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Ad copy

Daily Posts: Powerful Ad Copy that Yields High Conversion

Ad copy may be only two or three lines long, but when tailored with flair, it can be the difference between an ad that attracts attention and clicks from prospects, and one that people view once, but move on in search of something better.

Ad copy is the main text of a clickable advertisement and usually resides in the second or third line of adverts on search engines, social media or other online platforms. Ad copy is supposed to achieve three major purposes:

  • Boost the credibility of your brand.
  • Grab your prospects’ attention using keywords that they search online.
  • Promise benefits and solutions to your prospects’ needs.

Therefore, a copywriter possessing the following qualities should craft your ad copy:

  • Creative writing skills.
  • A firm knowledge of proper keyword targeting.
  • Marketing or Sales skills.

These attributes must be seamlessly integrated to produce ad copy that engages and coverts. Daily Posts can help you produce such ad copy. Sign up for our ad copywriting service today. We have all the resources needed to make your ad copy shine and dazzle.

  • Our Creative Writers bring imagination to your ad copy to evoke your prospects’ desires. They will take your prospects on a journey filled with the rewards your brand offers. This journey usually ends with your prospects clicking your ad copy and actually making a purchase as soon as they land on your product page.
  • Our SEO Copywriters will bring their knowledge of keyword targeting to ensure your ad copy nails the right audience. Targeting the right people is important so that you don’t waste your time and campaign money on leads that would end up not converting.
  • Our Sale Copywriters will use their expertise in salesmanship to appeal to your prospective customers, and offer your brand’s solutions by highlighting the benefits of the product or service in your ad copy.

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How Daily Posts Craft Ad Copy that Generates and Converts Leads

When you understand the art and science of writing ad copy, it works like magic. When you don’t, your ad copy becomes intangible and unnoticed by internet users.

The good news is: Daily Posts’ ad copywriters are masters at this. With their immense knowledge-base, we can help tailor ad copy that sings to the hearts of your prospects and compels them to action. Here is how we deliver on that promise:

  • Ad Copy that Complements Your Ad Image

The great thing about using an image and copy in your ad is that they both tell the same story (your story) but in different ways. The image can portray that story emotionally, while the copy focuses on its cogent aspects. This will give your ad copy a depth that connects with your prospects’ sentimental and rational side, to incite engagement and ultimately conversion.

When you hire Daily Posts to craft your ad copy, we always consider using ad images (if there are any), and then tailor your copy to complement it.

  • Ad Copy that Speaks to the Right Audience

When your ad copy isn’t properly targeted, you risk attracting the ‘wrong’ audience to your ad. It’s worth noting that each click or lead that ends up not converting to a customer is calculated as a loss to you, because you pay for that click. Proper targeting leads to high conversion, which is the reason for setting up an ad campaign.

Before we begin writing your ad copy at Daily Posts:

  • We research your audience to understand who they are, what they want, and what keywords and phrases they search for online.
  • We analyse your brand to find a balance between your keywords and the ones used by your online audience.
  • We integrate the high-traffic keywords from our analysis in your ad copy to target a wide pool of prospects that have an affinity with what you’re selling.

We don’t stop there. We also categorise the targeted audience, according to the specificity of their potential interests in your product or service, and produce separate copy to match each category.

Open an account with Daily Posts today and reap the benefits of well-targeted copy.

  • Ad Copy that Appeals to Your Prospects’ Desires

Human beings have desires. Everyone wants something. Everyone needs something. We live in a selfish world where most people believe they are entitled to something. The question is: does your product or service satiate a desire, a want or a need?

Daily Posts always strives to understand the benefits of your product or service before crafting your ad copy. We do this so that we can appeal to customers’ desires, using just a few words. All consumers really want is benefits. Your product or service should be able to offer that and Daily Posts can help you highlight those benefits to your prospects.

  • Ad Copy that Leverages an Appropriate ‘Call to Action’

Ad copy without a ‘Call to Action’ can easily end up losing a good percentage of leads. People sometimes don’t know what to do until you point it out to them. A simple Call to Action at the end of your ad copy is the magic phrase you need to compel your prospects to take action. At Daily Posts, we understand that and always endeavour to incorporate a two or three word Call to Action in the ad copy we craft.

When you hire Daily Posts Ad Copywriters, you get:

  • Ad copy that is concise and compelling.
  • Quick turnaround time on your ad copy.
  • Ad copy that speaks to the right audience.
  • Our vast experience and expertise in ad copywriting.
  • Ad copy that attracts customers.
  • A cost-effective ad copywriting service.
  • Ad copy that leads to high conversion rates.

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