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B2B firms need to develop a rich portfolio of specialist, exceptional marketing content, that powerfully express their brand proposition in simple, clear and engaging language. Daily Posts have developed the expertise and have the experience to help brands boost their market share with our premium quality, strategic B2B copywriting services.


B2B Copywriting Services for Effective Business Results

Enhance the impact of your marketing efforts with purposeful B2B copywriting services. With effective written communication, your business can reap the rewards in its sales numbers and conversion rates.

DailyPosts copywriters produce B2B content for businesses hoping to increase their online visibility and calls from client services. Our copywriters are experts at business writing that compels action. We cover a wide range of niches ranging from corporate to non-corporate sectors. We have produced B2B copywriting for insurance firms, real estate companies and travel blogs.

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The challenges you encounter when you sell products or services to other businesses are distinctive. If you would like to shorten your sales cycles and grow your leads, you need persuasive marketing copy that:

  • Attracts influential business buyers on many levels.
  • Gives your potential customers sufficient information to enable them make smart decisions.
  • Conveys complex or technical information in an interesting way.

That is why you need a professional writing agency that understands B2B copywriting and produces compelling copy that motivates commercial buyers to take necessary action.

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B2B Copywriting Services: Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Your business prospects are constantly inundated by information. It’s easy to get lost in all the online noise. You need targeted marketing for direct mail that is compelling enough to generate positive response rates, increase conversion and lower costs per lead.

Your business prospects have human decision makers. Here at DailyPosts, we write professional copy with a human angle. Our aim is to help you connect deeply with your clients through written communication.

B2B Copywriting Services: Email Marketing

Email marketing still presents the most reliable form of business communication. Target your clients with cleverly crafted newsletters, blogposts and whitepapers through email channels. It is true that a significant number of marketing emails are left unopened or sometimes sent to spam. Our copywriters ensure your business campaigns are not only opened but receive good response rates. We use attention grabbing headlines and engaging email content to hold your prospective clients’ interest.

Leverage the expertise of our firm’s copywriters and get the copy-strategy combination that produces results for your targeted email campaigns.

B2B Copywriting Services: Website Copy

Many corporate websites fail to take advantage of the web content in ‘harvesting leads’ for their businesses. Your website is an important brand touchpoint and one of the most influential aspects of your business’ online marketing efforts.

It is unfortunate how unprofessional many corporate websites are in terms of appearance and content quality. We develop landing page structure and content that not only attracts clients but guides them towards engagement and purchase on your website.

Your ad copy needs to match the content and structure of the linked landing page. We write landing pages for specific ad copy to maximise site traffic and encourage conversations with your customer service staff.

In addition to content production, we improve SEO quality of webpages for strong online visibility. At DailyPosts, we do this by infusing smart writing with well-researched keywords. When potential clients search for services related to your business online, your website shows up favourably ranked on the search engine.

B2B Copywriting Services: Content Production

Your website can benefit from professional content targeted at providing solutions for B2B companies. White papers, blog articles, case studies and more, are examples of sticky content which attract professionals to your website.

As you update your website with fresh material regularly, it can grow to become an online authority among your peers. People flock to authority websites for answers and this has the potential to increase its citation and trust flow for search engine crawlers. It also presents an opportunity to link them to your sales pages or engage in meaningful conversations.

Some examples of our B2B copywriting

  • Professional case studies, sell sheets
  • White papers
  • Website copy, landing pages and e-marketing campaigns
  • Content marketing materials such as articles and blogposts
  • Content for an online newsroom

Our professional content pieces can improve your business’ online presence, audience engagement and conversion rates. We use clever writing to help buyers overcome their purchase objections and convince them to take action.

Why do You Need Professional B2B Copywriting Services?

A business needs to reflects it professionalism in its content. Writing your own copy can be counterproductive, especially if the demands of your services require full staff.

  1. Save time

Business writing and content production is time consuming, and doing it yourself can take your attention away from core business responsibilities. Let a professional writing agency handle your business writing so you can have more time to develop strategic solutions for your business. DailyPosts writers are efficient, and we produce content in time for your marketing efforts.

  1. Reflect your business personality

Nobody knows your business as well as you do, but not everybody can put it attractively into words. For effective written communication, your business voice must be felt in your content.

It requires specific skill to reflect your brand’s essence in words and convince the audience of the veracity of your products. The copywriters at DailyPosts have been writing business material for many years and are experienced professional communicators.

  1. Research-based writing

It is impossible to write high-quality content without conducting proper research. This is one of the gritty aspects of B2B copywriting. Our services are deeply-rooted in research. In fact, all our business copy begins with research on the audience and your competitors. With this insight, we approach the writing in a language and voice tone your clients can respond to.

  1. Fresh supply of content

Becoming an online authority isn’t an overnight process. It stems from steady production of quality content updated on your business website. As a business, writing and producing content on a regular basis can be challenging. However, that is what we do at DailyPosts. We can provide quality content regularly to establish your company as an authority in its niche.

DailyPosts B2B copywriting promises 100% original content exclusive to your website alone. This is a guarantee we uphold for all clients.

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