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What is brochure copywriting?

A brochure is a marketing tool used by copywriters to give detailed information about a product or a service.

Brochure copywriting is the process of creating informative content that persuades a target audience to buy a product or subscribe to a service.

Copywriting agencies help business owners and brands to write effective brochure content that can help their target audience on their user journey and also market their products.

Brochures can be published on social media, web pages, and anywhere else on the internet. They can also be sent to prospective customers as a marketing tool.

Types of brochures

Brochures can come in different forms. You need to know the different types of brochures and when to use them.

Here are types of brochures you need to know:

Sales support brochure: This brochure is written to help support you on your sales journey. It is written for sales executives to guide them in their sales pitch. It is focused on making sales by building brand awareness and generating quality leads.

Point of sale brochure: This brochure is seen when a prospective customer enters a trade show, exhibition, kiosk, or an office.

Point of sale brochure: This brochure is seen when a prospective customer enters a trade show, exhibition, kiosk, or an office.

Leave-behind brochure: This is the brochure you leave with your target audience after having a conversation with them. It prompts them to make a purchase.

Handout brochure: This brochure is written and handed to people who might be interested in your product or service offering.

Direct mail brochure: This is sent directly to target audience emails.

What makes great brochure copy?

Great brochure copy must be optimised for page rank or web rank. When your target audience searches for the product you are offering, they should be able to find your brochure.

Great brochure copy must be fluid. It should attract the prospective buyer and make him want to stop and read your copy.

Great brochure copy must provide details about a product or service. It must provide such details concerning the features, benefits, reach, usage, solutions and so on about the product or service.

It must provide concrete information that would leave readers inspired to take the desired action.

Great brochure copy is well outlined and presents details in a simple and understandable manner for the target audience to digest and understand them.

Great brochures are not filled with fluff but necessary details only.

Experienced copywriting agencies can help you craft great brochures.

Facts about brochure copywriting

Here are facts about brochures you need to know according to a study related to the travel industry by Bentley University:

Research shows that 7 out of 10 tourist visitors pick up brochures in-market: This shows that brochures are still effective. It is also important that your brochure comes in an attractive design and packaging.

Studies have also shown that 95% of people who look at brochures notice a business: Brochures can also help you build brand awareness.

The percentage of people who plan to visit a business when they see a brochure is 83%. Brochures are an effective marketing communications tool that produces effective results as statistics show.

Frequently asked questions about brochure copywriting

How many pages should a brochure be?

There is no specified number of pages for brochures. You can write in a long or short form depending on the business needs.

Who should write a brochure?

A copywriting agency or a copywriter writes a brochure. Just because someone is a web content writer doesn’t mean he can write brochure copy.

When should you write brochure copy?

You should write brochure copy when you need to pitch to your target audience or provide more information about your product or service offerings.

Are brochures still effective?

Yes, brochures are still effective in today’s market.

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