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Catalogue content is useful for showcasing how the features of your product can benefit your customer in as few words as possible. In our experience as catalogue copywriters, we have come to notice that catalogue copy engages and performs better with its target audience when there is a focus on how the product can improve the life of the reader. We can deliver you this content that compels a reader and convinces them that your product is the best in the market for them.


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Why do you need catalogue copywriters?

The crafting of catalogue content that a reader will find engaging and convincing is an art and requires delicate work that you can’t leave to just anyone. In a few short sentences, we can convince your readers and potential customers that your listed product or service is worth buying.

Because catalogue content is short, you can’t afford to waste valuable space on pointless, boring and unconvincing details. Our Daily Posts’ writers have the skill and expertise to create powerful and succinct catalogue copy that pulls in more customers and boosts sales with the most effective words.

Typically, a catalogue will contain beautiful images that showcase the details of a product to attract customers. But images alone are not enough to compel customers to make a purchase regardless of how beautiful or detailed they are. We can provide you the perfect words to showcase the product thereby complementing your images with the aim to drive conversion and generate sales.

We create catalogue copy that specifically targets the group of customers you are looking to sell to. Through catalogue copy, our writers will subtly educate your potential customers on how your product’s features can benefit them and then direct the customers to your store to make a purchase.

Daily Posts’ catalogue copywriters can give your product a voice that engages your customers and compels them to place an order or perform whatever other action you require of them. Create an account with us today to see some of our catalogue copy samples.

How we write Catalogue Copy

Compared to most other forms of advertising, catalogues are quite different. The key difference is catalogues are used to describe various products through short and concise descriptions. The aim of working with our catalogue copywriters is to get your target audience to believe your products are what they need and place orders for them. We deliver this by ensuring your catalogue copy possesses the following features in the write spots for optimal effectiveness.

  • We insert a catchy headline at the top

The headline is everything. If the headline fails to hook a customer’s attention and lure them in to explore your catalogue copy, then the copy has failed at the first hurdle. The headline needs to be snappy and a real winner with a WOW factor. We can deliver you this headline no matter the product you’re trying to sell. Our catalogue copy headline is guaranteed to garner the right amount of attention and convince your readers to take the next step towards knowing more about your product.

  • Product name and where it was produced

It’s much harder to convince customers to buy a nameless product, so we will add in the product name to boost customer confidence. We can also add in where the product was produced to further boost this confidence. Many customers are more confident about buying a product if it is from a region known for its quality standards

  • Benefits of your product features to consumers

If your product offers no clear benefits to a customer, he/she will be unconvinced to buy. Through your catalogue copy, we will show your customers how your products can change their lives for the better. These benefits could be ease of use, effectiveness of the product, or even simply how long a customer can enjoy it for.

  • The newness of the product

The majority of the market is crazy for hot releases. So, if your item is a newly-released one, that could be a huge selling point and should be added to the catalogue copy to influence consumers to purchase.

  • Adding a “Letter From the Manufacturer”

If available, we will add in a letter from the president or other top member of management from the manufacturer of the product. The letter will explain the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, the quality of the product, and more. This letter is great for convincing customers that the product in question is created by a company that cares about the happiness of the consumers and is committed to satisfying the customer’s unique needs.

  • Insert the hard facts

Our catalogue copywriters create catalogue copy with the sole aim of getting your target audience to buy, buy, and buy a bit more! One of the ways we accomplish this is by providing the readers with useful and pertinent details concerning the product. Example of these hard facts that will be inserted into you catalogue copy include the product’s material type, colours it is available in, sizes available, and much more. While the details will be brief, they will be enough to help a customer make a well-informed decision as well as show them that the product is just what they need.

  • Utilise sales techniques

Customers want to buy from a seller who makes their shopping experience easy, fun, and a fully-rewarding experience. We can help show your customers you deliver to their expectations by adding in sales details such as “free gifts for shoppers”, “discounts on bulk orders”, “acceptance of credit cards”, “free shipping”, “gift packaging”, and so on

How we won’t write your catalogue copy

Our years of experience at Daily Posts have shown us not only how to write effective catalogue copy, but also how NOT to write catalogue copy. You have our assurance that our copy won’t contain any of the following flaws:

  • Bad grammar and spelling errors

Catalogue copy that is grammatically imperfect or that contains spelling mistakes is a big turn-off for customers. In fact, it can make customers believe that you’re dishonest. We don’t want that. So, we extensively proofread all catalogue copy before returning it for publishing.

  • Giving all pages equal relevance

It’s not effective to give your bestselling products the same level of prominence as your undersellers. This doesn’t mean that our copywriters will ignore your underperforming products, in fact, we will even attempt to boost the attractiveness of these products with compelling copy. Nonetheless, your bestselling products can be given more prominence through half-page or full-page copy at the front or top of your catalogue.

  • Product description in the headline

Product descriptions belong in the body of the catalogue copy, not in the headline. For instance, if you are selling face cream, instead of mentioning face cream in the headline, we might use, “Get Smooth and Glowing Skin Here!” or “This Is for that Perfect Angelic Face”.

  • Hiding your phone number or other contact details

After your customers have seen the product they want to buy in your catalogue, there’s no reason to make them jump through several hoops before they can place their order. We will insert your phone number or an active Call To Action within the copy so that your potential customer can make a purchase with just a click or equal ease.

  • Not adding the discounts

Your visitors may already have seen what they want to buy on your website but are still uncertain if they should buy it from you or elsewhere. Why not convince them that you are the best seller with your discount offers? All shoppers love a good deal and we can show them you are offering the best deals by adding in available discounts. For instance, 20% off NOW or $80—now Just $59.99! That’s a deal no one can refuse!

If you want catalogue copy that delivers on descriptive and persuasive copy instead of bland and uninspiring product specs, give us a call today on 02380 970979.

Why work with Daily Posts for your Catalogue Copy?

There are a number of reasons why you should be excited to work with our writers for your catalogue copy. Some of the biggest ones are:

  • Delivery of Search Engine Optimised Catalogue Copy

With catalogue copy for online platforms, you have the potential to reach significantly more customers at a lower cost than through printed catalogue copy. This will be accomplished through organic traffic but is only possible if your copy is search engine optimised. Our catalogue copywriters can provide you this copy through our use of SEO tools, keywords, strategies and analytics.

By doing this, your copy will be better able to draw in more organic search engine traffic and elevate your products above those of competing businesses.

  • Delivery of Catalogue Copy that Wins over Your Prospects

We are well aware that the primary focus of your catalogue copy is your potential and active customers. In order to deliver copy that effectively resonates with your prospects, our catalogue copywriters will first perform the necessary research to understand your audience as well as what their exact needs are. This information will enable us to tailor copy that reaches your prospects and connects with them emotionally and in every other way that matters. Simply put, we deliver copy that matches the benefits of your products to the needs of your customers.

Contact us today for flawless, concise and effective catalogue copy that exudes originality and quality and will competently convert prospects into customers. Set up your account with us now to get started.