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Catalogue Copywriter Jobs

For many businesses, text or copy for catalogues is not on the priority list of their marketing strategies. The few that consider catalogue copy often do not put much thought into it.

Most business owners write their catalogue copy even though they do not have the ability to craft copy that portrays the image of their brand perfectly. This often results in failure.

What Is Catalogue Copywriting?

Catalogue copywriting involves writing product descriptions, order forms, feature cover copy, and copy for online catalogues. Catalogues are different from most advertising mediums because the products have to be explained with short descriptions which are sometimes called lean copy.

Normal copywriting often requires information that would have the word count of copy running into thousands. In catalogue copywriting, detailed, lengthy texts are avoided. Using the shortest texts possible, a catalogue copywriter aims to get people to order your product.

At Daily Posts, we have mastered the art of crafting catalogues that make clients fill out an enclosed order form immediately.

Types of Catalogue Copywriting

A catalogue is a compendium of products compiled in a way not only attracts the reader but compels him to buy the products or services it promotes. There are two major types of catalogue copywriting:

  • Print catalogue copywriting involves producing copy for printed catalogues.
  • Web-based catalogue copywriting involves producing online, SEO-compliant copy for catalogues that will be distributed online via emails and social media platforms.

What Makes Great Catalogue Copywriting?

Some factors that contribute to making a catalogue a success include:

It is attention-grabbing

Great catalogue copy communicates to the reader in a way that is appealing. A professional catalogue copywriter uses catchy words and phrases, grammatically correct sentences, proper spellings and impeccable punctuations to create copy that will resonate with your audience.

SEO-friendly tricks and strategies

No matter how great your online catalogue is, if it does not attract visitors then it has failed. An experienced catalogue copywriter will know how to apply ethical SEO strategies to help you rank high in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Unique content

A catalogue has unique content. Most times, product descriptions across different online catalogues are similar to duplicitous content. A great catalogue takes this into cognisance and creates unique copy for its products.

At Daily Posts, our catalogue copywriters are adept at crafting catalogue copy that gives each product a voice of its own. We write detailed catalogues that convey your ideas to your customers, leading to a higher conversion rate. Contact us today.

Facts about Catalogue Copywriting

  • A catalogue is the most underrated form of ad copy but it is a perfect sale and marketing tool.
  • If your catalogue is not converting customers, chances are your copy is poorly written.
  • It takes more than beautiful images for catalogues to be convincing and effective. Great pictures and solid design are necessary for a catalogue to be successful. However, it is the text that has the ability to turn the reader into a consumer.
  • One of the skills required of a catalogue copywriter is the art of converting indecisive prospects into enthusiastic customers through catalogues that are convincing enough to convert leads.
  • Well-written catalogue copy balances the images and represents the displayed information to help readers digest the content better.

Frequently Asked Questions on Catalogue Copywriting

What is catalogue copy?

In publishing, jacket flap copy summarises a book which appears on the inside a hardcover dust jacket. Similarly, catalogue copy is summary copy or text written for a catalogue.

What is catalogue copywriting?

Catalogue copywriting involves writing advert copy for catalogues including the list of goods and services on sale with their descriptions published, to get people to buy or order products from the catalogue.

Are pictures all I need for my catalogue?

Catalogue copywriting is not just about the images. For it to be successful and convert as many people as possible, it has to be accompanied by texts that complement it accordingly. At Daily Posts, our catalogue copywriting services make all the difference between a successful catalogue and a book filled with pictures.

Why is SEO important in catalogue copywriting?

A majority of website traffic is driven by search engines. Most web users do not even go to the second page of search results. Therefore, it is important to optimise your catalogue copy so as to increase its conversion rate.

Catalogue Copywriter Jobs 

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