Press Releases

Press Releases

Press release writing – a powerful promotional tool

If your company wants press releases written to guarantee exposure, then you need the expert writing services of Daily Posts.

Writing a thorough and engaging press release is one of the oldest methods of getting word of your business ‘out’ to the general public – and not much has changed in the modern climate.

However, some companies send out press releases containing irrelevant, non-engaging or poorly structured content. It goes without saying that this is a waste of valuable time and resources – and at worst – can prove costly to brand image.

This is why Daily Posts offer professional writing services, which specialise in modern press releases. We can guarantee coverage of pertinent topics and an increase in site traffic, simply through our meticulously crafted press releases.

Many companies (erroneously) believe that most of their daily happenings and developments don’t warrant publicity in the form of a press release, but you’d be surprised. There is always something newsworthy in anything from scheduled events to personnel promotions. From industry awards to new products and services, it’s all there. It just takes a writing company like Daily Posts to turn it into something worth reading about!

Not only can we write your press releases, but we also have far-reaching affiliations with a number of press release organisations, meaning we can promise mass distribution to boot.

At Daily Posts, we guarantee that all commissioned press release projects are:

• Picked up and shared by well-connected members of the press
• Factual and professional in highlighting your company’s credible view on specific issues
• Engaging and user-friendly, ensuring that the material is shared through social media
• Picked up by search engine algorithms, improving natural site traffic

Releasing the story within you in your press releases

Every business has the seeds of a fantastic story within it; our job is to cultivate that little seed into something big and vibrant. Our writers always make sure they understand your business to subsequently develop a story that captures the imagination of every reader.

By sending your press release to relevant contacts within your industry, as well as popular PR websites, we can gain links and exposure for your company, as well as a massive boost to your reputation in the offline and online press.

Every press release written by Daily Posts is written for a specific reason and with a set goal. Some will promote a service or product, while others will announce a special event, initiative or new hiring.

As our professional writing staff know, the first step to an insightful press release is tackling the five W’s: Who? What? Why? Where? When? (with an additional ‘How?’ thrown in, for good measure!). Answering these questions, in short, punchy paragraphs is the key to gaining traction and word-of-mouth amongst your readership.

The better quality the press releases, the more exposure your business is likely to see – which is why it’s always a sound decision to hire a writing company such as ourselves.

Turning the ‘newsworthy’ into ‘news’

As a prominent writing agency, we deal with PR issues on a daily basis and naturally understand their importance when considering contemporary marketing and promotion. With our expertise, be assured that the public perception of your company is in safe hands!

No matter your company’s sector, industry or particular piece of news, we craft every press release with the same degree of research, professionalism and procedure. No business is too big, no job too small.

Though there are universal guidelines to follow, we know that the content of a press release varies drastically, depending on the market and readership. Our vast experience means we always deliver the right content for the right audience, be it specialist or consumer magazines, national or local press.

Feel free to browse some of our previous examples of press release work, to see for yourself how committed Daily Posts are to quality, research and professionalism.

If you’re keen to get started today, you can sign up for your own Daily Posts business account today, with just a few clicks. Alternatively, contact us on(UK) 02380 970 979 or (US) (646) 679-7971 for answers to any queries you may have or to kick-start your consultation process!

Compelling Press Releases Written To Guarantee You Exposure

Press Releases are a fantastic way to get your business ‘out’ to people that may be interested. By sending your press release to people within your industry (as well as to PR websites, such as PR Web), you can gain links, exposure and a massive boost to your reputation, both offline and online.

Poor quality press releases are not worth the time and money spent on them. By producing high-quality press releases, you will attract much more exposure to your business. High-quality press releases will have an amazing effect on your promotion process and website results.

At Daily Posts, we have affiliations and partnerships with a number of press release organisations.  Not only can we write press releases for you, we can have them distributed as well. If you are looking for a complete partner for your online press release (and offline PR requirements), then we are the company for you.

Our Press Releases

Every business has within it the seeds of a fantastic story. We make sure to understand your business and develop a story that captures the imagination of every reader. Our press releases generally range from 400 up to 1000 words.

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