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What is ad copy?

Ad copy is specific copywriting aimed at getting your reader to take an action. It considers the readers’ pain point and answers any objection they might have to a sale. Without ad copy, people would not buy your product or services.

Advertising copy leads the prospective customer with valuable insight. It communicates the benefit of the product, instils trust and increases the odds of a sale. The primary goal of any ad copy is to get the reader or consumer to make a sale.

Good advert copy is optimized for SEO to increase traffic to your sales page. It also offers tremendous value for your product. Ad copy communicates with the reader in a language they can understand. It is one of the most effective sales tools when implemented properly.

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Daily Posts: Powerful Copywriting that Yields High Conversion

Ad copy may only be two or three lines long, but, when tailored with flair, it can be the difference between an ad that attracts attention and clicks with prospects, and one that people view, yet quickly move on in search of something better.

Advertising copy is the main text of a clickable advertisement and is usually found in the second or third line of adverts on search engines, social media or other online platforms. Your ad copy is meant to achieve three major purposes:

  • Boost the credibility of your brand.

  • Grab your prospects’ attention using the keywords that they search for online.

  • Promise benefits and solutions to your prospects’ needs.

Therefore, a copywriter possessing the following qualities should be the one to craft your ad copy:

  • Creative writing skills.

  • A firm knowledge of proper keyword targeting.

  • Marketing or sales skills.

These attributes must be seamlessly integrated to produce copy that engages and converts. Daily Posts can help you produce this high-quality copy.

What We’ll Do for You

Our Creative Writers add imagination to your ad copy to paint a vivid picture for your readers. We take your prospects on a journey filled with the rewards your brand offers. This journey usually ends with your prospects making a purchase as soon as they land on your product page.

Our SEO Copywriters will bring their knowledge of keyword targeting to ensure your ad copy reaches the right audience. Targeting the right people is important, so you don’t waste your time and campaign money on leads that do not convert.

Our Sale Copywriters use their expertise in salesmanship to appeal to your prospective customers and offer your brand’s solutions. We highlight the benefits of the product or service in your ad copy.

The importance of high-quality ad copy for your marketing strategy

Any business that wants to record massive sales knows the importance of ad copywriting. There is a lot of competition in your niche. You must use all the tools available to one-up the current leaders in your niche and show your audience that your product is better.

Ad copy sends out your message to the target audience and connects you with customers in a way that compels them to act. To achieve this goal, your ad copy must be persuasive, include simple grammar, an enticing headline and logical flow that ties one point to the next.

Our ad copywriting does that and more for your brand. You don’t have to staff an in-house team of copywriters. That’s more office space, higher salaries, health benefits, vacation allowance, machinery and, let’s not forget, more coffee than the average copywriter consumes.

Daily Posts will create the best ad copy for you at a fraction of the amount you would need for an in-house team. We’ve got the experience, the expertise and the gifted writers. Leverage our knowledge of what works and what has failed. You’re not starting from the bottom or working with a team of newbies. You’re getting ad copy that establishes a connection and drives sales.

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Outstanding advertising copywriting that compels the reader to act

Readers come to your website for a solution. They want to see how you’ll solve their problems. It all begins with a great ad headline. It is the first thing they read. Instead of focusing on a competitive headline everyone else is using, we’ll create a headline that mirrors the visitor’s need.

When writing ad copy, our writers are thinking of your reader. What problems are they facing? What is the end goal they want to achieve? How do we craft an ad that addresses that problem and convinces the reader your product is the real deal?

Brainstorming the perfect idea, we’ll take all the research we’ve collected on your ideal customer and write an engaging piece. Our ad copies appeal to both the reader’s emotional and logical side. We get into their heads to compel them and logic to eliminate all objections.

How Daily Posts Crafts Ad Copy that Generates and Converts Leads

When you understand the art and science of writing ad copy, it all works like magic. If you don’t, your ad copy becomes intangible and unnoticed by internet users.

Thankfully, Daily Posts’ ad copywriters are masters at this. With our vast knowledge base, we’ll tailor ad copies that get to the hearts of your prospects and pushes them into action.

Our Ad Copywriting Process

Complements Your Ad Image

The great thing about using text to complement image in your ad is that they both tell the same story (your story) but in different ways. Together, they tell an emotional story. This gives your ad copy a depth that connects with your prospects’ sentimental side, to incite engagement and, ultimately, conversion.

When you hire Daily Posts to craft your ad copy, we always consider using ad images (if there are any) and then tailor your copy to fit.

Copy that Speaks to the Right Audience

When your ad copy isn’t properly targeted, you risk attracting the ‘wrong’ audience to your ad. It’s worth noting that each click or lead that ends up not converting to a customer is calculated as a loss to you because you pay for that click. Proper targeting leads to high conversion, which is the reason for setting up an ad campaign in the first place.

Appeals to Your Prospects’ Desires

Human beings have desires. Everyone needs something. The question is: does your product or service satiate a desire, a want or a need?

Daily Posts strives to understand the benefits of your product or service before crafting your ad copy. We do this so that we can appeal to the customers’ wants, using just a few words. All consumers really think about is the benefits. Your product or service should be able to offer that. We’ll help you highlight those benefits to your prospects.

Leverages an Appropriate ‘Call to Action’

An advert copy without a ‘Call to Action’ easily ends up losing a good percentage of leads. People won’t know what to do until you let them know. A simple Call to Action at the end of your ad copy is the magic phrase you need to compel your prospects to take action. At Daily Posts, we endeavour to incorporate a brief Call to Action in the ad copy.

Before we begin writing your ad copy at Daily Posts…

  • We research your audience to understand who they are, what they want, and what keywords and phrases they search for online.

  • We analyse your brand to find a balance between your keywords and the ones used by your online audience.

  • We integrate high-traffic keywords from our analysis in your ad copy to drive the prospects most likely to convert.

We also categorise the targeted audience according to the specificity of their potential interests in your product or service. Next, we produce separate copy to match each category.

What are the elements of ad copy?

A clear objective

The introduction is very important. We present it in a way that clearly shows your objective or goal for the copy.

A persuasive message

This includes a benefit-driven title and detailed text explaining all the benefits of the product or service as it pertains to the needs of the consumer.

Evidence of benefits

An offer isn’t complete until the reader thoroughly understands the benefit of the offer. For example, if the reader wants to buy a flashlight, it could offer tangible benefits such as “low battery consumption without affecting brightness”.

A call to action

To complete the sale, we’ll include a call to action that moves the customer from the compelling offer to action. We use simple text to direct them. Examples include “Call us today” “Visit our store” Sign up for an account”.

When you hire Daily Posts Ad Copywriters, you get:

  • Ad copy that is concise and compelling.

  • Quick turnaround time on your ad copy.

  • Ad copy that speaks to the right audience.

  • Our vast experience and expertise in ad copywriting.

  • Ad copy that attracts customers.

  • A cost-effective ad copywriting service.

  • Ad copy that leads to high conversion rates.


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What is ad copy?

There are many ways a brand can attract the attention of potential customers and one of them is ad copy or advertising copy. This is the catchy dialogue of the main text in an advertisement. If you have spent even a little time on the internet, chances are you have come across ad copy.

Well crafted ad copy is written to attract the interest of the readers so that they are compelled to find out more about what the advertisement is about or buy the product that is the target of the advertisement. When done properly, this can be a very effective marketing communication tool for your internet business or website.

Ad copy is not just an excellent way to describe an advertisement, but also to make the message as persuasive as possible so that visitors are interested and compelled to carry out the desired action.

Types of ad copy

Writing ad copy is vital if you intend to attract the attention of people that matter to your business; there are different types of ad copy that will match your brand and business model.

  • Human interest: This is used to attract the emotions and sentiments of the reader rather than logic.
  • Educational: This informs or educates the reader about the products or services targeted in the advertisement.
  • Institutional: This aims at building brand awareness rather than selling.
  • Reason why: This offers a valid and reasonable reason why the reader should be interested in the product and service enough to buy it.
  • Suggestive: This type of ad copy attempts to convey the advertisement message to the user in a suggestive way.

As simple as ad copy appears, it can be a hassle creating effective ad copy that sells. That is why investing in expert copywriters is a good business decision.

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How to write great ad copy

The effectiveness of your ad copy can make or break your marketing campaign. It is vital that your copy not only attracts the attention of your target audience, but also sells your products. But what constitutes great ad copy?

  • Get into the buyers’ mind: Before writing ad copy, you have to know a bit about the people that make up your market potential. What problems are they experiencing and how does your product or service solve their problems? As easy as this may seem, not everyone can create a buyer persona, which is why you need the services of expert copywriters.
  • Use time based CTAs: Have you noticed that people tend to buy faster when there is a time based deadline? Using time based constraints and actionable verbs can do magic for your ad copy, compelling potential customers to buy before the deadline expiration.
  • Include promos and offers: If you have a special offer or promo running, don’t forget to include it in your ad copy. This will further boost the interest of your readers and compel them to buy faster.
  • Include relevant keywords: If you are concerned about your ads coming up in search engine results then it is vital you use relevant keywords in your ad copy. This will effectively complement your search engine optimisation efforts.

Ad copy facts and statistics

  • Creating a sense of urgency in your ad copy can increase sales by as much as 330%. This is a good reason for using promos, offers and time based constraints in your ad copy.
  • Adding information about your business in your advertisement can increase your click-through rate significantly.
  • It is a good idea to have between 3 to 5 different ads per ad group in order to achieve the best result.
  • Research suggests that using the words ‘you’ and ‘your’ in your ad copy will help create a stronger bond with your audience. Addressing them directly in the first person makes them feel important and compelled to click on the ad.
  • Emotional triggers can increase the attraction of ad copy by as much as 31%.
  • Research suggests that including awards or special recognition in ad copy headline is a great way to attract the attention of viable prospects

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Common questions on ad copy

How is ad copywriting different from regular copywriting?

Unlike regular copywriting where you have lots of opportunities to pass your message in the web page content, ad copy involves passing your message as succinctly as possible in a very small space. In fact, the headline is possibly the best and only opportunity you have to effectively pass a message when writing ad copy.

What is ad copywriting for social media?

When writing ad copy for social media, you are focused only on writing copy that would appeal to social media users so that you can promote a material or sell goods and services effectively on social media. There are many factors that go into writing ad copy for social media, some of which only a professional copywriter will know and understand.

What is ad copy testing?

Sometimes it is not enough to write ad copy, you have to test its effectiveness using customer feedback, responses and behaviour as metrics. This is known as ad copy testing or pre-testing and is typically done across a variety of media including social and print media.

Want to learn more?

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The great advertisers referred to advertising copywriting as an art and a science only a top copywriter could truly excel at. Well-written ad copy elevates your product/services. Where it was boring and ordinary, it can become exciting, enticing and the only solution your prospect wants. Good ad copy sells. It stands out with its creativity, uniqueness and with a fresh perspective your reader hasn’t heard before.

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Daily Posts, Writing Ad Copy That Sells Like Crazy

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When you hire Daily Posts to write your ad copy, we’ll offer full value for every dollar. Your ad will be responsive, not because it’s inundated with slick, clever words but because it concentrates on creating an action based on the major problems your audience wants to solve.

Our advertising copy presents your unique value proposition from an angle that alters the reader’s view. It offers great value, unlike any the reader has seen elsewhere. It calls your reader to action.

We’ve taken out the guesswork to create ad copy optimized for SEO and that is also attractive to the reader. It is intriguing, compelling and engaging. It delivers a measurable result, strengthens your brand and increases sales.

We create ad copy for newspapers, magazines, brochures, billboards, sales copies, radio, television, scripted YouTube videos, landing pages and more.

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