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Clever Copywriting

Have you ever seen a television commercial or read an ad that had you laughing out loud and had you hooked till the end? You know it. That one commercial you have seen a million times yet watch intently each time it comes on. That’s the power of clever copywriting.

At Daily Posts, we create ingenious and creative copy which your customers will love. Our copy will attract your target audience to your site and convince them to act, helping you increase your conversion rate significantly.

Why Hire a Professional Copywriting Agency?

There is no gainsaying that there is a vast difference between conventional copywriting and clever copywriting. You want clever copywriting that not only passes the message across but also appeals to the customer’s humour and ego. In short, you want a copy that makes a difference and leaves a major impact. That is why you need a copywriting agency.

The beauty of copywriting agencies like Daily Posts is that apart from their ability to deliver unparalleled clever copies, they also have great marketing skills which they imbue your copies with. Add that to their ability to optimise your copies for search engines, then you have a clever copy trifecta guaranteed to shoot your conversion and search engine ranking through the roof. These are more reasons you should outsource your copywriting needs to a professional copywriter.

To create a persuasive content

For a copy to be assumed clever, it has to be persuasive. Detailing your products and services is one thing, making it sound so persuasive that the reader can’t help but be involved is another thing. It is a talent only a few people can master. A professional copywriter knows how to seamlessly persuade your audience into patronising you without sounding like an overenthusiastic salesman.

To save time

Crafting a clever copy that engages and converts requires plenty of work which takes time. Your business could suffer eventually if you spend all day creating content or trying to keep up a schedule. A professional agency is fully equipped to handle the needs of regular content production.

At Daily Posts, because of our diverse team of talents, we don’t just provide content regularly, we vary it with creativity. We free up more time for your business to focus on its core roles and deliver high-quality content.

To make your copy objective and credible

One of the features of a clever copy is credibility and objectivity. There is such a thing as being too close to the topic. You don’t want your copy to come across as too preachy or too enthusiastic. When you write your copy, you run the risk of being too passionate or fervent about your product or service in a way that makes it seem too good to be true.

This may seem like a good thing but it ends up alienating your audience who do not want to be sold to. A more laidback approach which focuses on the need of your client rather than how wonderful your service is will work wonders and most times, it takes someone who is far removed from your product, like a professional copywriter to wave that wand and give you a clever, yet believable copy.

To become an authority in your niche

By updating your website with current information, you can attract a steady stream of web traffic and establish your business as a torque de force in your niche. A professional writing agency adds that business, yet interactive quality to your website to make it appealing to your target audience. Daily Posts can provide original updates to your website; from current industry trends to company news or casual blog posts.

We understand copy that engages the audience and we produce it for your business to establish online authority over other players in the industry.

Fresh and exclusive content

It is no secret that Google algorithms love fresh content. Writing your own copy yourself may prove to be cumbersome because you may find it tiresome trying to describe your product or services using different words and diverse perspectives and may even resort to nicking some parts from the web.

You don’t want your copy to come across as derivative and uninspired.

Professional copywriters have the ability to continuously churn out premium content which is unique and exceptional. Employing the services of a professional copywriter means never having to battle with duplicitous content because every piece of your copy is fresh, original, and all yours.

Daily Posts: Home of Professional Copywriters and Clever Copywriting

At Daily Posts, our speciality is clever copywriting that simplifies complex ideas and makes them engage conversations. We strive to produce interesting narratives that open our client’s customers to their message. This makes them become more amenable to not just the target audience, but employees and business partners.

Our copywriters provide creative content that endears readers to your business. By using interesting language with persuasive words and strong call-to-action statements, we can influence potential customers to act towards a desired goal.

Whatever the goal of your webpage – initiate a call, register for subscription, or download a file – we can help you take the visitor closer to conversion with clever copywriting and vivid imagery. Like an online shopping window, your website contains your products for sale.

Clever copy acts like salespeople who help customers navigate the store to identify and buy what they want. It is crucial for websites to complete conversions successfully, otherwise all efforts from SEO to writing engaging copy only count for half the result. Depending on the type of website you run and the goal for each page, we craft copy to help you achieve those goals.

At Daily Posts, you benefit the following from us:

Clever copywriting that captures the personality of your business

Does your business speak in the voice you want it to? As part of our service, we have transformed the personal experience of our clients into stories their customers love to hear.

Here at Daily Posts, we believe in using common language to create amazing concepts. We capture your business’ tone of voice and audience language style into your web content to make the message powerful.

Whether you want a professional tone that is direct and convincing or an engaging story-led narrative that starts conversations, Daily Posts is your ideal professional writing agency. Our savvy team of professional copywriters can tell your story in ways that generate more interest from your target audience.

Clever copywriting that understands your audience

Clever copywriting whether it’s for conventional print or online communication, requires research and witty composition, which take time. To be effective, it also requires a good understanding of organisation, values and audience behaviour.

Not many agencies take the time to understand their clients’ customer behaviour or what makes them tick. At Daily Posts, we study the industry trends to identify the best way to present your content if you must become an authority. We also research your target audience to outline a typical profile and how they respond to certain message styles.

Clever copywriting builds relationships with your customers

For a business to succeed and expand, it must enjoy repeat service from paying customers. A website should be developed to record continuous transactions with its customers. This is where we come in. Providing fresh engaging content on a regular basis ensures web visitors have an interesting experience each time they visit your website. This relationship is key if the business must grow.

Clever copywriting with high SEO quality

In addition to profiling and online behaviour, our copywriters study high-ranking keywords used by prospective customers to access services your business offers. Organic traffic from search engines is a sure way to generate valuable leads for your business. Weaving in these high-ranking keywords into your web content has the potential to boost you ahead of your competitors and get your website ranked appropriately.

Valuable content also has the ability to attract quality links from websites with high domain authority. This means your website can benefit from high trust and citation flows which improve web traffic volume and draw more sales-qualified leads.

Clever copywriting that grows and expands with you

Unlike companies or professional copywriters that provide a one-off service, Daily Posts is your partner for growth. This means that our collaboration doesn’t end once we finish and you accept the copy. We are here for the long haul.

Apart from the fact that we offer unlimited revisions, we also understand that the true test of a sales letter is the result it generates. So, if after the copy goes out, something appears not to be working as it should, we will tweak it accordingly. We will always be here for you.

Our culture is to work with brands for the long term. This is why we have many brands that trust us with their written content for digital marketing. Therefore, we can’t wait to welcome you into our family.

The Clever Copywriting Services We Offer

If another company or copywriter has failed you in the past, you may be reticent about looking for copywriting services. At Daily Posts, we promise you’ll enjoy a very different experience when it comes to promotional copywriting. With us on your team, your promotional ad campaign will finally stand a chance of success.

Some examples of copy we produce with SEO ranking include:

  • Website copywriting (content for web pages including landing pages, ‘services’ page, ‘about us’ page and so on)

  • Press releases- for websites and other online publications

  • Articles for blogs and e-zines and other online editorials

  • Customer guide page

  • FAQs pages

  • Email marketing campaigns, newsletters

Frequently asked questions What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the process of writing promotional texts and materials for the purpose of advertising a brand or service, or other forms of marketing. The written text or content is known as a copy. The aim of copywriting is to raise or increase product awareness and by so doing, persuade a person or a group of people to take a particular action. People who do this for a living are called copywriters or content writers.

Which should I go for, agency copywriters or freelance copywriters?

Freelance copywriters work for and by themselves at their own pace whereas agency copywriters work for a copywriting company. With that in mind, when looking for a copywriter, it is more worthwhile to go with a copywriting agency instead of a freelance copywriter.

Copywriting agencies like Daily Posts employ hundreds of copywriters so your project would be immediately attended to. You are assured of a variety that you may not get while working with just one person. Agencies have a medley of copywriters who specialise in different fields and can perfectly write about your business.

Can my writer friends write copies too?

That is very unlikely. It is true that those who write in a professional capacity possess some skills they can transfer to copywriting. However, different types of writing are very different specialities and only a trained copywriter can be able to create compelling copies that can get clients to act.

Can you help me with copyright?

No, we can’t. Copyrighting is about legal ownership of a piece of work whereas what we do is copywriting. Both are totally unrelated.

At Daily Posts, we create ingenious and clever copies regardless of the type of business you run. Our copies will attract your target audience to you and convince them to act, helping you increase your conversion rate significantly. Let Daily Posts create remarkable copies for you today and you will see the change. Contact us today and get access to 100% original copywriting. Call us for more comprehensive details on 02380 970 979.             Need more tips for clever copywriting? Start by signing up here to open an account and transform your content strategy.


What Is Clever Copywriting?

Clever copywriting involves using copywriting to create a tone that makes your business voice distinct. A clever copywriter knows how to use storytelling and marketing to craft business communication that does more than improve your SERP ranking.

Clever copywriting is not bland, straight-laced copy that just tells you to go get this product. It engages you. It doesn’t just promote a product or service but it takes you on a ride and paints you a picture. At the end of the ride, you would crave the product.

Types of Clever Copywriting

The beautiful thing about clever copywriting is that it can be used in any kind of copy. Whether web-based or in print, landing pages or white papers, your copy can benefit from the clever and imaginative writing skills of our writers at Daily Posts.

Types of copywriting include:

  • Social media copy and content
  • SEO copywriting
  •  Blog posts
  •  E-book writing and editing
  •   Business intelligence reports and market analysis
  • Newsletter and factsheets
  • Articles and opinion pieces
  •  Product description
  •  Strategic narratives
  •  Website copy
  • Brochures and catalogues

What Makes Great Clever Copy?

Clever copy has the right amount of wit, humour, and imagination to keep the reader engaged. It arms your customers with the right information to make a sound decision.

Great clever copy can create a relationship with the customer and have her convinced so she can spread the word about you.

It captures stories that help your customers understand your product, share your concepts, and invested in your product.

Clever copy helps your readers imagine what it will be like to use your product or service. It uses vivid words to sell the experience to your customers.

Facts about Clever Copywriting

  • Studies found that clever copy performs better than standard copy and gives 18% conversion.
  •  Clever copywriting features research and technical details that enhance credibility. It does not trade creativity for statistics and cold, hard facts.
  • Clever copywriting gives your business a unique voice, ensuring that your copy does not sound like everything else on the market.
  •  Clever copy attracts the reader using sound bites that are quotable and easy to remember.
  •  Clever copywriting focuses more on ensuring that your customer reads what gets them interested in your brand more than it does SEO. It is more customer-centric than most pieces of web copy.

Frequently asked questions

How do I find a clever copywriter?

Daily Posts can provide original updates to your website, from current industry trends to company news or casual blog posts. We understand copy that engages the audience and we will produce it for your business to establish online authority over other players in the industry.

Does clever copywriting involve SEO?

Yes, it does. Clever copywriting concentrates more on the visitors to ensure that when they visit, they convert to paying customers.

Can my fiction writer friends write clever copy too?

That is unlikely. Though those who write in a professional capacity are creative and clever and possess skills they can transfer to copywriting, they still cannot efficiently produce clever copy. Clever copywriting is an art distinct from normal writing skills.

Is clever copywriting exclusive to web-based businesses?

No. Clever copywriting services can be written for both web and print. Clever copy can be created for magazine and newspaper advertisements, direct mail, sales letters, white papers, newsletters, brochures, broadcast messages, radio commercials, jingle lyrics, billboards, catalogues, taglines, social media posts, web pages, blog posts, online advertisements, and other marketing communication.

Define your company’s unique identity in the marketplace with Daily Posts writing agency. Our copywriters perfectly capture your company’s products & services and deliver enticing web copy that your customers just can’t resist. Stand out from the crowd of competitors today by getting in touch with us through our website.

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Daily Posts is a professional writing agency with savvy copywriters who have written content for individuals and companies within the UK and abroad. Our client list contains companies in various industries ranging from real estate to beauty and fashion, information technology and more. We pride ourselves on the versatility of our service.

Have you ever seen a properly-structured website with rich content and wished yours could be like that? Fortunately, it can, even better. The idea is to work with professionals who bring great insight and fresh ideas into your content marketing strategy.

Your website can benefit from our copywriters’ clever style. By increasing the quality of its content, you can register your business as an authority in its niche. We also enhance the SEO quality of your site which gives it a competitive edge over other players in the industry. Soon, your website will become better than those you have always admired.

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