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What Is Marketing Copywriting?

Marketing copywriting is the process of creating and distributing quality content to attract readers to take action. The aim of marketing copywriting is to create awareness and produce sales.
Marketing copywriting is a system of writing text for advertisement, promotion and other forms of marketing media. It increases brand awareness.

Marketing copywriters produce billboards, newspapers, magazines, catalogues, sale letters, social media posts, blog posts, and other forms of marketing communication.

Types of Marketing Copywriting

  • Sales copywriting

Sales copywriting is the process of composing persuasive content. Sale copywriters provide high-quality content for potential customers. Readers can buy a product, enquire about your service, join your email list, download a free report, or follow you on social media. Sale copywriters focus on what will appeal to the purchasers.

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) copywriting

This copywriting involves writing copy optimised for online searchers. Optimised content ranks highly on search engine result pages.

  • Technical copywriting

Technical copywriting is the process of creating content to promote a business. A technical copywriter is an expert who has in-depth knowledge of a product and composes compelling content to promote the brand.

What Makes Great Marketing Copywriting?

Headline: Writing superb headlines compels people to read copy.Studies have proven that "80% of the audience read the headings more often than the note."

Specialisation: Marketing copywriters deliver specific content to the target audience. They compose high-quality content about a particular subject such as education.
Brand awareness: Marketing copywriters create quality content to increase brand awareness and compel readers to take action.
Customer-centric: A marketing copywriter knows what the customers want and creates content that speaks to them.

Facts about Marketing Copywriting

  • Over 90% of marketers used prescriptive copy or content that states the formula for success.
  • According to hupspot.com, content with video is 50 times bound to drive organic search results than content without video.
  • Organisations that publish at least 16 blog posts monthly get up to 4.5 times leads more than organisations that published 4 blog posts monthly.
  • 47% of purchasers saw 3-5 bits of content before connecting with a sales representative.
  • As indicated by clutch.com, the three most engaging types of content on social media platform are video, written articles, and images, hence social media is the most popular strategy for advertisement.
  • According to Brizfeel.com, branded content posted on social media is 2 times likely to interest individuals between ages 55 and 64 than individuals below 28 years.
  • 80% of internet users watch videos while 20% of internet users read text on a web page.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is marketing copywriting?

Marketing copywriting is the process of writing educative and informative content to the viewers for publicity, advertising, promotion and other forms of marketing communication to create brand awareness and persuade the readers to take action.

What is the difference between copywriting and marketing copywriting?

Copywriting is the process of producing quality content that gets readers to make a purchase and subscribe to emails while marketing copywriting refers to the process of creating important content to attract and change prospects into consumers. It involves a constant follow up on the internet through blog posts, email newsletter, and postcards.


What makes marketing copywriting effective?

The factors that make marketing copywriting effective include:

  • Headlines that grab readers’ attention
  • Great content
  • Brand identity
  • A site that is educative
  • Content with a call to action


What is the difference between search engine optimisation (SEO) copywriting and technical copywriting?

SEO copy is written in a way that makes content will rank high on the search engine result page while technical copywriting involves creating content to promote a business. A technical copywriter is an expert who has in-depth knowledge of a product and composes compelling content to promote its benefits.


Copy Marketing

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