Content Copywriter

Content Copywriter

Is it Really Important to Hire a Content Copywriter?

The simple answer to that is a resounding ‘Yes’. Since Google made changes to their algorithms (which affects the way in which Search Engine Optimisation works), content has now become even more important. To get the best results from Search Engine Optimisation, generate more leads and increase your customer base, content copywriting is key.

Do you want to improve your advertising results?

If so, then you need the services of a copywriter. Expert copywriters abound with a writing company such as Daily Posts – you can read more here. If you want to make a compelling case to your reader that will drive them to take action- not just read your content – you need strong copywriting that will sell to your audience, convincing them that what you offer is the best possible option.

You need to provide value to your readers

Readers don’t want to visit your website to read about your services. They want to see content they can use and will only return to your website if you are able to provide relevant and value-packed content. For your readers to become customers, they must get value from your content. In addition, Google now improves the search engine rankings of sites that can hold the attention of (and engage with) their readers. If your readers keep coming back, Google interprets that to mean you are providing them with valuable and relevant information. This in turn will increase your search engine ranking. A professional and creative copywriter is the best person to produce this kind of content for you.

Your website is not just about a great UI/UX

Finding a competent content copywriter is just as important as getting a good web designer. Many people tend to focus just on getting a website that is beautiful, interactive and responsive. They want the site to have a great user interface (UI) and to create an awesome user experience (UX) for their visitors. They work hard to achieve this and sometimes forget that content is equally important. Whilst your visually appealing website might attract visitors, if they can’t access great content, you can be sure they won’t make return visits.

Do you want your social media marketing efforts to go to waste?

These days, advertising on social media platforms can yield great results by driving traffic to your website. It’s very likely that you’re planning to run an ad campaign on a social media platform. Once traffic is generated to your website, you don’t want customers to find nothing that will hold their attention or be of benefit to them. Your site’s content must be ready to meet the needs of the traffic your social media campaign drives to it.

 What Should You Look for When Hiring a Content Copywriter?

Hiring a competent content copywriter is very important, as you need to be sure you’re working with someone with the skills and experience that can help improve your business. You need a copywriter that:

  • Knows how to write creatively, yet simply.
  • Knows how to incorporate keywords into a piece without over-doing them.
  • Can provide you with regular and on-demand content.
  • Has a good track record of success with other clients.
  • Can create copy that at simultaneously appeals to both customers and search engines.
  • Can create copy that is personal to your audience.
  • Has experience with Search Engine Optimisation.

Where can you find such a copywriter?

At Daily Posts, we have the kind of copywriter you’re looking for. Our team of copywriters are knowledgeable, skilled and experienced enough to give you the results you require. We are one of the leading writing agencies worldwide, with clients in all corners of the globe. Our copywriters are from a range of countries and have been trained to ensure they’re perfectly placed and equipped to produce great and relevant content that will provide value to your readers.

When you sign up with Daily Posts, you will get:

  1. Regular content: With our copywriting team, you’ll get publishable content on a regular basis. Consistency is key when it comes to publishing content. Your visitors should not come to your site today and access relevant information, only to return next month to find nothing they can use. This will mean you need to update your site and publish new content regularly. With our team working round the clock, you won’t be short of relevant and up to date content.
  2. Timely content: There’s no use publishing content for a Christmas event if you only receive it after the festive season. Timing is strategic when it comes to publishing content. It must be published at the right time to reap the best results. We work to ensure you don’t lose customers by not delivering your content when you need it. We always deliver on  time.
  3. Higher conversion rates: Over the years, we’ve greatly  increased the number of conversions our clients have. We produce the kind of content that moves their readers to purchase from them.

So, register with us by signing up here. The process is simple and straightforward. After you sign up, our team will get in touch to guide you through the process of requesting and receiving content.

Four Great Value Copywriting Levels

The best value written content you will find at each price point.

$0.02 per word

SEO Copywriting

Need cheap copy that is good quality. We can provide you with your copy fast!


$0.03 per word

Excellent web content

Content for web projects- New sites, blogs, guest posts, press releases and landing pages.

$0.05 per word

Premium Content

Extremely affordable - Premium quality. Well-researched content with superb flow.

$0.08 per word

Special Project Content

Content for adverts, micro-copy and technical documents. For copy that takes a lot of time.