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Advertising Writing

What is advertising writing?

Advertising writing is the art of crafting compelling words that sell a service or product. From the persuasive call to action, captivating headlines and memorable bylines, ad copywriters turn listeners and viewers into buyers. Ad copies usually complement a visual element in an advert such as product images or video.


The written advert is found on


TV commercials


Online paid video campaigns

Radio advertisements

The visual element is required for advert copywriting to excel. Our ad copywriters have a working knowledge of the product. We familiarise ourselves with the weaknesses, strengths and unique value proposition. We research the competition to see what they’re offering and how consumers have reacted to their copy. All of this information enables us to write the best ad copy that resonates with the reader and compels them to act.

Our checklist for writing evergreen ad copy

Identify and segment your audience

Before writing an ad, we identify your target audience. The biggest mistake of an adman is thinking they can convince anyone to buy instead of focusing on those most likely to convert. We dive into the psychological profile of your target market to understand their personality traits, beliefs, social status, preferences, interest and behaviour.

Once we have a target audience, we segment them based on psychological characteristics and demographics to create ad sets and groups. Each audience segment usually has different needs and wants, and we include that in our advertising copy.

Emotional triggers

When writing an advert copy, we always include emotional triggers to establish an instant connection between brand and user. It spurs casual visitors to action and convinces sceptics to convert. Humans are emotional beings. We are driven by our feelings, not logic.

Personalised benefits

This is a difficult skill to incorporate but we’ve perfected it over a decade of writing advert copy. The trick is to write an ad that speaks directly to the user by telling them what the product will do to improve their lives. We use “you” and “your” to write a personalised copy too. We’re telling them the cost-saving benefits both now and in the future.

Show them what they’ll miss

The fear of missing out is a psychological technique we use to drive conversion. Our writers understand that humans act more quickly if they fear losing out on a great deal. We write copies that instil a sense of urgency in the buyer.

SEO-friendly advertising writing

Every business wants their content to be found online. The internet has several million ads listed every day. There is massive competition to make your placements visible organically. Your advertising copy requires special writing skill and keywords to be favorably ranked on search engines like Google.

At Daily Posts writing agency, our copywriters understand the importance of keywords in search engine ranking. We research highly-ranked keywords relevant to your industry and key phrases customers use to search for your services. Subsequently, we weave these keywords into a compelling copy for optimum effect.

Advertising copy can be placed on product pages, blogs and, most commonly, on search engines. Search engine ranking is usually dependent on the content and landing page structure linked to the ad copy. It also depends on click-through rates (of the site) and the relevance of the website. Our copywriters ensure all content is relevant to the ad you place. By producing SEO-friendly ad copy, your ad has the potential to outrank competitors in your industry.

Creative ads that address a deep desire

The execution depends on the medium where the ad copy will be used, your marketing goals and the type of audience. An ad copy for a TV commercial will differ from an ad for radio or a website.

Our writers ensure that every copy we create is infused with creativity and uniqueness. This is especially given that the digital world is saturated with high-quality copies. We’ve developed techniques that enable us to overcome the challenge of writing creative content that is realistic and factual.

The best copies incorporate persuasion and well-researched information for an effective copy. We tell a story that presents your information in a way that tilts your audience’s perspective, changes pre-existing beliefs and alters their view to align with yours.

Customers have needs, desires, problems and wants. Our advert copy informs them about the specifics of your products and the benefits that address each pain point they have. Advertising is a very diverse field. We’ve gathered a multi-disciplinary team to ensure we produce the best copies for you.

Advertising writing on sales and landing pages

You need more than an ad copy to sell a product. The landing page linked to the ad must match in content and tone to continue the conversation for interested customers. Your landing page is the last place you want to lose customers because it is the point of entry into the conversion funnel.

If customers don’t find what they are looking for when they arrive at your sales or landing page, they’ll take the high road to another competitor. Nothing makes people hit the ‘Back’ button faster than a confusing landing page.

At Daily Posts, we write effective sales and landing pages for online businesses. We use persuasive language, powerful messaging and compelling ‘Calls to Action’ to convince customers to take the next step. You can also build a list of organic leads from the growing number of visitors to your website.

Advertising writing that drives conversion

It’s good to have landing pages that attract and engage customers, but it’s better to convert those customers into buyers. It would be a shame to have all that site traffic and not record any meaningful conversions. This is where our copywriters come in. We develop sales and landing pages that convert customers.

Every landing page has a goal, whether it is to make people buy, fill in their details, download files or register for a subscription. By using persuasive language and compelling ‘Call-to-Action’ statements, we aim to make your landing page fulfil that goal. A landing page with great advertising writing could be the decisive factor between a successful conversion and a lost potential sale.

At Daily Posts, our landing pages have advertising writing that:

Is easy to read through and understand

Engages the readers

Overcomes buyers’ objections

Provides answers to customers’ purchase enquiries

Promotes your products to potential buyers

Drives necessary action (buy, call, register, download and so on)

Advertising writing is more than words. It must be structured to align with other content on the page. Our copywriters study the theme of the target page and work the content to fit in appropriately, giving your sales page a readable appearance.

Why choose Daily Posts for your advertising writing?

We are the best

As a writing agency with a diverse team of experienced copywriters, we understand what it takes to create good web content. Our practice also provides content for FAQ pages, product descriptions, ‘How-to’ guides, case studies and more. We’ve been doing this for several years and have satisfied clients all over the globe. We promise to deliver quality copies within specified deadlines.

Get a constant stream of fresh-quality content

To maintain an authority website, your business needs a constant stream of original content updated on its pages, especially blog posts that provide solutions. We know how challenging it is for businesses to come up with ideas when they have other core responsibilities. At Daily Posts, our writers are creative and capable of supplying fresh, engaging content for your website when you need it.

100% original advertising writing

We operate a strong policy that heralds the importance of original content and its relevance to SEO growth. We provide businesses with writing content exclusive to their business.

Our advertising writing is affordable, and clients are free to pick their own price point (per 100 words), as they wish. This gives you control over your budget and the quality stays the same.

Our copies…

  • Attract the attention of potential buyers

  • Increase website traffic and click-through rates

  • Motivate buyers to complete a purchase

Writing adverts is hard. 12 of the most common mistakes we’ve seen in ad copies

  • Failing to utilise the top ads format that could benefit their ads

  • Minor changes can affect an ad. Failing to test your ad copy could be the difference between failure and success

  • Repeating yourself in your ad

  • Copying someone else’s style

  • Forgetting to use commas

  • Using improper punctuation

  • Incorporating slang terms into PPC ads

  • Using too many exclamation marks

  • Misusing homophones such as two/too/to

  • Failing to invest in audience research before writing an ad

  • Targeting a broad audience

  • Not optimising your online ads for search

Writing an ad that persuades the reader to convert

Before you send your letter or your memo, make sure it’s crystal clear what you want the recipient to do. If you want ACTION, go and tell them what you want.

David Ogilvy – September 1982

At it’s core, a great copy presents the facts and the benefits but clearly tells the reader what to do. It leaves no doubt on what the desired action should be. How do you get the reader or prospect to act? You need a persuasive, personalised copy that taps into their deepest desires, hopes and fears. We craft a brilliant note that addresses all their emotions and delivers a solution.

When writing an advertisement, we maintain authenticity throughout the copy. It’s easy to tell people what to do but harder to get them to act. Authenticity means writing in the tone of voice your readers are used to hearing. It is casual, yet personal. It calls out your target customer. We use simple grammar and avoid pretentious jargon words that alienate the reader.

When you post a Facebook Ad, you want to trigger a massive response rate that leads to website traffic and profit. A persuasive ad copy from Daily Posts pushes your audience to take that final step.

We show viewers how we’ll solve a problem for them using keywords that best describe a benefit in the headline. The keywords we choose mirror the visitor’s end goal and attract attention.

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What Is Advertising Copywriting?

Advertising copywriting is the creation of compelling and high-quality content that ultimately turns viewers and readers into customers. What makes advertising copywriting different from other forms of copywriting is that it focuses on the conversion of ad views or interactions into sales.

Ad copywriting is the representation of a brand or product. It displays exactly what a business wants its potential customers to see and forms the first opinion that the audience will have concerning the brand or product. Ad copywriting can be displayed in different formats: posters, websites, billboards and brochures.

Advertising copywriters play with words in a creative way. They are responsible for the representation of the product being advertised and must provide the most appealing description of it. The copywriter can use images, music, and catchphrases to make the content more memorable based on the target audience. 


Forms of Advertising Copywriting

  • Posters Adverts: A poster is an advertisement that is placed on a piece of printed paper. Posters often have images and text. They paint a specific picture for customers and give them a good perception of the brand.
  • Social Media Ads: These are posts made on social media platforms for a specific audience. Businesses use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach customers and boost sales.
  • Online Ads: Online ads can use copy, images, animation, and sound to drive a message. This can be on blogs or websites in the form of pop up ads. A wider audience can be reached with online ads and conversions are almost immediate.
  • Email Ads: This type of advert uses electronic direct mail to reach potential customers. It also serves as a reminder for already existing customers.
  • Press Release Ads: In this type of advertisement copywriting, new products or services are often sent for publication and announced in newspapers, magazines, and on websites. 

What Makes Great Advertising Copywriting?

Problem Solving

To be in the lead, an advertising copywriter needs to understand the viewers' aim before creating an advert. At Daily Posts, we show exactly how the brand or product solves a user’s problems. People tend to follow up an ad because of the promises it has made. The initial information that a business gives its potential customers is key to driving leads and reducing bounce rates.

Significant Statements

Strong, compelling and memorable statements are the backbone of copywriting that generates leads. People are driven by the words used in adverts; it is our duty to stimulate viewers into action through efficient copy and relevant information that creates awareness of the brand, product or service.

The Benefits

A good copywriter understands that viewers are interested in the benefits a product provides. At Daily Posts, we write copy that informs the readers on what they can expect from a business.

Facts about Advertising Copywriting

  • Studies show that 72% of people watch advertising videos to learn more about a product or service instead of reading the text.
  • Over 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product through social media advertising.
  • Branded content on social media is twice as likely to interest people.
  • People tend to make a purchase if they are satisfied with the adverts.
  • Studies have shown that marketers and advertisers are putting 51% of their budget into mobile adverts that have excellent copywriting.  
  • Only about 29% of people want to talk to a salesperson to learn more about a product. 62% of people, prefer to learn from advertisement whether on the internet or in print.


What is advertising copywriting?

Advertising copywriting is the creation of compelling and high-quality content that ultimately turns viewers and readers into customers. It promotes brand awareness and serves as point of contact a business’s customers.

What makes advertising copywriting effective?

Successful advertising begins with the quality of . It should create positive brand awareness and must be written in a way that is creative and engaging. It should be clear, concise and give as much information as possible to get the viewers to take action. At Daily Posts, we create content that bounce rates and generates leads.

Which type of advertising is best?

Online advertisements increase the reach of businesses to customers all over the world. Social media posts, articles on blogs, and optimised content on a website can go a long way to boost the reach of a business.

Many people spend a fortune advertising their products on search engines, yet don’t get value for their money. This is often the result of poor ad writing. Your copy must be striking to be effective. It must correlate with its sales pages and continue the conversation from where your potential buyers began. 

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Are you fed up with bland advertising copy that doesn’t do anything for your online business?

Daily Posts is a professional writing agency with some of the best copywriters in the UK and overseas. We create ad copy that complements your sales pages, increases website traffic and generates sales. Advertising writing requires empathetic language and compelling content to convince potential customers that your product is right for them. As a copywriting agency with several years of experience, we can give your business the edge it needs to win over customers.

Our speciality is web content strategy and advertising copywriting. We unify your brand messaging with effective ad copywriting and use creative content to engage your audience on various media platforms.

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