Ad Copywriting tips

Ad Copywriting tips

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How good is your web traffic report? Are customers falling over themselves on your sales pages? If you answered ‘poor’ or ‘no’ to these questions, the problem could be a result of badly-written ad copy.

Fortunately, it can easily be resolved by working with a professional copywriting agency. At Daily Posts, we not only craft effective ad copy for our clients, we give them tips to stay ahead of the curve.

Daily Posts is a copywriting agency run by a team of experienced copywriters and editors who possess great insight and techniques in online sales writing. We have helped startups, multinationals and even government agencies establish an online presence and sales success through clever ad copywriting.

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Our ad copywriting tips ensure our clients successfully navigate the overpopulated ecosystem of today’s online market. With millions of services clamouring for the same limited group of customers, the best approach is to lure them with a strategy that doesn’t require shouting, intrusion, Spam and other ineffective gimmicks that other agencies employ.

Effective ad copy must also be complemented by engaging sales pages. So, in addition to smart ad copy, we produce compelling landing pages to complete the sale journey of your potential clients.

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Ad Copywriting Tips to Increase your Website’s SEO Quality              

An ad copy is simply a string of carefully and cleverly grouped words, written to attract attention to your product or service. It should also engage the reader and inspire them to take the next desirable action towards your product.

Online, this ‘action’ could be to register for a service, call your business line or complete a purchase via a sales page. Ads could be found on places other than your website, though they are mostly visible as placements on search engine results pages (SERP).

Attracting leads from SERPs remains one of the most effective methods of generating organic leads, because these users are already searching for your services (‘sales-ready’) online. It is therefore savvy to make your ad show up when their search results are displayed. So, how do you do this?

  • Keyword placement

Your competitors are also placing ads on SERPs; the key is to make your ad copy rank high enough to be visible. To achieve this, your ad must be of high-quality.

For ads to be high-quality, they must link to a relevant landing page (more on this later), have a high click-through rate and most importantly, contain high-ranking industry keywords.

Daily Posts invests significantly in this area to identify those high-ranking industry keywords that can leapfrog your ad over competitors, to the top of Google SERPs.

  • Headline copy

Writing headlines is not only an art, but there’s a science to it as well. With the right headline, your ad can receive high click-through rates, taking more visitors to your landing page.

Headlines should:

  • Be witty and attention-grabbing
  • Contain high-ranking keywords
  • Not be too short or too long
  • Be benefit-focused

Ad Copywriting Tips for Engagement

Moving away from ad copy for SERPs, we head to sales-oriented landing pages. Many online ads contain links to another page; usually a sales page with product options, where purchases can be completed. Some may take you further – to a final purchase page for example.

  • Ad copy links

It is important to always make sure your ad links aren’t broken. Imagine having an awesome copy that compels a potential buyer to click on it, only to arrive at a ‘404 error page’.

  • Landing page

Your landing page should continue the conversation where the ad started (on the SERP, affiliate site or elsewhere). It must use the same tone of voice and language your initial ad used. The copy on your landing page is important, because if it doesn’t compel a prospective buyer or provide the information they seek, they will leave in frustration and head to your competitor’s website.

Use simple writing style, make the copy persuasive, clever and witty. You should know your target audience and the kind of language they use.

At Daily Posts, we are experts at ad copywriting, because we study the target audience for a particular message and customise the copy to fit their expectations.

Another important ad copywriting tip is the landing page structure.

Imagine this scenario; think of a landing page as the floor of your favourite shopping store. If the store aisles are jumbled up, it would be difficult to navigate, let alone find the product you want to buy. Similarly, if your landing page copy is compacted and incomprehensible, it won’t engage the buyer.

Your landing page must:

  • Have a captivating headline
  • Be easy to read
  • Contain descriptive and persuasive copy
  • Use short paragraphs and lots of white space
  • Be benefit-focused
  • Use bullet points
  • Contain crisp, clear images

Ad Copywriting Tips for Conversion

The purchase journey is not exactly linear, but if your content marketing strategy is great, you can make it shorter for your customers (for your own benefit also).

Certainly, for an ad copy to achieve its purpose, it must end with a conversion. It doesn’t always have to be a sale though; even if you obtain the personal details of a strong lead, you are well on your way to conversion gold.

  • Use Strong ‘Call to Action’ Statements (CTA)

One good ad copywriting tip is writing powerful CTAs. Your CTA is an instruction that usually concludes the persuasive copy on your ad or sales page. It tells the reader what step to take next. Some examples include:

  • “Click here to register”
  • “Tap to buy and get 5% off”
  • “Call us now”

It is important your CTA is compelling enough to initiate the desired response. It should also be visible, otherwise your copy is in vain.

Why Hire a Professional Copywriting Agency?

Writing effective ad copy is a combination of experience and skill. You need a professional copywriting agency to get the most out of your ad copy and sales pages.

Here are some benefits:

  • Save time researching keywords and writing copy in-house
  • Get a professional business voice for your content
  • Receive steady supply of 100% original copy
  • Access to creative perspectives on your ad copy 

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