Pixel by Pixel

Pixel by Pixel have proven to be a top brand when it comes to copywriting and digital marketing. Like Daily Posts, they help businesses all over the world increase their clientele through superb web copy optimised for search and conversion.

However, they run some extra services on the side while here at Daily Posts, we are a dedicated Copywriting agency that focuses solely on producing copy that ensures higher customers for our clients.

So, are there more differences between Daily Posts’ services and that of Pixel by Pixel? We are about to find out.

Company Overview

Pixel by Pixel is a global agency whose focus areas of specialisation include digital marketing, design, development, branding and e-commerce. They were established in 2004 and are based in Worthing, Sussex. They also run two other offices – one in Portugal and another in India – due to their increasing popularity in Europe, Asia, America and Australia.

They work with a variety of clients, ranging from small start-ups, established SMEs, to some of the world’s biggest-known brands. With this energy and versatility, they take pride in helping brands achieve their fullest potential, regardless of how small or ambitious their goals might be.

Pixel by Pixel deliver beautifully-designed projects that are perfectly functional, as well as highly efficient. They strive to meet the client’s needs and offer value and transparency from the outtset.

 Copywriting Services

Like Daily Posts, Pixel by Pixel offer a wide range of services, bringing expertise to the copywriting process and helping businesses tell their story the right way.

Paying for professional copywriting services can be the difference between a website that soars and one that struggles.

With a top-tier Copywriting firm, you can be sure to get the best of business communication with the advantages it provides your brand. This is what we offer at Daily Posts: giving brands a voice so they can stand out from the competition.  From creating trust in the mind of customers to expanding the base the base through expertly crafted words, the advantages of having the backing of an excellent copywriting agency are just numerous.

Services offered include web design, web development, digital marketing, graphic design, paid search services, SEO, branding, social media, managed e-commerce and more.

What makes Pixel by Pixel stand out?

Pixel by Pixel is an award-winning e-commerce company that provides a fully integrative range of services that will assist a business from planning to launch and beyond. They are always available to communicate with clients from beginning to end of project. They have an upfront and transparent process that lets the client know exactly what their money is being spent on. They were featured on the clutch.com list of top UK inbound marketing agencies of 2017 and have a gold membership rank score on WWDC.

What kind of clients will Pixel by Pixel provide services to?

Pixel by Pixel’s portfolio features a wide range of companies of different sizes across various sectors. They have worked with multinationals, start-ups and sole traders. An overview of the services they provide on clutch.com estimates that 15% of their client focus is enterprise, 35% is small businesses and the remaining 50% is mid-market. That would suggest that their services are spread across different client sizes. They have also worked with companies in the healthcare and life sciences sector, as well as the arts, entertainment and music industry.

Do Daily Posts provide services to different clients?

No. We provide copywriting services to any brand regardless of industry or size. We have helped small businesses grow over the years by helping them increase their customer base. We have worked with big brands throughout the UK and beyond from different industries. Whether it’s from the health and care sector, technology industry, catering, entertainment, real estate, business, sports industries, and even government bodies, we can produce superb copy that is well suited to any brand.

How much does it cost for Pixel by Pixel to work for me?

Pixel by Pixel do not list any prices on their website for services, meaning potential customers will have to get a quote directly.  They give assurances that they can create a project specifically for you and work within the confines of your budget, based on the size of your project.

What about the price of Daily Posts?

Our prices are clear to see on our website and are budget friendly too. We have four plans that range from $2 per hundred words to $8 per hundred words. Each of which sees to a different level of content. With this, our clients can choose whatever suits their websites, as well as their budget.

Our cheapest plan is ideal for copy that is easy to produce and doesn’t consume time. It is for $2 per hundred words.

Our most popular plan is priced at $3 per hundred words. It covers high quality copy for content forms including blog articles, guest posts, landing pages, press releases and more.

Our third plan comes at $5 per hundred words which features extra quality that takes brands to another level. This plan offers thoroughly researched content that beats regular copy. It’s our premium content plan and comes cheap for its standard.

Lastly, our $8 per hundred words plan covers technical writing and copy that consumes time.

When we take care of your projects, we identify pages that suits each plan and charge appropriately.

How long does Pixel by Pixel take to complete a project?

Due to the complex nature of different projects, there is no single answer to this question. However, you can expect that you will be given a timeline and expected deadline for each phase of the project.

How is this compared to Daily Posts?

Whenever a project is passed on to us, we agree a timeline and let our clients know when to expect the job. The job’s execution, of course, can be dictated by our clients. We are open to express deliveries. We understand that some of our clients will love to beat deadlines, so we make sure to help them achieve this.

We can work within the timeframe of our customers and produce copy as quickly as humanly possible.

Pixel by Pixel writers

Pixel by Pixel features one head copywriter on their ‘Meet the team’ page. That is Alice McLaughlin, whose background is marketing and journalism. Her special writing power is said to be the ability to take boring copy and turn it into extremely interesting content for the reader.

What about the writers at Daily Posts

Daily Posts is armed with talented writers who studied in the UK and US and are scattered all over the world. The diversity of our workforce makes us rich with experienced writers for any job and any niche.

Our workflow is smooth and quick because we have a virtual office that facilitates it. What’s more, we have a human development structure that sees to it that our writers keep growing in knowledge and talent, just as the internet grows and gets more complicated.

This system has kept us booming over the years. We are always at the forefront and abreast of new introductions and changes especially in search engine algorithms.

Pixel by Pixel public reviews

Pixel by Pixel’s website doesn’t currently feature any customer reviews. They have no professional page on Trust Pilot or Facebook, and their professional page on Yell doesn’t have any reviews either. Their page on WWDC however features a 5-star rating, based on feedback from five clients and projects. One client left a review saying he would definitely recommend Pixel by Pixel. They also have four reviews on Google, with a total of 4-star rating.

What quality of work should I expect from Pixel by Pixel?

Based on the quality of their website copy and the pedigree of the clients in their portfolio, you should expect excellent service. Their promise of transparency and the willingness to work within the confines of the client’s budget are some other notable features.  The integrative nature of their services also imply that Pixel by Pixel is a one-stop-shop for all your business e-commerce, advertising campaign, SEO and branding needs.

Does Daily Posts promise quality too?

Absolutely. We only work towards helping our clients achieve their goals. Our previous works and present clients attest to this. We have gotten repeat businesses from most of our clients due to the results they have enjoyed over the years and how their business have flourished because of our input.

Our prices are fair and our process is simple. Before we begin to execute projects, we make sure to understand our clients’ business, their prospective customers’ behaviour, and their entire industry. This way, we can craft copy that boosts site visits as well as conversion.


Lots of brands owe their online success to high end Copywriting agencies. In this digital age, you need masters of words that can spread the values of your brand farther than you can imagine, to boost your revenues.

If you want to see your business climb to success through the power of the internet and smartly crafted words, sign up with us today and you’d be glad you did.