Brochure Writer

Brochure Writer

At Daily Posts, we have built a reputation for writing brochure copies that sell. Our experienced brochure writers have been producing excellent brochure copies that convert for decades. We know what works and what doesn’t. For us, a brochure is a sales document. However, that doesn’t mean it should be a sales pitch. There should be a good balance between entertaining and persuasive.

The best brochures sell a customer without the customer realising that they are being sold to. That is why some of the biggest brands in the UK trust us to handle their brochure copywriting.

Unfortunately, too many writing agencies think of brochures as just a product information booklet that showcases a brand’s story, staff and products. Others meanwhile become a total sales pitch that immediately scare off potential clients.  This is a waste of advertising money that could help draw in revenue and build a loyal customer base.

Brochures Are Becoming More Effective

Furthermore, we have observed over the years that brochures are becoming even more effective. Perhaps it’s down to the fact that the world is more paperless nowadays. Also, having something that is tangible and dimensional is suddenly rare and cool or perhaps even stirs up nostalgic memories. Maybe it’s because people sometimes crave a break from digital screens. Whatever the reason, the most important thing is that currently, a well-written brochure boosts revenue significantly.

Brochures have a Unique Advantage

Our copywriters are often very excited about brochures. This is because it allows them to be creative in lots of ways. Brochures are interactive and allow your brand to roll out all the benefits of a product or service and use images to drive home the message.

You also control how you roll out the message, unlike on a website. For Daily Posts, the aim of brochure copy is not just to roll out a message or disseminate information, but to persuade. That is what we attempt to do with all of our brochure copies.

Design that Attracts

For the copy to persuade, someone has to read it first. That is why the design is important as well. The design has to be appealing and the headline needs to speak to the target audience. We also aim to pull the reader from page to page by writing copy that attracts, intrigues, entertains, persuades – and then intrigues even further – to keep the reader going.

Everything we write has to be strategic and audience-based. Either it’s trying to project benefits or attempting to dispel objections.

Brochure that is Audience-Focused

Sometimes, it’s preferable to have a different brochure for different audiences. For instance, companies often make the mistake of handing out the same brochures after sales presentations and at trade shows, although both audiences are clearly dissimilar and at opposing stages in the sales process, thus requiring different information. The persuasive structure of your brochure must match your audience to maximise its profitability.

To do this, a thorough understanding of the target audience is vital. The readers have to know exactly what is in it for them, if they are to be actively engaged and not just flipping from page to page aimlessly. Our copywriters study the buyer persona of the target audience in order to properly understand their pain-points and challenges.

To deliver results – such as getting readers to pick up the phone and order a product – the brochure must guide the reader towards a clear and an urgent call-to-action.

Experienced with Various Types of Brochures

Whether you need a tri-fold or two-panel brochure, Daily Posts has the experience to deliver your thoughts in print. We can work with your designer if you prefer or you can leave everything to us.

There is no size of brochure or brochure inserts too big or small for Daily Posts. We have experience working across various industries such as retail, real estate, amongst others. All you have to do is communicate your needs and answer our questions, then leave the rest to us. Though our questioning might be rigorous, it enables us to do a thorough job.

What You Can Expect

  • Easy-to-read and well-organised brochure: The brochure we will create for you will be concise and filled with persuasive information that will show the target audience what is in it for them.
  • Catchy, scannable and informative subheadings: The brochure subheadings will be designed to compel the reader to keep reading and ultimately guide them to take action. It will be filled with benefits and reasons why the reader needs it, supported by features and proofs.
  • Design: The design will be crisp, simple and engaging. The design will help highlight the key message of the copy and help hold the reader’s attention.
  • Brand Harmony: The brochure will respect and project your brand values, tone, voice and image.

Quality Assurance Process

We have a rigorous process that enables us to maintain the same quality and standards we are known for. At the onset of the project, we take the time to understand your requirements and what needs to be done. We then assign the project to an experienced copywriter who is skilled in your industry or niche.

The copywriter will take time to understand your needs and perform in-depth audience research in order to understand the buyer persona of your potential customer. Generally, before the copywriter starts writing, they have a clear understanding of your product and services, brand values and writing style, as well as being aware of the challenges and dreams of your prospect and how to communicate with them.

Then they go to work. After producing the copy, our editors pore over it to ensure it meets our brand benchmark. They also cross-check facts and figures and correct any grammatical errors that may have been overlooked.

After that, the project is passed to a designer – either ours or your own. Together, we find the right design, colour, font, images and layout to enhance the message and lead the reader to the desired goal.

After that, we pass a digital copy to you so that you can cross check and make any revisions or additional requests. We then incorporate your final suggestions and either complete the printing ourselves or pass it to your publisher.

This is just a summary of a very effective process we have used over the years to produce sales record-breaking brochures for various brands.

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