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Is it Really Important to Hire a Content Copywriter?

Like the Statue of Liberty to New York, London Bridge to London and the Eiffel Tower to Paris, so great copywriting is synonymous with a successful website. You simply cannot imagine one without the other.

Creating top-quality content on par or better than what similar brands in your niche are producing isn’t as easy as it seems. Your goal is to build a group of loyal followers who look forward to reading your content, respect your company as an authority and ultimately buy from you. While you focus on creating a marketable product, a content writer attracts the right crowd of people most likely to find your product useful.

No matter how beneficial your product or service, its reach will be very limited if users don’t know about it. Having a quality web content writer in your corner is like holding a microphone and shouting to the world that you have an offer worth checking out. Daily Posts writers are some of the best English-speaking copywriters you’ll ever work with.

We provide niche-specific writers to companies, digital marketers, small businesses, non-profits and large corporations who want to establish their brand voice and be heard. Our content is smart, interesting, engaging, riveting and persuasive. We don’t just produce content, we revolutionalise your digital marketing strategy for success.

What is a Content Copywriter?

A content copywriter creates compelling, high-quality content, aimed at pitching your brand as the ultimate solution and authority to the desired audience.  

It incorporates both the job of a content writer to create marketable content and a copywriter to generate interest in your brand, as well as produce useful content that helps your audience and convinces prospects to make a purchase.

In the past, the primary job of a content copywriter was to create content for paid advertising, but the role has since evolved to include selling effectively by engaging the audience. It also involves incorporating keywords naturally for better SEO results.

The first job of a Daily Posts content writer is to attract the ‘right crowd’ to your website; by this, we mean targeted prospects who will find your content useful and are more likely to shop from you.

What can a Daily Posts content copywriter do for you? Focus on production and day-to-day running of your business

We’ve spoken to many marketing specialists and business owners. One of the problems they all seem to share is the lack of time to consistently write good content. You’ll no doubt want to, but are simply too focused on operations to find the time. Therefore, outsource your content needs to Daily Posts; we do this regularly, so your writing will be more persuasive and effective.

Offer direct value to your reader

The converging point where copywriting and content marketing meet is the ability to create something of direct value to the reader. The SEO element is also important; hence, a content copywriter has to find the union between useful content that incorporates a high ranking keyword. These are the types of content that make you an authority, as well as increase outbound links and organic traffic.

Spark interest and command attention

A content copywriter must possess the skill to entice visitors to your website and get them to take your desired action. We keep your brand identity in mind as we write to infuse your tone of voice in the audience and establish an emotional connection.

Regular content

With our copywriting team, you’ll get publishable content on a regular basis. Consistency is key when it comes to publishing content. This means updating your site and publishing fresh content regularly. With our team working round-the-clock, you won’t be short of relevant and up to date content.

Timely content

There’s no use publishing content for a Christmas event if you only receive it after the festive season. Timing is strategic when it comes to publishing content. It must be published at the right time to reap the desired rewards. Subsequently, we work to ensure you don’t lose customers by not delivering your project on time.

Higher conversion rates

Over the years, we’ve increased the number of conversions our clients enjoy. We produce the kind of content that moves their readers to purchase from them.

What does a Content Copywriter do?

SEO Expert:

A content copywriter doesn’t just produce 3,000-word contents for you. We also carry out keyword research to find the most competitive LSI keywords that optimise your content for Google and search intent. Our copies adhere to the latest SEO best practices, while we use effective methods such as great headlines, short paragraphs and powerful, emotional words that tug at the reader’s heartstrings.

Strategy, execution, promotion:

Before starting writing, we attempt to understand the objectives of your content marketing and translate these into a roadmap for execution. After creating content, we edit, optimise and proofread it to ensure there are no errors. Finally, we can share your content online if you’re too busy to complete this task.

Blending content writing with copywriting:

If you attempt to sell a product with every copy you create, your audience will more than likely ignore you. To balance both writing styles, our content ropes in your business objectives to create a positive image of your brand. We provide unique content for your audience. Instead of focusing on direct selling, we help them solve a problem.

Provide a variety of content:

Content copywriters are some of the most versatile writers. They provide specialised content for news feeds, blogs, social media, emails, newsletters, and website pages. The content we create is framed on the business type and your target audience to maximise effectiveness. Sometimes, we have to brainstorm to develop concepts for storyboards and work with your in-house team of creative and marketing experts.

Is it Really Important to Hire a Content Copywriter?

Yes. Since Google have made changes to their algorithms (which affects the way Search Engine Optimisation works), content has now become even more important. To get the best results from Search Engine Optimisation, generate more leads and increase your customer base, content copywriting is key.

Do you want to improve your advertising results?

If so, you need the services of a copywriter. Expert copywriters abound with a writing company such as Daily Posts; you can read more here. You’ll need to make a compelling case to your reader that drives them to take action.

Provide value to your readers

Readers don’t want to visit your website to read about your services. They want to see content they can use and will only return to your website if you’re able to provide relevant and value-packed content.

Google now increases search engine rankings of websites that can hold the attention of (and engage with) their readers. If your readers return, Google interprets that you’re providing valuable and relevant information, leading to increased SERP rankings. A professional and creative copywriter is the best person to produce this kind of content for you.

Your website is not just about a great UI/UX

Finding a competent content copywriter is just as important as getting a good web designer. Many people tend to focus primarily on making a website beautiful, interactive and responsive. They want the site to have a great user interface (UI) and to create an awesome user experience (UX) for their visitors. However, it’s easy to forget about content in the midst of all this. Although your visually appealing website might attract visitors, if they can’t access great content, they won’t return.

Your Social Media marketing efforts are at risk of failure!

These days, advertising on social media platforms can yield great results by driving traffic to your website. For instance, it’s very likely you’re planning to run an ad campaign on a social media platform. Once traffic is generated to your website, you’ll want customers to find content that holds their attention. Your site’s content must therefore meet the expectations of visitors from your social media channels.

What Should You Look for When Hiring a Content Copywriter?

You’ll need a copywriter that:

  • Writes creatively, yet simply

  • Incorporates keywords into a piece without keyword stuffing

  • Provides regular and on-demand content

  • Has a good track record of success with other clients

  • Creates copies that simultaneously appeal to both customers and search engines alike

  • Crafts copies that are tailored to your audience

  • Has ample experience with Search Engine Optimisation

All Content Writers produce good content, but not all can create an outstanding copy

Content is the generic term used to describe all consumable information on the internet. It is the currency of choice for successful brands and small businesses looking to compete on a small budget. A content copywriter goes beyond churning out regular content to write powerful pieces that people always want to read.

The temptation is to hire a cheap writer who creates 100 pieces each month, but what good is that if no one is reading your content or it doesn’t convert? A Daily Posts writer understands how your readers think; we gently nudge them to take your side and show just how much they’ll benefit from aligning with your brand.

At Daily Posts, we have the kind of copywriter you’re looking for. Our team of copywriters are knowledgeable, skilled and experienced enough to achieve the results you require. We are one of the leading writing agencies worldwide, with clients from all corners of the globe.

Register with us by signing up here. The process is simple and straightforward. After you sign up, our team will get in touch to guide you through the process of requesting and receiving content.

Content Copywriting

Copywriting is a tool used in marketing communications to write promotional content for companies. This involves writing email copy, advertisements, digital and print ads, website landing pages, brochure, and product description, amongst others.

Copywriting focuses on producing captivating content which increases brand awareness and sales of a company. Content writing means creating worthy content for a specific purpose. It is used to attract potential clients to a website by providing information related to the services and products of the brand. This can be done on social media platforms, websites and advertisement materials.

The difference between content writing and copywriting lies in the purpose. While the aim of content writing is to attract, engage potential customers and keep them interested in the brand; the aim of content copywriting is to persuade them to take action.

Content copywriting therefore is the branch of content marketing that involves producing and sharing written content with the aim of stimulating client interest in products.

Daily Posts’ copywriters are skilled in the art of content copywriting. With appropriate research and a blend of technical copywriting, we can produce varied contents in any niche which will keep the audience informed, entertained and willing to make a purchase. Call us today on 02380970979 for your content copywriting needs.

Types of Content Copywriting

There are many forms of content copywriting.

  • SEO Content Copywriting

Content writing for search engine optimisation involves using relevant keywords so that the content will rank high in popular search engines. Search algorithms like PageRank and Rankbrain are considered here. The idea is for the website to be displayed at the top of relevant search results in the niche. Daily Posts’ copywriters are trained to search for keywords in the required niche and carefully place them within copy without disrupting the content flow.

  • Technical Content Copywriting

This type of content copywriting demands expert education or knowledge in a particular field. To achieve this, copywriters carry out heavy research on the topic in order to sound like an authority in the field. Health fields and the tech industry are areas where technical content writing is mostly required. Our team of technical copywriters works tirelessly to provide quality technical content that will serve experts in the fields.

  • Communication and Marketing Content Copywriting

This sector involves writing content such as blogs, articles, newsletters, email copy, social media contents, amongst others. Market trends and news are used by the copywriters to prepare quality marketing content which attracts clients. We utilise the long-form type copy to provide as much information as the clients may require and get them to click the CTA button.

  • SMO Content Copywriting

This involves writing content for social media like newsletters, press releases, direct response copy and social media ads. The content should be engaging, promoting the voice of the brand. The readers should be able to relate with the message easily. The use of visuals to drive home the message is also important. We study your audience and your brand message to understand what needs to be done. With a clear understanding of user experience and journey, we develop copy that is guaranteed to get users to visit your website.

Important Tips on Content Copywriting

  • Write a captivating headline that can capture the reader’s attention. This will determine if the reader will keep on reading or bounce.
  • A proper arrangement of sentences and paragraphs also counts. Use short sentences and avoid jargons when creating copy. Readers identify easily with a piece written using personalized, natural language.
  • Be friendly and conversational as this will help build trust between you and your customers. Your aim should be to keep them engaged.
  • Good content copy should be search engine optimised in order to pull organic traffic to the site. The use of relevant keywords that are likely to pop up in search queries enables this.
  • Know your audience and the contents they are likely to be interested in. This will keep you one step ahead. Providing your audience with the information they do not require will bore them.
  • Utilise social media platforms to engage your audience and attract them to your website. Good content copy should be social media optimised in order to leverage on the converting power of social media.
  • Great websites like yours deserve quality content copy. At Daily Posts, we have professional content copywriters ready to develop content that is guaranteed to boost conversion rates. Reach out to us today on 02380970979.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write good content copy?

To develop good content copy, you have to understand the topic or idea you are writing on and of what benefit it will be to the reader. With proper research, writing structure and style, you carefully map out your points. Then present it in natural language and include enough keywords that will improve your website ranking. Use attractive headlines and keep your CTA visible.

How do I hire a good content copywriter?

Quality is a factor you should consider first. A copywriter who can produce excellent entity-filled SEO copy is what you need to boost your conversion rate. Our copywriting agency provides that for you and more. Our services are affordable – as low as $0.02 per word. This sets us as one of the best copywriting agencies across the globe. Contact us now on 02380970979 for your quality content copy.

What type of content do you want on your website? Unimaginative copy that lumps you in the category of low-quality websites? Basic copies without a marketing goal? Do you lack the time to create unique, engaging content and need the services of the best UK content copywriters?

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