelance copywriter, without the hassle of hiring (or firing).

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