Advertising Writing

Advertising Writing

Engage Your Customers with Advertising Writing that Works

Are you fed up with bland advertising copy that doesn’t do anything for your online business?

Many people spend so much advertising their products on search engines, yet don’t get value for their money. This is often the result of poor advertising writing. To be effective, your copy must be striking. It must correlate with its sales pages and continue the conversation where your potential buyers began.

Daily Posts are a professional writing agency with some of the best copywriters in the UK and overseas. We create ad copy that matches your sales pages, increases website traffic and generates sales. Advertising writing requires empathetic language and compelling content to convince potential customers that your product is right for them. As a copywriting agency with several years of experience, we can give your business the edge it needs to win over customers.

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Our speciality is web content strategy and advertising copywriting. We unify your brand messaging with effective ad copywriting and use creative content to engage your audiences on various media platforms.

Daily Posts creates advertising copywriting that:

  • Attracts the attention of potential buyers
  • Increases website traffic and click-through rates
  • Motivates buyers to complete a purchase

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SEO-friendly Advertising Writing

Every business wants their content to be found online. The internet has several million ads listed every day. This creates huge competition to make your placements visible organically. Your advertising copy requires special writing skill and keywords to be favourably ranked on search engines like Google.

At Daily Posts writing agency, our copywriters understand the importance of keywords in search engine ranking. We research high ranked keywords relevant to your industry and key phrases customers use to search for your services. Then, we weave these keywords into compelling copy for optimum effect.

Advertising copy can be placed on product pages, blogs and most commonly on search engines. Search engine ranking is usually dependent on the content and landing page structure linked to the ad copy, click-through rates (of the site) and the relevance of the website. Our copywriters ensure all content is relevant to the ad you place. By producing SEO-friendly ad copy, your ad has the potential to outrank competitors in your industry.

Advertising Writing on Sales and Landing Pages

To sell your products effectively, your ad copy is not the only thing that matters. The landing page linked to the ad must match the content and tone to continue the conversation for interested customers. Your landing page is the last place you want to lose customers, because it is the point of entry into the conversion phase.

If customers don’t find what they are looking for when they arrive at your sales or landing page, they’ll take the high road to another competitor. Nothing makes people hit the ‘Back’ button faster than a confusing landing page.

At Daily Posts, we write effective sales and landing pages for online businesses. Our advertising writing is aimed at continuing the conversation where your interested customers started it. We use persuasive language, powerful messaging and compelling ‘Calls to Action’ to convince customers to take the next step. You can also build a list of organic leads from the growing number of visitors to your website.

Advertising Writing that Drives Conversion

It’s good to have landing pages that attract and engage customers, but it’s better to convert those customers into buyers. It would be a shame to have all that site traffic and not record any meaningful conversions. This is where our copywriters come in; we develop sales and landing pages with the aim of converting customers.

Every landing page has a goal, whether it is to make people buy, fill in their details, download files or register for a subscription. By using persuasive language and compelling ‘Call-to-Action’ statements, we aim to make your landing page fulfil that goal. A landing page with great advertising writing could be the decisive factor between a successful conversion and a lost potential sale.

At Daily Posts, our landing pages have advertising writing that:

  • Is easy to read through and understand
  • Engages the readers
  • Overcomes buyer’s objections
  • Provides answers to customer’s purchase enquiries
  • Promotes your products to potential buyers
  • Effects necessary action (buy, call, register, download and so on)

Advertising writing is more than words. It must be structured to align with other content on the page. Our copywriters study the theme of the target page and work the content to fit in appropriately, giving your sales page a readable appearance.

Why Choose Daily Posts for your Advertising Writing?

  1. We are good at what we do

As a writing agency with a diverse team of experienced copywriters, we understand what it takes to create good web content. Our practice also provides content for FAQ pages, product descriptions, ‘How-to’ guides, case studies and so on. We’ve been doing this for several years and have satisfied clients all over the globe. We promise to deliver quality copy within specified deadlines.

  1. Get a constant stream of fresh quality content

To maintain an authority website, your business needs a constant stream of original content updated on its pages, especially blog posts that provide solutions. We know how challenging it is for businesses to come up with ideas when they have other core responsibilities. At Daily Posts, our writers are creative and capable of supplying fresh content for your website whenever you need it.

  1. 100% Original advertising writing

You are guaranteed copy that is completely fresh. We operate a strong policy that heralds the importance of original content and its relevance to SEO growth. We provide businesses with writing content exclusive to their business.

Our advertising writing is affordable, and clients are free to pick their own price point (per 100 words), as they wish. This gives you control over your budget and the quality stays the same.

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