Catalogue Copywriter Jobs

Catalogue Copywriter Jobs

Looking to Hire a Professional Copywriter for Your Catalogue?

Catalogue copywriting is challenging and even though good copywriters abound, it takes some searching to find a great catalogue copywriter. Catalogue copywriting can be time-consuming and requires the writer to pay attention to detail and find a way to squeeze volumes of information into one tiny space.

If your business conducts a lot of product or service sales through catalogues, you definitely need a good catalogue copywriter, who can combine the technical details of your product – its features, and benefits – all in one little piece that will convince the reader to take further action.

Features of Catalogue Copywriting

  1. Less space to work with: This is probably the top feature of catalogue copywriting. With regular copywriting, a writer has to produce lengthy copy that can be anything from 400 to 2000 words long – sometimes even more. With catalogue copy, you are dealing with writing 50 to 75 words and achieving results akin to that of long copy.
  2. It is designed to capture attention: Good catalogue copywriting must grab and engage the attention of the reader. Therefore, the catalogue content has to appeal to the target audience and must contain words that they will immediately identify with and be drawn to.
  3. It emphasises the benefits of the product: Catalogue copywriting must convince the reader that the product was made with their best interests in focus. It should make them realise that the product is a solution to their problems and that it will benefit their lives in some way. They need to see how using the product or service will make things easier, better, or more convenient for them.
  4. It must balance features, technical details, and benefits: This is one strong reason why you need an expert and professional to write your catalogue content. Catalogue copywriting must include relevant information about the features and technical details of the product and link to how it benefits the reader. This has to be done in a balanced way, with each aspect assigned the space it needs. Features and technical details should not overshadow the benefits, which will leave the reader with no information as to what they can do with the product. The benefits too should not outweigh the features, as they will not be able to associate the product with how it benefits them.

Benefits of Using a Daily Posts Catalogue Copywriter

Finding a professional for your catalogue copywriter jobs at Daily Posts is about the best decision you can make. At Daily Posts, you can get just about any kind of writing service you need. We are a professional writing company and have a large pool of different skills you can utilise, from which you can find a great catalogue copywriter. When you sign up to use our catalogue copywriting services, you:

  1. Get a catalogue copywriter that will understand your audience: A good catalogue copywriter needs to become part of your audience. They must seek to understand what will make a potential customer purchase your product or service. Our copywriters are trained to delve into the minds of your audience and understand what drives them to purchase. With this knowledge, Daily Posts writers create succinct, balanced and compelling content that attracts and engages your audience.
  2. Get as much catalogue copy as you need: We have writers that are highly skilled in producing copy for catalogues and they work round-the-clock. Our team is set up so that we have people across the world working and writing every hour of the day to produce the content that you need. We ensure you get all the copy you need to populate your catalogue, no matter the volume.
  3. Get copy with fresh ideas that are of high quality: At Daily Posts, it is inconceivable that we would deliver shoddy and low quality work to our clients. Our writers are professional and very creative people, who can think of new and fresh ways to write catalogue copy that it is free of errors. Our editing team is the second level of quality assurance, as they work to ensure that the copies our writers produce are carefully vetted and corrected if need be.
  4. Get more people taking action: The point of you sending out catalogues is for people to take action that will result in higher sales for your business. Our writers are skilled at writing catalogue copy that not only grabs the interest of your audience, but also convinces them to take actions that will result in them buying the product or service featured in the catalogue . With the quality of copy we produce at Daily Posts, you can be sure that more people will be responding to your calls to action. We have a proven history of helping our clients achieve this.

Get a Daily Posts Catalogue Copywriter Now

Add value to your catalogue and increase the productivity and conversions of your business by engaging a professional catalogue copywriter at Daily Posts. The process is very straightforward. To begin, sign up on our website as a client. You can also call us on 02380 970979.

Following your sign up, our customer care team will immediately contact you to take you through the process of submitting your brief and assigning a writer to work on it. We have an online platform setup that makes it convenient for you to request your copy be produced and vetted. The platform is also used to make payments. Once you sign up, you’ll duly be given access to this platform.



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