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Advertising copywriting provides powerful, creative and appealing content used in advertising and promotional campaigns for brands and products. Advert copywriters work closely with the client or the company’s art director to create written or linguistic content that complements the visual elements of advert copy.


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The job of a professional advertising copywriter is applicable to a range of media platforms and formats, including TV commercials, radio jingles, print and magazine advert copies, and digital media advert campaigns.

Engaging the expert services of our world-leading value writing agency puts the zing in your advertising copywriting projects or fully-fledged marketing or branding campaign. At Daily Posts, writers working on advert copywriting briefs are trained to clearly understand the client’s objective and their competition. This helps them produce original and credible concepts and messages that resonate with the target audience.

Our writers are skilled, trained and carefully selected to ensure that every client gets a constant stream of premium-quality copywriting with speedy delivery, whatever the content type or size of their projects. Other than your copy being fluidly and expertly written with marketing intent, there are many other reasons why hiring the services of a professional writing company is the best bet for your business goals. Our powerful advertising copywriting techniques can bring your campaign alive.

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Some Copywriting Techniques We Use to Grab Your Audience

If you are wondering what exactly we mean when we use the word ‘copywriting’, think about the many compelling emails, blog posts, catalogues, brochures, billboards and advertisements that tell you about the benefits of using a brand, product or service, all the while urging you to take action.

You probably did take action, learned more about what was on offer, continued following their posts, or even purchased the service or product and have remained a loyal customer. Yes, those posts were crafted by a copywriter. That’s what professional copywriters do. Just imagine a copywriter as your digital salesman.

This is what Daily Posts will achieve for you – only we do a little bit more. We offer you the best quality writing with strategic SEO positioning available anywhere, to make your post and brand more appealing to both Google and your target market.

Our copy echoes the client’s goals

Good advert copywriting must be eye-catching, captivating, intriguing and persuade the reader to buy, sign up, patronise, use, visit, send – or meet any other specific objective of the client. At Daily Posts, our professional writers use a number of subtle and highly-effective techniques to achieve the twin objectives of grabbing the target audience’s attention and getting a good percentage to take the required action as outlined in the client’s brief.

Our writers are very skilled and experienced and understand the number one motivation to get the target audience to read or click on an advert. Beyond the striking graphic designs, the advert copywriters ensure the message echoes what the reader dreams about.

We research the intended audience

Like all good copywriters, an advertising copywriter must research and study all the various audiences in an advertising concept: the client, the competition, the industry and the target audience.

A good advertising copywriter, like ours at Daily Posts, finds out the average age of the target market, their background, gender, favourite hangout zones, likes and dislikes, language nuances and their hopes and dreams.

We use eye-catching numbers and statistics in headlines

We understand the psychology of advertising and know that, in this very creative art, the headline is the most important tool to appeal to readers.

Although it takes up less than 20% of the total content, headlining is an intricate art that requires 80% of the creative process, because, as advert Guru David Ogilvy says: “on average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy”.

How do our writers ensure that they get the headline right in client’s advert copywriting briefs? By using a couple of eye-catching techniques, like striking numbers and statistics or leading with strong benefits and making the reader want to know more.

Good headlining in advertising copywriting helps the reader to quickly get through the ‘rubble’ to get to the ‘gem’ of the story. They love it when you make their life easier by getting to the point with conspicuously-positioned, relevant numbers and statistics anywhere in the copy – but especially in the headline. Also, they their show appreciation by reading on and contemplating the message.

We appeal to the reader’s sense of esteem

Self-esteem, or a feeling of entitlement, is a powerful element in the average individual which can be creatively explored to engage the reader and encourage them to take the required action. So, when writing advertising copies, our writers don’t just tell the reader to ‘buy the sleek car.’ They tie the call to action to their sense of esteem or feeling of entitlement.

For example, they can tell the reader to buy the car because they deserve it, or because it is a good reward for all their hard work, or that it perfectly suits their lifestyle.

We use the right emotional triggers

Emotions are a powerful thing, and nothing spurs action more than the emotions we feel. At Daily Posts, our skilled and professional writers are trained to employ subtle emotional triggers in advert copywriters, exploring their expert knowledge of the behaviours and lifestyle of the target audience. We use emotional triggers like feelings of happiness, fulfilment, sadness, joy, commitment, love, or passion, to help the reader connect more with the message and, therefore, have a stronger urge to buy or use the advertised product.

We focus on the benefits

When writing advertising copywriting, it’s easy to get carried away with the spectacular features or USPs of the brand, product or service that places it miles ahead of its closest competition. We are experienced enough to know when highlighting the features of the product or service become too much and tedious.

We understand that the average reader wants to know the classic features of the product but doesn’t want to be bored with too many technicalities. Their focus is on how the product can help them solve their problems or make their lives easier, now or as soon as possible. So, instead of over-stating the awesome ingredients of a new beauty cream, we emphasise how it cleanses all blemishes in ‘x’ days and helps the user look fresh and young.


How Professional Advertising Copywriting Helps to Achieve Clients’ Objectives

Creating brilliant advertising copy takes a lot of creativity and attention to detail. It takes an appropriate blend of skill and experience. The result is an appealing piece of written art that makes the reader want to instantly associate with the product. A professional copywriting agency, such as Daily Posts, can help you get the most out of your ad copy and sales pages.

As much as you may dwell on the cost, the truth is, good copy pays for itself in the long run. Farming out your copywriting needs to us frees time for you to attend to other aspects of your business. Why worry about keywords, SEO, headlines and Googlebots when we are here to give you the expert copy your business deserves?

Still unconvinced? Here are some features which make a professionally-written advertising copy outstanding.

It reshapes the readers’ world view in a pleasant way

Our copies paint a picture of awe and wonder using only words. A professional copywriter has the ability to make the drabbest events or products seem fantastic and irresistible. We draw your audience into our world, reintroducing them to your product in a way that changes everything they’ve ever known about it, leaving behind a need to experience the product or service themselves.

It mirrors their daily conversations

The tone of our copies is mostly conversational and familiar, making the reader more relaxed and trusting. Even though we come to deliver information, we approach potential customers from a place of intimacy and casual informality, making them feel like they are chatting with an old friend.

Though clients may want to buy, they do not like being sold to. So, we apply subtlety where necessary and talk with them and not at them. That way they trust us, they believe us, and they are more open to products and services.

It avoids jargon and exaggeration

Nothing kills a good copy more than false promises and unnecessary big words. Clickbait is a poor writer’s recourse and it makes you lose trust and lose traffic too. At Daily Posts, we are aware of this, so we try not to come across as a slick salesman with too many promises, rather an acquaintance or a friend using day-to-day words and everyday vocabulary.

We weigh our words and make sure we are not promising more than you can deliver. Heavy-handed sales language and embellishments are unnecessary and will encumber your message, making you seem like an amateur. Even though exaggerations may gain you quick traffic, you will lose them all and also gain a bad reputation when people find out it was just a gimmick to boost traffic to your website. Also, we are aware different people from different walks of life and readability levels will read the copy, so we try to make sure they all can understand it.

It cuts out the excesses

An excellent copy does not have to be superfluous or repetitive. We are careful not to lose the attention of your audience by providing unnecessary information. Too many details may jumble the focus of your audience, making readers forget the most important aspects of your advertising campaign. Therefore, at Daily Posts, we keep it simple and let go of extraneous details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ad copy?

An ad copy is a written text aimed at catching the interest of a prospective client and persuading them to purchase the product or service being advertised in a short time. An ad copy seeks to market a specific product to its target consumer audience.

How much do you charge for copywriting advertising?

At Daily Posts, our rates are affordable and sensible. We offer different packages depending on your ad copy needs and how much time and effort will be required to see it through. The length of your ad copy and how you want it broken down will also determine the fee. Contact us for a specific price for your project.

Since it is my business, won’t it be better if I wrote it?

Writing your own ad copy may seem like a way to save money, however, in the long run, it is counter-productive. It is akin to representing yourself in a legal case even when you have no experience, instead of hiring a qualified lawyer.

Getting professionally-written ad copy for your business is a worthwhile and necessary investment and, like most investments, it may seem costly now but will generate great returns in no distant time.

There are cheaper options available, why not them?

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. It is best to use the services of a top-notch copywriting agency like Daily Posts where you are guaranteed top-quality services than to settle for a mediocre copy to save a few bucks. At the end of the day, wouldn’t you rather have your business adequately described by professionals?

How long will it take?

Once you commit to us and we have the details of your project ironed out, we start working immediately. We have a team of expert copywriters who deliver their orders in record time, so your ad copy will be ready before you know it. We also inform you of the progress as we go along.

Make your online presence count. With Daily Posts copywriting advertising, you can easily stay above your competition by marketing your business with the right content. We are a professional writing agency that specialises in copywriting. Our expert writers produce well-written content that attracts and engages your website visitors, helping them connect the dots. Sign up to Daily Posts today to get started. Find out more by calling us on 02380 970979.