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Ad Agency Copywriter

An ad agency copywriter is employed to write adverts for advertising agencies. Unlike other freelance writers who source for clients and employers on freelance platforms, a copywriter working for an ad firm is offered a job position on a permanent or temporary basis. She reports directly to the creative director while working with other creative team members. She writes ad contents for websites, print ads, commercials, brochures, and other ad-related areas.

Most copywriters have a basic degree in English, advertising, journalism, or other closely related courses. This background has a great impact on the overall performance of an ad agency copywriter who is not only creative but has a good mastery of writing skills.

Types of ad agencies

  • General service agencies

General Service agencies are often large-sized agencies that cover all categories of advertisements. They employ different professionals to handle the departments.

  • Specialised service agencies
  • service agencies offer unique adverts because of their specialty. They employ people who are familiar with the chosen industry. Some of these are financed industry related ads or medical ones.
  • Creative boutiques

These are agencies that work on innovative and creative adverts. Though often small, they employ copywriters.

  • Digital agencies

Digital agencies are a and innovative form of advertising firms that use online SMS, e-mail and social media. Apart from the interactive nature of their ads, they are new and growing.

  • In-house agencies

agencies are an integral part of large organisations. They offer general services.

What makes a great ad agency copywriter?

An ad agency copywriter understands the importance of catchy words and how to write a persuasive piece that sells a client’s product or service. She must have a team spirit that helps in brainstorming with other teams like the graphic designers to achieve the desired result. There is the need for self-discipline and ability to work longer than other writers to meet deadlines. She must be able to work under pressure. It is not enough to be able to write engaging content, the job must be delivered fast, hence the need to write as fast as possible.

Ad agency copywriters have a good command of English in terms of creative writing, grammatical and sentence structures. All write-ups must be error-free. She should be able to think fast as the agency she is working for might operate on general service. There will be a need for quality research that will make all contributed ideas to meet varied demands. She must be able to make necessary revisions when required.

Facts about ad agency copywriting

  • 46% of the ad agencies that have well-organised team members record higher leads of close to 75%. This is the power of teamwork. Business owners trust ad agencies because they believe they are a team spirit that is needed for fast business growth.
  • While business people aim at selling their products online, others aim at only lead generation. A report has shown that 85% of online business owners aim at lead generation than actual product sales. The good news is the higher the lead the higher the sales.
  • With technology devices at our disposal, ad agencies can use their copywriting skills to generate more sales for their clients, as Google alone drives 95% of paid ads either in mobile or desktop apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the job description of ad agency copywriters?

They write advertisements for ad agencies where they are employed to work. They carefully proofread all ad materials and carry out other assignments related to their job.

Are ad agency copywriters trained or self-tutored?

They can be trained and self-tutored. Ad agency copywriters have a background education in advertising and marketing. This knowledge is used to craft content that has a sales pitch. This does not mean a self-tutored writer can’t write quality content if she has the natural creative ability.

What makes ad agency writers unique?

They work as team members and easily delegate duties to each other, a single writer. They have different categories of professionals to handle the aspects of ad copy. If you want your work delivered promptly, get in touch with an ad agency.

Where can I get ad agency copywriters?

They are everywhere on the internet. You can find them on online forums, personal websites, social media platforms. Use Google search or any other search engine to get a result. We also offer similar services here.

For more information about copywriting and how we can help you convert your website content to sales, call us now on 02380970979.

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