Press Releases

Every business occasionally has news about its products and services, ranging from upgrades to promotions, upcoming events, new releases and much more, which they will want the general public to be privy to.


Press Release Writing: An Effective Promotional Tool

The best way to get this news across to people is to make use of a copywriting company, such as Daily Posts, to come up with a precise, to-the-point press release that is also engaging.

Other than being thorough and providing exposure, our press releases are charged per 100 words and are some of the most affordable you will find anywhere. Each announcement is specifically tailored and structured to fit whatever product, service or event it is to be used for.

Daily Posts offers professional writing services, which specialise in modern public notice, guarantee the coverage of pertinent topics, and guarantee an increase in site traffic through carefully-crafted press releases. The better the quality, the more exposure your business is likely to see, which is why it is always a sound decision to hire a writing company such as ourselves.

Due to our affiliations with a number of press release organisations, we can guarantee mass distribution, and also ensure that the material is shared through social media and picked up by search engine algorithms, thereby also improving natural site traffic.

Before deciding to put out a public notice, there are some basic things you should know about them:

What is a Press Release?

It is a short, precise piece of news written to spread information about an event, product or service. Public notices are usually written for businesses or organisations and distributed to media channels through various means.

Basic Content of a Press Release

A good public notice should contain your company, business or brand name, and the specific information pertaining to your products, service or event. It should correctly describe the time and location of events as well as the advantages the product, service or event will give to the target audience.

The above information should be well crafted into short and concise sentences, and you want to make sure your public notice contains key information and benefits.

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James Cummings, CEO, takes a look at product descriptions and e-commerce.

If you need help writing e-commerce categories and descriptions, or with e-commerce content strategy, then get in touch or register with Daily Posts to discuss through our virtual office.

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Types of Press Releases

There are different types of press releases, with their own unique rules and formats, which serve individual purposes.

  • Event press release
  • Product press release
  • Lunch release
  • Executive staff and employee press release

Regardless of the type used, ensure that the headline used is catchy, and the article is well written using the correct information.

Reasons for a Press Release

Many companies (erroneously) believe that most of their daily happenings and developments don’t warrant publicity, thereby limiting their use of public notices. There is always something newsworthy in anything, from scheduled events to personnel promotions, from industry awards to new products and services, employee announcements, honours and awards, as well as research results.

Who to Send Your Press Release to

Your audience getting your press release is also as important as coming up with a well-written public notice. The key to ensuring your public notice is widely seen is to first determine who your target audience are.

Sending your public notice to a list of media outlets that are most likely to reach your target audience should be your next step. A well-written public notice that requires little editing will most likely be broadcasted.

Releasing the Story Within You in Your Press Releases

Every business has the seeds of a fantastic story within it; our job is to cultivate that little seed into something big and vibrant. Our writers always make sure they have a basic understanding of your business, in order to develop a story suitable for your business that captures the imagination of every reader.

By sending your public notice to relevant contacts within your industry, as well as popular PR websites, we can gain links and exposure for your company, as well as get a massive boost to your reputation in the offline and online press.

Every press release written by Daily Posts is written for a specific reason and with a set goal. Some will promote a service or product, while others will announce a special event, initiative or new hiring.

As our professional writing staff know, the first step to an insightful public notice is tackling the five W’s: Who? What? Why? Where? When? (With an additional ‘How?’ thrown in, for good measure!).

Answering these questions in short, punchy paragraphs is the key to gaining traction and word-of-mouth amongst your readership; the better the quality, the more exposure your business is likely to see; you don’t want it to sound like a sales pitch – which is why it’s always a sound decision to hire a writing company such as ourselves.

Turning the ‘Newsworthy’ into ‘News’

As a prominent writing agency, we deal with PR issues on a daily basis and naturally understand their importance when considering contemporary marketing and promotion. With our expertise, rest assured that the public perception of your company is in safe hands!

No matter your company’s sector, industry or particular piece of news, we craft every press release with the same degree of research, professionalism and procedure while making sure it is suitable for, and specific to, your business. No business is too big, no job too small.

Though there are universal guidelines to follow, we know that the content of each public notice varies drastically, depending on the market and readership. Our vast experience means we always deliver the right content for the right audience, be it specialist or consumer magazines, national or local press.

We pride ourselves on the quality of work we do which is evident in our track record. Feel free to browse some of our previous examples of press release work, to see for yourself how committed Daily Posts is to quality, research and professionalism.

If you’re keen to get started, you can sign up for your own Daily Posts business account today, with just a few clicks. Alternatively, contact us on (UK) 02380 970 979 or (US) (646) 679-7971 for answers to any queries you may have or to kick-start your consultation process!

Compelling Press Releases Written to Guarantee You Exposure

Press Releases are a fantastic way to get your business ‘out’ to people that may be interested. A public notice should have the look and sound of a news story written in the third person and, at the same time, be interesting and attractive enough to be used by a journalist or an editor; you want a public notice that has truthful content to protect the credibility of your business.

By sending your press release to people within your industry (as well as to PR websites, such as PR Web), you can gain links, exposure and a massive boost to your reputation, both offline and online.

Poor-quality public notices are not worth the time and money spent on them. By producing high-quality public notices, you will attract much more exposure to your business. High-quality public notices will have an amazing effect on your promotion process, website results, and increase sales potential.

At Daily Posts, customer satisfaction is our goal, therefore, If you are looking for a complete partner for your online press release (and offline PR requirements), then we are the company for you.

Our Press Releases

Our releases generally range from 400 to 1000 words. They are concise, informative and interesting. While press releases are generally written like news articles, they should not bore the target audience and must be legible for easy reading and understanding. Here at Daily Post we take all this into consideration to produce a good quality public notice that meets your approval and satisfaction.

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