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Become a Copywriter

Become a Copywriter

Would you like to become a copywriter? You probably have identified your creative ability to use the power of words and of course earn from it. 
No one just wakes up and wants to become a copywriter. It has a lot to do with your background, training, interests and most certainly outstanding qualities.

What Is Copywriting?

It is an art of creatively delivering written words in ways that get people to take action ? Julia McCoy in ?What is Copywriting?? says it focuses on creating blogs, articles and infographics designed to draw the attention of readers to relevant and valuable content.

Who is a copywriter?

This is an individual who has mastered the art of creatively delivering written or spoken words in ways that get people to take action.
With growth in the ecommerce industry, the need for copywriters has risen significantly. Businesses are looking to put forward attention-grabbing contents online.

The different types of copywriting

Many copywriters specialise in writing about different industries and build competence in them:
i) Sales Copywriting: A background in sales and marketing is required in this type of copywriting. You will find creative ways to convince your target audience to make purchase decisions. 

ii)  Content Copywriting: Content copywriting is done with a focus on one topic. Becoming a copywriter in this specialty means you will be required to put up articles that provide step-by-step and how-to-do guidance on subject matters.

iii) Search Engine Optimisation Copywriting: This focuses mainly on accessibility of content on major search engines like Google. A good understanding of the algorithms behind page ranking is key here, as you will be required to ensure contents are ranked high on search engines results page through the use of keywords.

iv) Creative Copywriting: This is art of putting words together beautifully to appeal to an audience. It involves conceptualising an idea and selling it in a persuasive manner.

v)  Technical Copywriting: This is industry-specific copywriting which involves writing about new developments and trends in an industry. Copywriters in this category mostly write because of their knowledge of an industry, not necessarily because of their flair for writing.


Becoming a Copywriter

You have identified your passion to write copy are wondering what the scope of your responsibilities will be:
a)    Attend meetings: As a copywriter, you get to attend a lot of meetings and many times at the client's site to agree on work scope, deadlines and payment plans.
b)    Multitasking: You will be required to joggle different tasks at the same time and still produce excellent results. The ability to combine different briefs with different copywriting requirements and still produce quality contents is required.
c)    Meeting deadlines: A sterling quality that stands you out as a copywriter is the ability to meet agreed deadlines regardless of tight schedules. This helps to win clients' trust.
d)    Exceed expectations: You must maintain quality output consistently and always excel beyond the expectations of the client.
e)    Ability to write clear, persuasive and original copy
f)    Ability to ensure good user journey for prospective is also very important. A good user journey happens when readers find it easy to navigate your content and also have clear understanding.


Frequently Asked Questions

a)What is the importance of carving a niche in copywriting?

Specialising in a particular aspect of copywriting takes you from the level of being a standard writer to an authority in your chosen niche. It affords you the opportunity to build competence.

b)How do I ensure my contents are search engine optimised?

Shaun Anderson said in ?SEO for beginners in 2018? that keyword density is an important factor to consider in SEO. It promotes visibility and brand awareness.

c)How do I charge for copywriting services?

If you are a freelancer, you may make your price competitive, as you are being given a chance to prove yourself. Corporate agencies often have fixed prices in relation to industry standards.

d)Should I take on briefs despite unrealistic deadlines?

There has to be an agreement with the client on a specific deadline that works for both parties. It is better not to take a brief at all than take it and miss the deadline.

e)How much research is required for a piece of writing?

It is advised that you get information 7 times more than is needed. This helps to minimise chances of being stuck in the middle of a project.
Becoming a copywriter is an indication you have identified a passion. Bear in mind that your aim when writing copy is to increase conversion rates by the content you create.

Become a CopywriterBecome a Copywriter

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