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B2B Copywriting Services

Business to business (B2B) as the term implies is the offering of services or products by a business entity to another business entity. This is different from Business to Consumers (B2C) where transactions are between a business and an individual consumer.

As with the B2C, the business to business entities also require marketing, only that the audience in focus is different. A B2B copywriter creates copy with a focus on a different audience ? other businesses. He puts your content online in a way that is accessible and of interest to your audience.

In B2B copywriting, the tone and style of communication is different, as you are addressing CEOs, CFOs and top management who make capital or purchase decisions.


Services offered by a B2B Copywriter

Copywriting for B2B is in many ways similar to B2C, the only difference is the fact that focus is on business and not on an individual consumer. Here are some service offerings of a B2B copywriter:

  • Landing Pages: A B2B copywriter finds the balance between inspiring business minds on an emotional level first and then follows up with an appeal to their more logical side. They get right to the point, using catchy headlines, a strong sub-heading and a compelling call to action.
  • Service/product Description Pages: Your product description pages are part of the deciding factors for conversions and so the B2B copywriter applies deep research, years of experience and creative flair to create professional description pages on your sites.
  • eNewsletters: Electronic newsletters are periodicals that sell your brand to potential customers who may be making judgments about your brand and eventually make purchase decisions.
  • Web Copy: Excellent web copy sets you apart from competition. Does your copy lack creative touch? A B2B copywriter is skilled in creating web copy that attracts and retains your target market.
  • Case Studies: These are invaluable assets when it comes to establishing proof that your product or service is valuable and of good quality. In case studies, different real life scenarios are presented in which a product or service is promoted as valuable to the prospective buyer.

The main drive of B2B copywriters is to generate leads for the businesses that hire them.

What makes a great B2B Copywriter?

Three key ingredients make a successful B2B copywriter. They are: depth of research, experience and creative flair.

  • Depth of Research: They spend quality time and resources in conducting research for all their work. They then provide insight into new markets and businesses.
  • Years of experience: They work with business of all sizes from SMEs to big corporate organisations across different industries. This gives them the edge and experience to help a business like yours.
  • Creativity: All the other qualities may be learned or acquired but creativity is inborn. A great B2B copywriter creates words that get the attention of the reader and make him take action.
  • Knowledge of SEO: The B2B copywriter possesses the skills to give your brand visibility through his knowledge of SEO. This ensures that your content ranks high in search engine pages.


Facts about B2B Copywriters

The goal of copywriting, whether your target is a business or individual consumer, is to describe what you are selling and why customers should buy them. The B2B copywriter helps to:

  • Build a strong brand.
  • Create a relationship with the brand.
  • Generate leads and sales for the brand.

The B2B Copywriter knows how to write in your industry language; use your catch phrases and buzzwords to gain the attention of your target market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is copywriting essential for business?

In order to create a good brand image and brand awareness, a business should hire the services of professional copywriters.

Is the return on investment worth it?

When copywriting drives traffic to your site, generates leads and increases conversions, it impacts on your profit levels, making your business competitive. This is great ROI and it is worth it.

Should copywriting replace other forms of brand awareness creation? There are

many other methods to create awareness for your brand, copywriting is just one of them. Depending on your marketing budget, you may like to combine other methods with B2B copywriting.

How will our copywriting content differ significantly from competition's?

Your products and services are unique to you and so will be the content created for your brand.

What is your average turn-around time?

Daily Post's team works hard to deliver before the agreed deadline. Turn-around time largely depends on volume, requirements and purpose of the copywriting project. This is determined on a project basis. Whatever time is agreed upon, we are certain to deliver, before the set deadline.

Our basic website package affords you a decent amount of content to establish your brand on-site and off. Armed with the content you require you will be able to drive your business forward.

We guide you on the content that might work best and deliver, your monthly content to the highest standard.

Our basic monthly package includes:

  • 10 On Site Blog Posts (500+) or 5 (1000+)

  • 20 Off Site Posts (1000+)

  • 2 Press Releases

  • 1 Interest Article (1500+)

Purchase multiple for several websites, or why not top up with individual products.

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