Quality Guest Posting for Attracting Organic Links – Building Lists to Success


Guest posting is definitely a benefit for anyone who takes up the pursuit, especially if their goal is to add to their reputation as an expert and to draw traffic to their own blog or website. The advantages associated with this writing craft make it possible for you to land organic links from authoritative websites and develop a targeted following. So, if you really want to achieve results from guest posting, you need to locate blogs that offer you the opportunity to write for them.

How to Find Guest Posting Opportunities

 This means that you also need to develop the habit of becoming an inveterate list-maker – compiling a roster of target websites which allow outside content. The common and effective, Google search string “Write for Us” is not the only criteria you can use when searching for guest posting assignments, either. According to the analytics, marketing and listing expert blog, KISSmetrics, you can also canvas the Internet for guest posting opportunities by searching the following strings:

Your Writing Category or Keyword(s) +

“Guest Post Opportunities”

“Contributing Writer”

“Want to Write For”

“Submit Guest Post”

“Submit Your Content”

“Submit Post”

“This Post Written By”

“Suggest a Post”

“Guest Post Courtesy Of”

“Submit an Article”

“Contributor Guidelines”

“Looking for Guest Posts”

“Contributing Writer”

“Guest Poster Wanted”

“Guest Posts Wanted”

“Accepting Guest Posts”

“Article Wanted”

“Become a Gust Writer”

“Become an Author”

“Become a Contributor”

“Send a Tip”

Aim for Consistency when Posting – Even if It Is Just Once a Week

KISSmetrics suggests checking out the site, AllTop.com as a reference for guest posting and ProBlogger, which is another good resource for obtaining blog writing tips, too. According to ProBlogger, bloggers should aim for regularity, rather than daily posting seeing as posting, even once a week, lessens the chance of writer and reader burnout.

Guest Blog Posting Categories

 You can specialize as a guest poster in one of a large number of categories. The following listing represents some of the biggest subject areas:

  • Arts
  • Business and Small Business
  • Freelancing
  • Photography
  • Travel
  • Gaming
  • Health
  • Science
  • Celebrity
  • Books
  • Gadgets
  • Computers
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Foods
  • Sports
  • Marketing
  • Fashion
  • Religion
  • Pets

Once you’ve determined a speciality or theme for your own guest blogging, you’ll want to consider how the content will be presented. These formats can help you successfully pitch a guest post idea to an editor:

  • Tutorials – This kind of content works well in the blogging spaces of business, IT/computers and finance.
  • List Postings – These postings usually receive a warm reception from editors, especially if you develop a traffic-drawing headline. Write the list so that each item is presented with the same purpose in mind. By using this kind of content, you can also present your blog in a more natural light – just link back one of the listed items to your business.
  • Case Studies – While they can be time-consuming to write, guest posts including case studies will incite the interest of an editor, as they strike an interesting balance between being authoritative and informative.
  • A Listing of Links – A list of links is easy to find, however, you also want to ensure that the links coincide with the topic at hand. Create the posts in such a way that you begin with a defined problem and then use the individual links as resources for solving this original issue. Include a link to your site in one of the listings.
  • Successful Outcomes – It’s always good to hear how someone has succeeded or overcome a difficulty. That’s why success stories can be pitched to top ranking blogs, provided you have a success story that is ‘rank-worthy’ in this respect.

Ask What the Editor May Need

Besides pitching one of the above content formats, you can also ask the editor what kind of content they require. If the editor does need material for a specific subject, he or she might take advantage of your free time, and commission you to fill in the gap.

Building Upon Success

According to the Moz Blog, guest blogging enforces and builds relationships, but the process takes time. Therefore, consistency is essential. Guest blogging can assist you in gaining status within your chosen field and discover new business opportunities.

Keep those points in mind as you prepare your reference lists.