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Business Copywriting for Online Success

Does your content connect with your customers? Are your stories engaging your audience as they should? Is your business copywriting nurturing a healthy corporate culture?

Every business’ writing should communicate the brand’s personality. Your message should capture your customers’ language, tone of voice and flow of ideas. A powerful corporate narrative can help you start engaging conversations with your audiences.

DailyPosts is a copywriting agency with years of experience copywriting business messages for start-ups, multinationals, and other organisations looking to establish strong connections with their customers. Whether you simply want to share company news or industry trends, we communicate it in the most effective way that resonates with your business personality.

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From business copywriting to brand storytelling, we help engage and motivate your audience to act. When customers take action on your website, it increases its performance and your business’ online credibility. Even good communication can attract worthy investors to share, co-create, and customise ideas with your company.

Good writing – traditional or digital takes time. It requires empathy and an in-depth understanding of your company, including its vision and values. This is where we can help. DailyPosts researches, writes, and edits engaging copy to take businesses to the next level. The copy empowers its audience, builds the brand and encourages change.

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Business Copywriting with SEO-Friendly Content

Organic traffic from search engines is still one of the most effective ways to grow business leads. Business writing containing Search Engine Optimised (SEO) and highly ranked industry keywords will catapult your business over its competitors and give your website a good position on search engines.

Our web copywriting services focus on the accurate fusion of brand-relevant keywords and engaging copy. We weave in carefully researched and selected keywords throughout your message to influence its positioning across major search engines.

By producing valuable content that attracts links from high domain authorities, your website should experience a rise in traffic volume and more sale-ready leads.

We produce quality SEO business copywriting for:

  • Web content: sales pages and landing pages.
  • Email marketing content: newsletters, sales letters, and campaigns.
  • Articles:blog posts and magazines.
  • Advertising copywriting.
  • FAQs pages.
  • Case studies.
  • Business reports.
  • Industry publications. 

Business Copywriting for Effective Landing Pages

The last place you want to lose prospective clients is your sales or landing page.  Having high-ranked content on your website has the potential to improve traffic. However, your landing page must be able to engage visitors and channel them towards successful conversion.

To engage your visitors, our copywriters create landing pages that are descriptive, properly titled, and explain why your products are better than your competition. We also create persuasive call-to-action statements. You never know, your landing page copy could make all the difference between a successfully converted sale and a lost one.

For B2B clients, our message is always clear, authoritative, and straight to the point. We want to build authority for your business and garner trust among your audience.

Business Copywriting for Increased Sales

Some websites have no content strategy and little or no call-to-action statements. Conversely, some websites contain copy that is too overbearing with tacky content. The idea is to have a content strategy that combines the two, and directs web visitors through the sales funnel, while giving them the best web experience.

Although this is not as simple as it sounds, if done well by your design team and our business copywriters, you will notice an improvement in your sales numbers.

Conversion may not always be about sales. Your email subscription, client information or White Paper downloads can be facilitated by well-written copy.

Copyediting for Business Writing

At DailyPosts, we specialise in copywriting, and have a team of pernickety copyeditors that take time to brush through the finished copy for grammatical and spelling errors, or any other slips the writer may have missed.

Our copyeditors proof-read and put finishing touches on your content to ensure it is clean, clear and professional. Your clients believe more in your credibility when they are impressed by the quality of content your organisation provides.

Business Copywriting by Real People, for Real People

Unlike some agencies that rely on automatically generated content for their clients, DailyPosts produces its content the good old-fashioned way- human creativity. This way our content stays fresh, creative and humanised.

We specialise in writing that converts complicated ideas into interesting conversations. Our goal is to produce narratives that educate, engage and encourage your clients, employees, business partners, investors and other stakeholders.

We have been producing business copywriting like this for private companies, government agencies and communities since our inception. Whatever your business niche, our copywriters will deliver as promised. 

Why Hire a Professional Business-Copywriting Agency?

  1. Become an authority with steady updates of original content

To establish your business as an authority in your niche, you need to update your website with fresh content regularly. It is understandable for most businesses to struggle with new blog posts or case studies every week. After all, there are core business responsibilities to attend to.

At DailyPosts, our core business is to write content for organisations. We can handle the burden and help you become an authority company to your stakeholders.

  1. Give your writing a professional tone

Business copywriting is different from regular writing. Your audience is more sophisticated, knowledgeable and smart. One slip could cost your business its reputation. As professional writers who have been in the business for a long time, we know what it takes to communicate in B2B and B2C language. We also write corporate stories for brands without veering from their original voice.

  1. Get original copy at competitive rates

Our copywriters pride themselves in researching thoroughly to produce 100% original content. Regarding SEO, your company will benefit from freshly written content that is exclusive to your website. Furthermore, you can take control of your content marketing budget by choosing from our flexible range of price points.

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