Commercial copywriter

Commercial copywriter

DailyPosts commercial copywriters write copies that help companies and firms convert prospects to customers. For over a decade, we have established ourselves as the go-to business for excellent copies. Our copywriters specialize in helping brands tell their story in a way that is relatable to their customer and prospect. In addition, we help corporate bodies and commercial institution persuade prospects that their product or service is the perfect solution that delivers more than it promises.

Our Commercial Copywriters Have a Track Record of Success

We have proven over the years that we are good at we do. We have set sales records for various brands that is why we are retained by hundreds of brand in the world. We have helped local businesses expand to become big players nationally by bringing in sales and engendering customer loyalty. And we will do the same for you.

Your Success is Our Pride

Our copywriters are proud and passionate about what they do. We love the smile on our client’s face when the sales letter we prepared brought in more sale than expected. We love it when our email copies double the revenue of our client. And we love it when our landing page copies are bringing in more sign ups and lead.  And we will help you do the same.

The reason we have been able to generate the result we have generated over the years consistently is because of the ingenuity of our copywriters. We follow an in-house guideline that enables us to make an offer to your prospects they can’t refuse.

We Understand Your Customers

Our approach to copywriting begins with a well-executed research. We start with your target audience and study them intimately. Daily Posts commercial copywriters find out all they can about the prospects because we have a culture of writing like the piece was being addressed to a spouse. We try to find out the prospects age, sex, income, and other demographic information. We learn the prospect’s motivation and pains. We try to also understand their challenges and see life the way they do.

We also try to understand any objections about similar products they have. We also find out why they stick to a brand and why they leave. We also learn things like how they communicate. The process is thorough, but it’s just the beginning for us. It’s this research that enables us to speak to your prospects in a way they will trust your brand

We next try to understand the service you provide. We try to get all the facts and find how it can benefit your audience. We try to find deeper benefits your prospect care about and to show them the product was made specifically for them, highlighting things they care about.

We also compile anything that would help sell the copy such as images, credentials, certifications, and social proof to show that what you promise is within grasp once they take action. The more you show in your copy rather than tell, the stronger the copy.

The next step for most of our copywriters is to get in the zone. They first try to come up with an offer your client cannot resist. This may necessitate some back and forth with you to ensure the offer is irresistible. The simple truth is that a very solid copy would find it hard to sell a poor offer. But a poor copy can easily sell a strong offer. That is the reason our copywriters put effort into this process.

Don’t Hurt Your Brand by Hiring the Wrong Commercial Copywriter

There are restrictions under which commercial copywriters write, especially those in sensitive industries such as finance and health. Not abiding by those restrictions can be costly for a brand. That is why brands can’t afford to hire copywriters that do not understand these restrictions or who can’t write effective copies under the restrictions. Effective copywriting is hard enough without restrictions. However, our copywriters embrace the challenge and have the creativity to craft effective copies under such restrictions.

We also understand the importance of brand harmony and voice and we ensure all the copy we write are in line with your brand voice and style.

There is no single commercial copywriting strategy that works all the time. Some strategy and approach are more useful sometimes than others. For instance, there are times when it’s just enough to focus on the benefits a product or service will offer to the prospect. But other times you may need to paint a detailed picture of the problem and make the prospect feel the pain and frustration before offering your product and services as a solution.

DailyPosts offer various commercial copywriting service that delivers value and helps push growth. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Blog posts
  • Brochures
  • Email copies
  • Sales letters
  • Press Release
  • Banner Ads

All the copies we write are designed to convert even when such copies are generally designed by other firms simply to showcase the brand. For example, it’s not unusual for clients to get lots of orders for products listed in a brochure we designed because the commercial brochures we design are primed to sell the products not just to showcase them.

Quality is Assured

We have a quality control department at DailyPosts. They consist of editors and proofreaders. The editors go through the copy and correct anything that should be corrected. They make the sentences stronger, cross-check facts and figures, and ensure everything is in order. The editors also help to eliminate grammar and punctuation errors.

DailyPosts guarantees 100% customer satisfaction to its clients.  Once you get the copy, you can demand any changes or revision you want, and we will honour it till you’re satisfied.

Our service is affordable. We offer a premium service that is affordable and can be adapted to your budget. If you are not sure of the best combination of commercial service you need to boost growth, get in touch with us and we will help you select a combination of services within your budget that will deliver real growth for your brand.

Call us today to get started.

Four Great Value Copywriting Levels

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SEO Copywriting

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Excellent web content

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Premium Content

Extremely affordable - Premium quality. Well-researched content with superb flow.

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Special Project Content

Content for adverts, micro-copy and technical documents. For copy that takes a lot of time.