Daily Posts’ Advertising Copywriting Portfolio

A catalogue of some of the most captivating, engaging and successful adverting copywriting jobs by the Daily Posts’ team of professional advertising copywriters for different clients across various industries. Take a look at this selection of client’s briefs and how our team of talented and trained writers applied the appropriate skills and techniques to produce brilliant advertising copies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the questions we get asked most frequently..

We have 3 main levels. $0.03 per word, $0.05 per word, and $0.08 per word. The vast majority of our clients are happy with our $0.03 per word content, which they tell us is equivalent to content costing double that rate with our competitors. We also offer content at $0.02 per word for simple projects. lp!
This is the question we get asked most. The simple answer is technology, recruitment and training. We have built a virtual office over the last 2 years to take care of all the administrative side of content. We have recruited people who were educated in the UK and US but now live all over the world. They are intelligent, dedicated journalists that we pay salaries. They represent great value for money. We have a 20-day induction all writing staff complete. They then receive regular training through the virtual office and have a personal development plan so they can improve on different types of content. The processes we have established are incredibly efficient, and the team of Daily Posts writers are superb.
Of course! If you would like to see samples then give us a call or setup an account and we will share some with you.
Yes, absolutely! Ordering online is a simple process. Setup an account here and you can have your content in process in minutes. You can also chat to us through our live support function at the bottom of each page. If you prefer Skype then add YesDailyPosts. Our phone number is 02380 970979 (+44 2380 970979 from overseas). The number for our US office is at the top of the page.
Again, absolutely yes! We have a number of clients for whom we provide for all their content needs on a regular daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. We can even upload the content to your platforms. Some of our clients require over 1000 content units per month. Some require 1 blog post a week.
Yes, you can! If you would like to order more than a hundred pieces of one of our products or would like to blend a package to tailor to your business requirements, then our CSV upload functionality may be for you. We make ordering easy and can deliver content in excel, word, .txt or directly to a database. Whatever suits you best.

Finding advertising copywriters with the right skill and experience to deliver copies that convert can be difficult. You have to consider several factors before hiring – chief among these is the work a company or individual has previously completed. The advertising copywriter portfolio is one way to demonstrate their capabilities. If you want to work with a business that has handled thousands of projects over the years, sign up now.

Daily Posts have successfully completed copywriting projects for hundreds of clients over the years. Below, you can browse examples of the work our copywriters have produced for just a few of those brands, providing a feel for the quality we deliver every time.

Advertising Copywriter Portfolio

Our advertising copywriting portfolio is made up of copies produced for a range of industries and niches across various countries, targeting different customers and demographics. Each copy in the portfolio below has been tailored to a specific audience and designed to clearly and enticingly present the benefits of the products or services our client has to offer.

It’s designed to sell hypnotically and convince the prospect that the product or service they want will solve their problem or improve their lives.

Different Types of Copies in Our Copywriter Portfolio

The various copies in our portfolio include brochures, ebooks, landing page copies, press releases, white papers, case studies, banner ads, sales letters, videos, sales letter scripts and a lot more.

The Goal of the Copy

The goal of all the copies we write is to sell. We don’t push a sale hard though, unlike a sales letter copy perhaps. For instance, while our ebooks are designed to educate prospects on a particular topic and show how something may benefit them or improve their lives (or business), it’s also subtly promotional. So, even when the goal is to educate, we are also masters of ensuring the prospects call our clients when they want to take action. Meanwhile, sales letters make a strong offer from the start, with the entire body of the copy designed to support and push the prospect towards a sale.

As you will see in our portfolio, the brochures we write for our clients are not merely aimed at showcasing their brand or product, but selling it too. The comprehensive research we put into understanding our prospects and customers enables us to write the copies in a way that compels the prospect to take action, without appearing as a ‘hard sell’.

What You Can Learn by Reading the Advertising Copies in Our Portfolio

One thing that is easily apparent from our portfolio below is that we go to great lengths to project and enhance the brand image of a business. If the prospect can trust the brand, then selling any other product is easier. Prospects trust brands they feel care about them. The job of a good copywriter is to project such feelings about your brand.

A good copy doesn’t have to be a ‘hard sell’ for it to be successful. Sometimes, just gently pushing for a sale is preferable, while at other times, a pure sales letter or video is required to guide the prospect towards a sale. We advise our clients on the best way to achieve their objective. Generally, we have observed that a mixture of copy is the best way to achieve your content marketing goals.

If you’re interested in a particular set of industry or a type of copy not in the displayed portfolio below, you can reach out to us immediately. We have been in operation for a number of years and there’s hardly any type of copy or project we haven’t handled before.

There are also other important areas of our work that aren’t represented in the portfolio below. For instance, for online copies to be successful, the adverts need to be properly targeted, because a very good copy will not convert if exposed to the wrong audience.  So, if you plan on running a PPC campaign, we offer consultation that will ensure you target the right keyword and audience.

Specialist Advertising Copy Portfolio

We also have specialist advertising copies in our portfolio that cover various sectors and require a special skill to deliver awesome copy. Fields such as Health, Finance and IT represent areas that require certain skills (beyond those normally needed) to deliver excellent copy.

We can’t possibly display all the work we have completed, especially for those brands that prefer to keep our relationship private. Our portfolio is simply designed to show you that we always deliver. Most of our clients were referred by other happy customers and we believe that our best advert is simply doing a good job. Rest assured, the work we provide will help you achieve your business objectives.

Let’s Partner With You to Grow Your Brand

We think of our relationship with clients as more of a partnership. This means our relationship doesn’t end once you have accepted the copy. For most copies we write, the true test of its effectiveness can only be known after it has been put to work. Therefore, we are happy to tweak it accordingly if it’s not converting as it should be. We’re also happy to provide advice with regards the proper way to target your customers and the right channels to find your ideal customers.

We pride our service for fast and efficient delivery. How long it takes for your project to be completed depends on a variety of factors, such as; how much research is needed, if the copy relates to a specialist field and the number and length of the project or copy. However, be assured that your copy will be ready no later than the agreed deadline. You can even make an emergency request if you need it urgently.

Peruse our portfolio to see what you can expect and sign up immediately to discuss how we will help you achieve your content marketing goals.

Daily Posts’ advertising copywriters are your partner for growth and will deliver the results you know your quality products deserve.

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