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Best Copywriting Examples

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Is your company struggling with its website copy? You could improve its value and functionality by hiring a reputable copywriting agency.

Companies that work together with copywriting agencies notice an improvement in web traffic and conversion rates. There is also the opportunity to grow, by producing versatile and interesting content that is not just limited to your niche.

Daily Posts writing agency has a team of diverse and highly-skilled copywriters, experienced in writing across different sectors and industries. Our versatility helps businesses maintain an edge over their competititors by winning over customers with valuable content.

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In addition to producing quality copy, we share basic tips and advice with our clients to ensure their website remains a hot-spot for visitors and customers alike. Does your website record a high cart-abandonment rate? Your ‘Call to Action’ statement may not be so powerful after all.

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Copywriting Tips to Increase the SEO Quality of your Site

If you work with content as a strategy for online business growth (which you should), you’ll know one of the key performance indices of a performing website is its search engine ranking. You will also know how effective search engine ranking is in generating organic leads. There are techniques you can apply to enhance the SEO quality of your website.

  • Keyword placement

At Daily Posts, we put a lot of effort into keyword research. When a potential customer searches on Google for services they need, they use certain words or phrases called ‘keywords’. For example, a person in need of window replacements for their home might type in ‘Sash windows London’ to identify businesses in their area that sell or replace sash windows.

We identify high-ranking keywords and phrases specific to certain industries and place them in client content for high-ranking search results. By having valuable content which will attract links from high quality websites, you should observe an increase in traffic volume and more qualified leads.

  • Linking

In real life, we can trust someone we have never met before, because a friend we trust very much has recommended them to us. This is the same principle behind celebrity endorsement of products. Similarly, Google algorithms highly rank websites when they are linked to by high quality domains. For example, if Time Magazine or Forbes links to your web content, this ‘referral’ boosts your Trust flow and increases potential to rank highly on SERPs.

To get such influential ‘referrals’, ensure your content is fresh and of a high standard and produce on a regular basis. This means combining research and writing skill to churn out valuable content. Additionally, you can offer to write a top-quality guest post for a trustworthy website and use a name anchor to link back to your website.

Tips on Copywriting for Engagement

Now your website may be performing well for search and attracting sizeable site traffic to your web pages, but are those pages ‘sticking’ visitors? Your landing page should contain interesting content to retain those visitors and keep them returning.

  • Emphasise benefits, not product/services

When writing a landing page to engage potential customers, lead with your benefits and not just the solutions. The fact is that customers already know what solutions they need, so they are numb to a solutions-led copy strategy.

For instance, instead of “Our Sash Windows Prevent Draught in Winter”, your headline could read “Save Energy Bills by £30 monthly with Our Sash Windows”. While there’s nothing wrong with listing solutions, it shouldn’t be the bedrock of your website’s sales or landing pages.

  • Write a killer headline

Our copywriters practice headline writing regularly. There is a science to writing headlines that attract and encourage visitors to read the remainder of the content. For one, a good combination of figures and words provide an attractive contrast, like the second heading example above.

Another tip on copywriting headlines is the use of powerful words. Instead of saying “Our SEO Techniques will improve your Search Rankings”, we would much prefer “Leapfrog Your Website Over Competitors with Our Copywriting Services”. We apply similar strategies for our customers.

Add structure to your landing page by writing shorter sentences, using shorter blocks of paragraphs, bullet points and witty image captions.

Tips on Copywriting for Website Conversion

Engagement rates alone won’t sell your products. You need copy to coerce users to the final step – conversion. Drive up conversion rates with savvy copy.

  • Use real customer testimonials

Interview customers who are satisfied with your product/services and include their testimonials on your sales page. It is more effective when you include images and short descriptions of their profession and location (with their permission of course).

  • Use strong ‘Call to Action’ statements

Customers need something to direct them to the next action. A short sentence (or word) urging them to ‘Register’ or ‘Buy now’ allows them to complete their goal. The effectiveness of disclosing what happens when users click on a button has also been proven. For example, if a button reads, ‘Click here and get immediate access to downloads’, this is likely to increase conversion rates.

  • Use images as cues

This may not fall exactly under ‘Copywriting tips’, as it is more design related. However, copywriting and design go ‘stylus in hand’. In your copy images, the people (or features) should appear to look at or point to an adjoining ‘Call to Action’ button. This has a way of directing the prospective buyer towards the CTA instruction.

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SEO Copywriter

The internet has grown prominent in every corner of the world, becoming one of the most powerful tools for brands that are looking to achieve quick success. There are billions of users currently connected to the internet and many of them are using the web as a tool to look for what to purchase.

The fastest tool a web user employs to gain information and direction on what to buy is search engines. With a simple query, they can be directed to websites, online stores, or local shops with information concerning the products they are looking to purchase or the actual products or service they need.

As a result, businesses now use search engines to channel leads in order to boost revenue. This is why search engine optimisation has become an intrinsic part of brand marketing.

There are many specialists involved in SEO and one of the most important is the SEO copywriter.

Who is an SEO copywriter?

SEO copywriters are the experts responsible for producing fresh and original content that is enhanced to make a website rank higher on the result pages of search engines in order to attract leads that are interested in the products or services of a business. SEO copywriters work with different SEO specialists to ensure they’re following best practices to achieve desired results. The types of content produced by these experts include blogs, articles, landing pages, buying guides, about pages, and product descriptions.

The content produced by SEO copywriters is the result of deep research mixed with other ingredients needed to attract search engines to crawl and rank a website. Search engines determine the relevance of content and how to rank web pages through algorithms, and SEO copywriters have to meet the requirements of these tools to achieve results.

The job of SEO copywriters does not end there. They also make sure the content produced resonates with the target audience. This is done to ensure that web searchers don’t only get to a website, but find interesting information that keeps them engaged and compels them to act. In essence, the SEO copywriter also plays the role of a marketing expert that helps grow a client base and keep the present ones engaged.

Types of SEO Copywriters

While SEO copywriting is a speciality in itself, copywriters can choose to focus on certain branches of the field to produce effective content that serves specific purposes. Types of SEO copywriters include:

Technical SEO copywriter

These are copywriters who are mainly involved in developing search engine optimised content that is technical in nature. These copywriters are experts in the technology world and copywriting field. Their responsibility is to produce science and technology related content in such a way that it can attract search crawlers and simplify the verbiage in a way that readers can understand. Technical SEO copywriters create content like online product descriptions, blog articles, and consultation information, among others.

B2B SEO Copywriter

These experts are mainly involved in the creation of SEO-rich articles across websites of businesses that sell to other businesses. Content produced by B2B SEO copywriters are different from the regular content in the sense that they’re optimised for search engines and business executives rather than consumers alone.

Marketing SEO copywriter

Copywriters are generally marketers to a degree but there are those that are focused on marketing more than others. These ones go deeper into the field and concentrate more on buyer persona and other advertising engagements. The marketing SEO copywriter works with intimate details of the consumers and potential leads when developing content that will help a website rank on search engines.

The Creative SEO Copywriter

These are copywriting professionals that are versed in creating catchy headlines and company lingo that will attract different types of leads. They’re very important when it comes to brand awareness and promotion campaigns.

Facts about SEO copywriters

  • It takes years of experience to become a competent SEO copywriter.
  • SEO copywriters do more than just create content; they also get to understand your brand voice which will be used in creating content that’s perfect for your business.
  • SEO copywriters are also marketing experts in the sense that they help grow leads for brands.


What’s the job of an SEO content writer

SEO content writers are tasked with increasing the visibility of brands online by making sure their websites reach the first pages of search results. This is achieved through the creation of search optimised content across different pages of a website.

Can I create SEO content for my website?

Producing effective search optimised content involves a lot of algorithm tracking as well as keyword and entity research. So, it’s best you have experts handle this, as it can be time-consuming.

There are amazing copies available on the internet, but these copywriting examples are exceptional. Discover outstanding copy written by Daily Posts copywriters for different businesses across various sectors. You will find powerful, gripping web copy, sales copy, blog articles, PR copy and lots more - all written to unrivaled standards.

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