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Your catalogue may contain many beautiful images – some of which capture the consumers’ attention and even tell a fantastic story. However, the truth is that images alone are insufficient for driving conversion and generating sales. Why? Because they are just product images. When consumers look at them, they may see elegant clothes, gorgeous shoes or body cream, but that is all the images tell them, and that isn’t enough to compel them to make a purchase.


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Well-written catalogue copy should balance images and represent the displayed data in a way that can help readers digest the content better. This is where a catalogue copywriter comes in. You need to target a specific group of consumers and subtly educate them about the features and benefits of your products and direct them to a store where they can make a purchase.

Daily Posts’ copywriters can help you craft catalogue copy that gives your product a voice of its own and guides consumers towards placing an order or visiting a store near them to pick up your product. We have the resources to produce conversion-friendly copies irrespective of the medium of output – be it print or web. Contact us today.

How Our Copywriters Enrich Your Catalogue Copy

Catalogue copywriting is vastly different from other forms of copywriting because it involves describing many products with short explanations. Whether for print or web, catalogue copywriting is a delicate form of advertising which only professionals can effortlessly manoeuvre. At the end of the day, just like other forms of ad copies, the main aim of catalogues is to get people to order your product directly by calling customer service or filling out an online or enclosed order form.

Here are some of the rules we live by at Daily Posts when crafting catalogue content for our clients. They are the reasons our catalogue copy has high conversion rates:

Catchy headlines

The importance of headlines cannot be overstated, even in catalogues. We craft stimulating headlines which grab the attention of the reader and make them eager to find out more about your product. It is a well-known fact that a great headline can inspire people to take notice, while a bad headline is enough to turn them off totally, regardless of how great the product is.


Apart from persuasive and convincing copy, we make sure the instructions and directions are clear and the descriptions are well-defined. Step-by-step guidelines are provided so the client knows exactly how to send off for their order. We believe that just pictures with few words are uninteresting. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a picture with a vibrant description is worth ten thousand.


Studies have shown that the average web user spends just three minutes reading a catalogue. Since our ultimate goal is to get people to buy or order products from the catalogue, we try to get the information across in a concise way without sacrificing the core details of the products.

How Daily Posts Optimises Your Catalogue Copies

To elevate your product image and help consumers discern the value of your product, your catalogue copy needs to answer a set of important questions. These are questions consumers are likely to be thinking about when they initially look at your catalogue.

For instance, when consumers view that pretty dress in your catalogue, they could be wondering:

  • Does it come in my size and favourite colour?
  • Will I get a discount when I order two or more?
  • Where can I make my order?
  • What material is the dress made of? It looks satiny, but I need to be sure.
  • Is it wash-and-wear or will I have to always iron after washing?
  • Where was it made? I love Italian clothes.
  • What about shipping?

To ensure our copywriters incorporate the most vital information into your catalogue copy, we may request the following details:

Product name

We always ask for the name of the product or service we will be writing a copy about. A working name will suffice. We just need a name to work with, so there’s no confusion along the way. This also helps our copywriters get a deeper understanding of your product and helps the readers to know exactly what product they should go for.

Where was the product produced?

This can be especially impactful if your product was made in a region or country known for quality. For instance, adding that a leather bag or shoe was manufactured in Italy gives it an air of authenticity because a lot of quality leather products are produced there.

What’s your reason for including each product in the catalogue?

This is very important, as it can give our copywriters an insight into the benefits of your products. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a lengthy reason. In most cases, a one-line description is enough. If need be, we know how to expand on it.


Consumers will definitely want to know where they can buy your product. Is it available in top retail shops online? Is it available worldwide? Or is it only available in your store in London, for example? This also helps to narrow your audience to those who really need it. What use is it to advertise a product which is available only in the UK to American readers?

Pricing and discounts

To better craft catalogue copy that will sell your products, we need a fair knowledge of the pricing of each unit, as well as any available discounts. There is no need to keep the reader guessing about the price range. Also, the presence of discounts, no matter how minimal, can convert hesitant buyers.

Product specifications

This includes the size, weight, colour, fabric type, operating system info and so on. If we discover that the size or weight of your product is a selling point, we will highlight that in your catalogue. For instance, is it the smallest or the lightest AC in the world? That specification you are overlooking may be the backbone of your whole campaign.

The benefits of your product feature to consumers

Product features are great in catalogues, but, when they offer no obvious benefits, why should consumers care? Is your AC the smallest in the world? Good. Does that mean it’s easy to install and consumers will save on installation costs? Your phone comes with 8-gigabyte RAM. Does that mean it is super-fast? The benefits are equally as important as the features.

Does the product complement another product?

Product synergy comes into play here. Does using, eating, or wearing Product A and Product B together elevate their value, taste or appeal? If yes, then Product A can be used to sell Product B and vice versa. Consider peanut butter and jelly. Both go hand in hand and selling one will often help in selling the other. This strategy is worth utilising when constructing your catalogue copy.


Do you have competitors? If so, we need to know who they are. When we write your catalogue copy, we don’t only focus on helping you sell more products. We also want to give you a competitive advantage, so knowing and researching your competitors will help us do that.

Is the product new?

This is a very important question, as new products offer exciting possibilities to consumers. Also, if it’s an improved version of an old product, we want to know. These are details we can leverage to influence consumers to purchase your product.

How can consumers reach your support team?

A great customer support system makes happy, lasting customers. It’s possible that after scanning your catalogue, consumers might require more information about your product and may need to speak directly with your support team.  When you provide Daily Posts with this information, our copywriters will then seamlessly incorporate it in your catalogue copy, so that you don’t lose potential customers simply because they have no way of reaching your team.

Why Hire Daily Posts to Craft Your Catalogue Copy?

Catalogue copywriting isn’t the same as regular writing. With catalogue copywriting, you need three prominent skills: persuasive writing skills, marketing skills and, in the case of web catalogues, SEO proficiency.

At Daily Posts, we have mastered the art of converting indecisive prospects into enthusiastic customers using our copywriting skills. As a team, we work hand-in-hand to produce catalogues that exude quality in writing and are convincing enough to convert leads. These are some of the reasons you should choose our professional catalogue copywriting services.

For online catalogue copy that is search engine optimised

Unlike print catalogues, online ones need to be search engine optimised. When you consider that 80% of consumers research products online before making a purchase, you realise that organic traffic from search engines is a gem that only the unwise would neglect.

At Daily Posts, we integrate SEO tools, strategies and analytics with your online catalogue copy to:

  • Place the link to your online catalogue at the top of search results for relevant keywords
  • Elevate your products above those of your competitors
  • Help your online catalogue pull in more organic search engine traffic

A catalogue copy that resonates with your prospects

When you hire Daily Posts to deliver your catalogue copy, our copywriters will first research your audience to understand who they are and what their needs are. Then, we will tailor a copy that connects with them – on both a professional and emotional level – and inspire them to make purchase decisions that favour your products. We do this by pointing out the benefits of your product features to them.

Flawless catalogue copy

By flawless catalogue copy, we are promising you satisfaction in every aspect of our catalogue copywriting service. This means that you will get catalogue copy:

  • That exudes originality and quality.
  • That is error-free.
  • That is concise and non-redundant.
  • That is delivered within your deadline.
  • That will convert prospects into customers.


Frequently Asked Questions on Catalogue Copywriting

What is catalogue copywriting?

Catalogue copywriting involves writing advert copies for catalogues including the list of goods and services on sale with their descriptions, with the aim of getting people to buy or order products from the catalogue.

Are all catalogue copies printed?

Not at all. Catalogue copywriting services are aimed at both web and print. They can be made into e-catalogues and shared via direct emails, put up on websites for web users to go through, published as a printed document or even shared electronically via CDs and DVDs.

How much does catalogue copy cost?

At Daily Posts, our rates are very pocket-friendly. We offer different packages depending on your catalogue copy needs and how much time and effort would be required to see them through. No matter your budget, you can choose the package which is most fitting for you without breaking the bank.

Can you produce catalogue copies for me even though I am not in your country?

Yes, we can. At Daily Posts, we write and deliver premium catalogue copies to our clients irrespective of their location. Once you sign up with us, we communicate via email, phone calls and Skype until your project is fully complete. Our clients are based in different parts of the world including the UK, USA, New Zealand, Ireland and Australia.

How hard can catalogue copywriting be since it is mostly images?

Catalogue copywriting is not just about the images. Catalogues are more than beautiful, airbrushed images of products. For it to be successful and convert as many people as possible, it has to be accompanied by texts that complement it accordingly. At Daily Posts, our catalogue copywriting services will make all the difference between a successful catalogue and a book filled with pictures.


Creating catalogue content is delicate work, as it must convince the reader – in just a brief line or two – that the item is worth purchasing. Your catalogue shouldn’t be filled with boring, unconvincing descriptions, so let Daily Posts help you make the best of your content to attract more customers and drive sales.

Set up your account now and begin seeing great results with your catalogue copies or call us on 02380 970979 to find out just what we can offer you.