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You need not worry about creating professional web content or web copy that achieves the desired result. Daily Posts provides you with expert copywriters who will get the work done, leaving you to focus on what you’re skilled at and managing the other aspects of your business.


Let Us Write Copy for your Business Website

Your website can grow its traffic with quality web copy. The web is full of brands pushing out their message and ‘shouting’ at potential buyers to purchase their products. Instead of having a generic approach, you can lure customers to your website with interesting content and sell them from there.

People are more amenable when they are making the decisions themselves. DailyPosts writes copy that gives your audience the impression that they are in control of their buying decisions, which in fact they are. We build a strong narrative around your brand and content that compels them to buy.

With many years in the copy writing business, we have the experience and skills to give your business an edge over its competitors. Contact our direct line 02380 970 979 for more information.

At DailyPosts, we write copy that:

  • Attracts attention and engages the buyer.
  • Begins your content strategy on a strong foundation.
  • Compels users and improves website performance.
  • Gives your website an edge over its competitors.

From headlines to calls to action on your sales pages, compelling copy is vital for all platforms your company uses to engage its clients. We can produce meaningful content under a deadline and catapult your business to relevant positions on different search engines.

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We Write Copy that Boosts Web Visibility

Your business needs organic traffic from search engines to grow. This is why copy should be professionally written by people who understand the SEO requirements of an online publication. At DailyPosts we perform keyword research to identify the words and phrases in your industry that drive people’s online search behaviour.

We insert the keywords at strategic places in your content, along with strong call to action statements. As a result, your website turns up more in search queries within your industry. This has the potential to increase visibility and click-through rates for your webpages.

When more people discover your website, and continue to share its content, this could attract links from high domain authority sites, which further increases traffic volume and sales-ready leads.

We Write Copy and Content for Most Effective Landing Pages

Some businesses have well written AdWords and display ads which increase their web traffic. However, they have a high bounce rate. A bounce rate is a measure of how quickly customers leave a page when they land on it.

A high bounce rate is often caused by a poorly structured landing page or content irrelevant to the ad copy linking it to other internet pages. This means people can’t find the information they seek on your website. It could also mean the landing page is improperly structured and possibly difficult to navigate.

At DailyPosts, one of the services we offer is writing landing pages that match the ad copy. We create pages that inform, interest and inspire visitors to complete a specific goal. Whether your sales page intends to make customers register for a subscription or download an app, we have the expertise to word it into great copy.

The landing page will not only engage visitors, but also make them complete a desired action. To make this happen, we write descriptive landing pages that have a brief but attractive header, and a product description that beats the competition. We also write a persuasive call-to-action. Landing page copy can be the defining factor between a successful conversion and a lost potential sale.

We Write Copy that Develops and Nurtures Relationships

We believe strongly in the power of written communication to develop and grow business-customer relationships. Because the online space limits the level of interaction a brand may have with its customers, their website is an important touchpoint in the communication process.

The web content must therefore bridge those gaps and foster meaningful relationships. Websites with poor content will only increase the distance between both parties. Conversely, content that is empathetic and informative will appeal to more customers.

If you are looking to build a loyal client base and drive sales, a professionally written copy is essential for your web success. For example, if you are a retail clothier for millennials, you’ll write copy that is zesty and energetic. On the other hand, an investment firm for B2B markets will have a conservative but authoritative tone of copy.

Our creative team of copy writers can help you forge that elusive bond with your audience.

Why Hire Professional Copywriters?

  1. A steady flow of fresh creative content

Creativity can be elusive and it requires a lot of brainstorming to come out with an effective angle for a content piece. A professional copywriter is naturally creative-minded and in a better position to produce quality copy for your content marketing effort.

At DailyPosts, we are constantly driven by the urge to produce creative think-pieces that connect our clients and their customers.

  1. Enjoy better search engine ranking

Professional copy writers will enhance your copy to produce SEO-friendly content. This has the potential to improve your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your website.

  1. Easily scale your content writing needs

As your business expands, so will your content writing needs. If you have been writing your own content before now, it would be impractical to continue. Instead of assigning a staff, you can increase productivity by hiring a professional writing company. You’ll get high quality content at an affordable price. DailyPosts has a diverse team of copywriters who can write on any topic in your niche.

  1. Make your brand more recognisable

Recognition and familiarity are two factors that increase trust. As people’s trust in your brand increases, they become more willing to do business. A business that updates its website regularly with fresh and interesting content increases recognition among its audience.

DailyPosts professional writing agency can provide content for your website anytime you need it.

Some of the copywriting services we offer include:

  • Sales pages, landing pages
  • Case studies, White Pages
  • Articles for Blogs and Magazines
  • Ad copy
  • B2B and B2C copywriting
  • Email strategies and newsletters
  • Promotional campaigns

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