Copywriting rates

The quality of any business-related copy is determined by how much you are willing to spend, or what you have budgeted for it. You should have done thorough research and compared copywriting rates before choosing a copy writing company.


Copywriting Rates: What You Need to Know

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The amount you pay for any copy is determined by what you want out of your copy; what you want your copy to achieve and how complex or simple you want it to be. Blog content will cost less than a copy for academics.

A standard copywriting company should have an outline of their pricing on their website, this shows how credible and transparent they are and, at the same time, helps determine whether or not they are within your budget range.

Another thing to note is how long the copywriter has been in business, as this may also determine how much you will be billed, this means the higher the level of experience and influence, the higher the quality of copy produced, therefore, the higher the cost of the copy.

A copywriter who has been in the industry for over twenty years, and has written for leading companies, will probably charge you more than one with only a year of experience (or very little influence).

Here at Daily Posts, we always aim to produce quality copy at affordable rates, while projecting transparency. With well-trained and experienced writers, we can guarantee the quality of copy produced regardless of the field it is to be used for.

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Professional Copywriting Rates

There are certain factors that are considered by copywriters when billing their clients; type of copy and the length and time frame given for delivery are two factors that will be considered when billing a client.

The level of quality you want is another factor that will define any quote. Naturally, when you need top quality copy, you will want to choose someone with a lot of experience and influence. Such a copywriter will definitely charge you more than the less experienced ones.

However, most copywriting companies have standard prices, which are displayed on their website.

Here are some standard ways you can expect to be billed.

Per Project Pricing

You are billed for the overall project. Every factor involved in the copywriting, from timing to the possibility of additional information, and the amount of research to go into the project is considered, and a quote will be given thereafter. You are expected to make a deposit up front, the percentage is usually determined by the copywriter or the copywriting company.

This fee is usually fixed once it has been agreed upon by all parties involved, except in cases where additional information is added or changes are made by the client, then there will be an increase in the fees charged.

Though there is generally no fixed rate, as whatever fee given is dependent on negotiation between you and the copywriter or copywriting company, the following may be considered when providing an estimate:

  • Their level of experience.
  • Their location; copywriters in urban areas may charge more.
  • Your status as a client; how long you have been a client.
  • The planning involved.
  • The level of creativity the job demands.
  • The briefing and complexity of the work.
  • The amount of research required.
  • Whether the work requires knowledge of SEO.
  • Bulk or regular orders may fetch you a reduced rate.
  • Copywriting jobs that involve meetings with clients or third-party liaisons may attract higher rates.

Per Word Pricing

When paying per word, the price range might be between $0.01 and $1 depending on the writer or copywriting company, the type of copy, the niche involved, the quality you expect and the experience and influence of the copywriter or copywriting company you hire.

Some experienced copywriters may insist on $1 per word, even if what you need is blog content. The downside to the per word pricing system is that it is mostly quantity over quality but copywriters don’t simply write words; they also engage in extensive research, and invest their time and creativity into producing the best copy possible.

Per Hour Pricing

Hourly rates are not fixed but are determined based on the writer’s level of experience and expertise. So, before you make a choice of copywriter or company, thorough research should be conducted; you should know what your writer’s skill level is or the reputation of the copywriting company, to guarantee the quality of work you will get.

Hourly rates can be fixed based on the following categories:

  • New copywriters are the cheapest, however, they are untested. Though it is rare, there are some amongst them who can deliver quality copy. This is the group you go to when supreme quality isn’t your goal, or you have a limited/low budget. They may charge you between $50 and $70 per hour.
  • The midlist copywriters are copywriters who have some years of experience; copywriters in this category have already been tested, know their way around the industry and have some copywriting credits under their belt. With them, you can expect great quality. They may charge you between $70 and $100 per hour.
  • The A-list copywriters are the kings of the copywriting world, and mostly it’s only those with large budgets that can afford them. They might be a bit pricy, but they can also guarantee the delivery of top-quality copy. Being the best, they are in high demand, and it is therefore advisable to book them in advance. They will work closely with you to ensure you get nothing but the best copy that fits well with your business and goal. They may charge you between $100 and $180 per hour.

It would be better to shop for quality over price. Cheap copywriting services are cost-ineffective; this means that while you may be comfortable with using them now, it might not take long before you realise you need better copy.

Therefore, you may end up having to pay a professional to redo the work. Cheap copywriting services also hint at substandard copy that could destroy your brand’s credibility.

It would be a better decision to choose a copywriter or copywriting company that will deliver quality.

At Daily Posts, we always aim for quality, and this is reinforced by the skill, and creativity of the professional copywriters on our team, and our immense expertise in all types of copywriting.

Daily Posts’ copywriters will go the extra mile to give you top-quality copy with extensive research, creativity and excellent writing. We endeavour to deliver well-written copies that guarantee good exposure or publicity promptly.