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With the advent of the internet and the wider reach gained by business enterprises, digital advertising has become necessary in order to leverage on the power of the internet to minimise marketing costs, improve campaign success rates and gain global reach. Digital advertising is now considered a necessary tool for online marketing.

Online marketing, however, requires a different form of copywriting. With surveys noting the differences in consumer reactions when compared to offline marketing, copywriting for the internet had to evolve and this has led to the birth of ad copy.

Ad writing refers to the creation of content for marketing purposes with the intent to persuade readers to take a specific action or purchase a product. Ads are deployed by businesses who seek to leverage on the wide reach of social media or blogs to advertise their products or create brand awareness.

Daily Posts has a team of experienced copywriters who are skilled in the art of ad writing and can create SEO ads with a better conversion rates. Call us today on 02380970979 for your online ad writing services.

Types of Ad Copy

There are many forms of ad copy. They depend on the platform, audience, length of copy and message to be advertised. Here are the four major types of ad copy

  • Long Form Ad Copy

Sometimes ads with a considerable length are needed to slowly overcome user objections. Typically between 300 - 500 words, the long-form copy is filled with enough information the user might require in order to purchase a product. It is often used to describe technical products. At Daily Posts, our copywriters write ads copy daily for firms, carefully highlighting well-researched information and benefits for the reader.

  • Short Click-bait Style Ad Copy

This form of ad copy is generally frowned upon by most host platforms. It feeds the user with little information but interesting enough to make the user want more. The user is then directed to the client’s landing page which contains the rest of the information. This form of copy is mostly used in social media advertising to increase website traffic. Our copywriters, with the right writing tone and style, can increase your website traffic by giving interesting and SEO optimised information in your advert copy.

  • Testimonial Ad Copy

This kind of ad copy tells a story. It is meant to convince an audience who already have little information about the product or service by giving them testimonials (re-targeting). This kind of ad requires a good knowledge of the product or a survey report, convincing tone and compelling call to action. We have experienced technical copywriters who can craft excellent search engine optimised testimonials with little information about your product guaranteed to increase your website’s conversion rate.

  • A.I.D.A Copy

The acronym means Attention, Interest, Decision and Action. This is a form of copy which consists of 3 – 4 sentences. It is the most popular form of ad copy. It is written with powerful headlines which are meant to grab attention at a glance and keep the user glued to it, a body that cultivates a sense of benefit or fear, and a compelling call-to-action which provides a solution but with a sense of urgency. Our AIDA copy is striking and known to generate increased website traffic and conversion rate.

Qualities of a Good Ad Copy

  • Simplicity

A good ad should be clear, concise and scannable. It should be written in natural language in order to increase readability. This reduces bounce rate and encourages your reader to go past the headlines.

  • Powerful Headlines

Most readers are likely to skip your ad according to reports, but with powerful headlines, you can grab readers’ attention and increase the chances of your ad copy being read. The headline should also contain the most important message in the ad.

  • Clear and Compelling Call to Action

Ads with a call to action that stands out are most likely to have a better conversion rate than the ones with less visible CTAs. Your call-to-action should be the most prominent part of ad copy after the headline.

  • Contains Visuals

Visuals are more likely to attract attention than text. Good ads should contain high-resolution images which buttress the message in the ad or serve as a visual proof. This increases curiosity and trust in your readers and keeps them long enough for the user to take the required action.

Facts about Ads

  • 80% of ad readers, according to a survey by Forbes, never make it past the headlines.
  • More than 90% of readers who are attracted to an ad headline also see the call-to-action.
  • Making call-to-action in a button format increased clicks by 45%.
  • According to a survey by Adobe, only 8% of readers go through online ads.
  • It takes about 7 seconds to make an impression on a reader.
  • A report by Hubspot noted that there was a 37% increase in engagements when social media ads had a photo included in it.

Better Online Advertising with Daily Posts

At Daily Posts, our goal is to help you gain a wider reach and make better conversion through our copy. Our ad copy is search engine optimised to increase reach and also compelling enough to increase conversion. We research more about your business and niche in order to better represent your brand. For effective ad copy guaranteed to boost your website’s conversion rate, contact us today on 02380970979.

At Daily Posts, we deliver great content at affordable rates. With our team of versatile writers, you are constantly offered fresh content.

We believe strongly in originality and do not compromise on the quality of our services. We provide fresh, exclusively-produced content. You won’t find our work anywhere else online. We practice a zero-tolerance approach to plagiarised or reproduced material.

We know how counterproductive duplicate content is to SEO performance and make sure our content is always original.

Daily Posts offers:

  • 100% original copy, exclusive to your website.

  • Error-free copy.

  • Content that communicates strongly to the audience.

  • Content that reflects your business personality and tone of voice.

 Our Work Process

We have a structured process for receiving and delivering advertising copywriting projects. Daily Posts aims to minimise errors and provide complete customer satisfaction.

Step 1: Customer completes a brief with important copy requirements:

  • Expected word count

  • Project type/nature (sales pages, case study)

  • Article title

  • Target URL

  • Topic niche (travel, finance, property)

  • Deadline

You can include as much information in the brief as you want.

Step 2: Choose a price point (per 100) within your budget.

Step 3: Task is assigned to a specific advertising copywriter within the price point and niche.

Step 4: The advertising copywriter researches and writes the content. On completion, he/she sends it to a copy editor who vets the work, corrects any errors and applies a presentable finish.

Step 5: We send finished work to you before the deadline.

Increase your Search Engine Ranking with Ad Copy from Daily Posts

Are you unhappy with your web visibility? Could your sales pages use more traffic and engagement from customers? An advertising copywriter can enhance your web copy and attract increased traffic with SEO-friendly content.

At Daily Posts, our advertising copywriters could be just what your website needs to get back its online presence. We have a team of talented writers and editors who are experienced in writing for diverse topics. From business to casual and individual content pieces, we can craft the right copy for you.

Your sales pages require the appropriate language and compelling words to get your readers to take action. We have the knowledge and skill to encourage next-level action from your target audience. Whether you want people to sign up for a subscription or call your business directly, we can make it happen with SEO and good old creative writing.

Want to know more? Call us now on 02380 970979.

Ad copywriting that alters the reader’s perspective

One of the best ways to convert a prospect who has an objective into a sale is to change their view. Get them to see the long-term benefits and they’ll forget or overlook the short-term factors.

This is especially important for e-commerce stores whose products are expensive. Convincing a customer to shell out $500 for a pair of shoes will be a tougher sell than a $20 pair. Our writers will change the way they see your shoes from a luxury purchase they don’t need to an item that elevates their status, fits in with their current lifestyle and changes the way people relate to them.

This is not an easy task to accomplish. You’ll need a copywriter who can justify an expensive purchase. A copywriter who understands the reader’s problems and deep concerns. Buyer’s expectations have increased and are always changing. To prevent the gap between seller and buyer from growing, we’ll show the buyer that the product meets all their expectations.

Our writers separate you from the rest of the competition by providing information that delivers informed insights. It’s the combination of insight, mindset and experience that increases value for the buyer when they make a purchase. Perspective could in the form of a case study, data or information that presents the challenges and solution in a different way.

Build Your SEO Presence with Professionally-Written Web Copy

When you sign up with Daily Posts, you have access to talented writers with expertise in many different niches. You will always have fresh ideas or content for your website. We have a real passion for writing and possess the professional skills to help your website climb the search engine rankings.

If you need business writing, we have advertising copywriters who can weave a clear and professional message into your copy. We also have ad copywriters with storytelling backgrounds to create lush imagery and meaningful language for your casual blog posts.

You need intelligent copywriting that engages your customer base and draws more visits and social media shares. It’s not enough to have a pretty website. The content must contain well-structured language. Badly written copy affects web performance and costs you potential customers. When you work with a professional, you’ll notice the difference immediately.

Increase Your Conversion Rate with Clever Content

Attracting lots of organic traffic to your website is a good thing, but why stop there? You can take advantage of the numbers and turn them into returns. Your copy can convert site traffic into paying customers. With articulate words and compelling calls-to-action, your website will increase its conversion rates. All it takes is a professional agency with a committed team.

At Daily Posts, we have a goal; to help our clients connect deeply with their target audience using carefully-worded copy that appeals to them. Great content that speaks to the heart provides useful information and solves problems that can make all the difference.

Imagine a potential lead that is currently stuck with a ‘competitor’. You can nurture them with fresh information they need. The moment they feel dissatisfied with their current service provider, they will immediately switch to your business, knowing you will deliver. Our advertising copywriters can make this happen.

Ad Copywriting That Converts Every Time

The secret of writing ad copy that converts is telling the truth but making it so fascinating that the reader is genuinely interested in the solution. How do we achieve this goal?

  • We write interesting content

  • We make it distinct with your unique value proposition. It’s not the same as the competition but has a value no one else is offering.

  • We’re not afraid of controversy if it piques the reader’s interest and makes a sale

  • We include stunning visuals

  • We’ll give them the benefit in the first and last paragraph

  • Our content is scannable. Sentences are concise. Paragraphs are short.

  • We tell a story, infused with your personality and powerful enough to tug at the reader’s heart. We’re painting a picture that conveys the benefits and invites the reader to take part with a purchase.

A Content Plan Leads to Increased Sales

Websites without a strong content strategy have no powerful action statements or relevant navigation buttons to guide their readers. Conversely, some sites are too overbearing, with flashy banners and shoddy content.

At Daily Posts, we have a system that combines both sides effectively to channel visitors down the sales funnel and give them the ideal web experience. This is not always as easy as it sounds, but with a prolific team of advertising copywriters, your sales pages will yield positive results.

We know what it takes to develop sales pages that have engaging content and efficient calls-to-action. Your website copywriting must:

  • Be easy and interesting to read (no confusing technical terms).

  • Overcome customer objections.

  • Convince readers that your product/service is right for them.

  • Motivate your customers to take the necessary action (buy, sign up, call).

Our copywriters use suitable words and a tone of voice that reflects your brand perfectly. This ensures readers are interested and engaged in your web copy.

Ad Copies That Penetrate the Prospect’s Mind to Deliver the Right Solutions

At the end of the day, all copywriting is for the readers who want to solve a problem. So, it is important that you work with ad people who understand your product, your brand but, most importantly, your audience.

The mark of great ad copy is its ability to completely focus on the needs of the reader and position the product as the solution that caters to the reader’s every need. We know how readers think. They are not really interested in the brand or the copy, they simply want the solution and what it will do for them.

Our ad copywriting gives the reader what they’ve come to see. A solution to their problems. Great copy is a seductress. It flatters the reader with trigger words. Satisfies their ego and hits all the right spots until they have no option but to convert.

Why Choose DailyPosts?

At DailyPosts, our clients are the focus of what we do. We strive to provide the best advertising copy they can get at affordable prices. We promise you won’t get a better deal elsewhere.

Sign up today for an account and enjoy high-quality advertising copy

What is an Advertising Copywriter?

An advertising copywriter engages in a specific form of copywriting that involves the creation of content such as jingles, slogans, taglines and headlines that are catchy and memorable. Ad copywriting is probably the most easily recognisable type of copywriting as it is what most people think of when they hear the word ‘copywriting’.

The job description requires the advert copywriter to work hand in hand with the client and spend some time understanding the product and the target audience in order to properly determine the best approach to use in the marketing campaign.

An advert copywriter works by compressing several stages of the marketing and sales process into an attractive block of text that is designed to answer most of the customers’ questions about a product, reassure their objections about the product’s performance, and persuade them to make a commitment towards purchasing the product with a rousing call to action. The product in this case may be either an item or a service rendered.

Types of Advertising Copy

Advert copy can be identified based on how the writer intends to appeal to the reader:

  • Human Interest Copy

This type of copy attempts to rouse the reader’s emotions in an attempt to convince them to try a product.

  • Reason Why Copy

This type of copy appeals directly to the intellect of the reader by offering reasons to try the product.

  • Educational

Educational ad informs, updates and prompts its clients to buy a product by educating the prospective customers.

  • Expository

Expository copy reveals full details about the specifications of a product.

  • Suggestive

Suggestive copy suggests or attempts to convey a message to the readers directly or indirectly and prompts them to purchase the product.

  • Institutional

Rather than advertise a product, institutional copy promotes the brand and improves its esteem in the minds of readers.

What Makes a Great Advertising Copywriter?

A great deal of the success of a website, product or service is dependent on the capabilities of the advert copywriter, as great content is the key to driving traffic to your website and maximising your conversion rates. Here are certain requirements that every good advertising copywriter should have:

  • An in-depth knowledge of research and copywriting tools and resources
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to work well as part of a team in a collaborative environment
  • The ability to write concise, compelling copy is required to create engaging content that grabs the reader’s attention.
  • Versatile and flexible in thought
  • The ability to handle multiple projects at the same time.
  • Excellent attention to detail as small seeming errors can have huge ramifications in the larger context of copy.
  • Energy, stamina and the ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines and demanding targets
  • The ability to stay on top of business and technological trends
  • High levels of creativity, imagination, initiative and enthusiasm
  • Interest in commerce, popular culture, and new advertising trends and techniques

Facts about Advertising Copywriters

Advertising copywriters are typically employed at newspapers, television and radio stations, marketing agencies, digital media companies and websites.

Their pay varies depending on the region they work, but their services are highly valued and this is reflected in their earnings.

Advert copywriting positions are generally open to graduates from all fields of study, but there is rigorous screening required to prove that the applicant is capable of the dynamic thinking that advert copywriting demands.

The job is mostly office based, but sometimes travel is required to meet with clients or interact with a product.

The major yardstick by which the success of a marketing campaign (and by proxy, the effectiveness of an advert copywriter) is measured on the Internet is the conversion rate. Conversion rate is the percentage of site visitors who take the desired actions the campaign is aimed at, and the higher the percentage, the more successful the campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between copywriting and copyrighting?

It is a common misconception to confuse copyrighting; the act of invoking a legal right to ensure sole ownership over an original work, and copywriting; the process of promoting a message (idea, business, product or service) using creative and strategic writing.

Who can benefit from the services of an advert copywriter?

Anyone with a product, service or website to market; they include website owners, manufacturers, and retailers.

Do I require professional services for my advert copywriting needs?

The simple answer is yes. While it may be tempting to assign your business’ ad copy needs to a non-professional or even try to take on this task yourself in an attempt to cut costs, this is certainly a mistake that promises disastrous outcomes. It is a job best left to professionals.

What industries can an advert copywriter create content for?

Properly trained advert copywriters are knowledgeable in multiple fields and stay abreast of new developments in many aspects of the business world. A competent copywriter will have few restrictions in copy they can make.

Are there other types of copywriting?

Yes, in addition to ad copywriting there also exists technical, creative, web and SEO copywriting.

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James Cummings, CEO, explains a little about our content and copywriting services. If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your content requirements then get in touch with James today, or setup an account now to work with us in our online virtual office.

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Beyond compelling words, engaging copy, rules and formulas, the one area Daily Posts excels in is delivering what the client wants. You want ad copy that is so powerful readers feel an emotional connection, relate to your copy and buy what you have on offer.

When we write ad copy, we’re not writing for the sake of being witty or just to rhyme words. Those are good elements of copy but if it doesn’t connect with the audience, it has failed. Our advertising copywriters create pieces that build trust in the seller. If they trust that the product is the best and all the benefits will be theirs, they are more likely to convert.

We create ad copies that are insightful, helpful, emotional and relevant to the needs of your audience. Ad copywriting is a science, we research the buyer. It’s a psychology, we peek behind the curtain and find all the problems and desires of the audience. It’s an art, we’ll tell a story and take the reader into a world where your solution works. At the end of the copy, they’ll be craving a part in your story and buy from you just to experience the benefits for themselves.

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