How Our Guest Posting Service Helps Your SEO Rankings?

How Our Guest Posting Service Helps Your SEO Rankings?

At Daily Posts we contribute guest posts to sites around the world and in just about every niche. The Internet websites we write for appreciate the content, and our clients enjoy the benefits of improved rankings, traffic, and an enhanced reputation online. These days guest posts are about more than just inbound links. In this article, we will take a look at come of the benefits you can achieve when you integrate our guest posting system into your marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is all the steps taken to make sure users can find a website in major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on, for specific search queries related to the products and/or services offered by the website. One seo marketing strategy is making use of optimised guest posts.

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Guest posting is a pretty straightforward link building strategy. You identify your website’s target niche and create highly researched articles on currently trending topics that high DA, TF, authority websites will accept. Outreach and writing posts takes a lot of time and effort. That’s where our guest posting service comes in.

Our guest posting service can offer you one of the most powerful and reliable SEO link building techniques. Our link building services will save you time and help you enjoy the many benefits of guest posting, submitting guest posts and gaining links and SERPS rankings in an ethical, whitehat way.

Optimisation Benefits of Guest Posting Service

One of the many features of a guest posting service is having the necessary experience in SEO methods. When done the proper way, guest posting will help boost traffic to your website. Therefore, guest post services do more than just write quality posts; they help optimise the posts to ensure that your website enjoys an increase in the amount of traffic coming in.

To do this, they build up positive, natural backlinks with optimised posts that are working to their full potential. As a website owner, you might not be aware of all the techniques involved in the best SEO methods, but a guest posting service will, and they will ensure that the posts you get are also of the highest quality.

Credibility Benefits of Guest Posting Service

Credibility will drive traffic your way because you will be perceived as an expert on a particular subject. Besides optimisation, a guest posting service will bring credibility to your website. As long as people think they are getting the service, product or information they need from an expert, there is a higher chance that they will complete a purchase. Therefore, your guest posts should also focus on building credibility and letting the target audience see that you can be trusted to consistently provide relevant and current information in your field.

Achieving notable credibility is easier with a good guest posting service, the consequence of which is an influx of traffic to your website. However, the slightest mistake or unnatural links to your website can cause it to disappear from Google search results in minutes. Therefore, when you need to outsource guest posting service, ensure the agency you choose is one you can trust.

What are Google Ranking Factors for Guest Posts?

According to Google’s Search Quality Senior Strategist, Andrey Lipattsez, ‘content’ and ‘links pointing to your site’ are two of the top ranking factors. It is unsurprising that links is one of the top two, as link building has been a big deal in guest posts and the world of SEO for many years now. Let’s break down content and links to find out exactly what it is about them that helps your SEO when properly used in guest posts for you.


Your ranking in Google’s SERPs is largely determined by the content available on your page. When it comes to content as a ranking factor, the following should be considered:

Title Tag

this helps Google determine where to rank your site for specific searches, and also helps users decide whether or not to click through to your website.

Heading Tags

where possible, ensure your keyword(s) are included in your H1 as heading tags have some weight in determining website ranking too.

Content Length

Search engines now take content very seriously, and more and more often now, the top results in Google are in-depth articles. Thin content is no longer as effective in ranking websites and webpages.


When it comes to links as a google ranking factor, the quality as well as quantity of links in your guest posts are important. The quality of your inbound links is something that Google takes very seriously. Even a website with a small backlink profile can enjoy a huge boost from a single link sent from an authoritative website. Where link quantity is concerned, the more links from authoritative websites you get, the better your site will rank.

Internal Links

Internal links are also essential to your rankings. If you have a number of good links pointing to a specific page, or a set of pages, consider passing this onto your product pages if they need an improvement in the SERPs. But remember to make it user-friendly.

How Quality Relevant Inbound Links Are Important

Inbound links are essential for successful search engine optimisation, and they work to increase traffic to your site. Incoming links are votes that search engines use to differentiate between important sites and unimportant sites. When a website gets links from related authority sites, it is likely to rank high in the search index than a site with no links or votes from other sites. Conversely, a website getting links from a low quality or spam site will either rank low in the search results or not rank at all, should a penalty be imposed. If you have inbound links from an irrelevant source, use the Google Disavow Tool to avoid penalties.

Building links is important and will remain a big part of SEO for the foreseeable future. Since Google holds about 80% of internet searches, quality inbound links are important in helping you reach a large amount of users. The main aim of building links is to create content that interested websites will want to link to. If your content is engaging, answers current questions and solves problems, then you will attract inbound links relevant to your niche.

Even though Google discourages link building by business owners and websites, the links pointing to your site are important for ranking in competitive search results. The main thing Google wants to put a halt to, is the use of low quality link building tricks with the objective of manipulating search results. Built correctly, inbound links offer a safe and effective strategy to boost your search presence online.

Ways to Get Links

There are different effective ways to get links:

Create free valuable resources

this means making a piece of content that users will benefit from in the form of blog posts, eBooks, whitepapers, videos or short reports that people will want to link to.

Fill the content gap

this means reaching out to your target audience where they are, making it easy for them to link to you. It also means finding what other bloggers missed and writing about it. For example, there are certainly some keywords in your niche that have not been targeted. Content gaps also exist when your competitors only write text-based content including articles and blog posts. You could therefore create visual content in order to stand out.

Create infographics on trending topics

creating and promoting infographics is another way to get authority links. This method is especially effective when you include reliable data and have the right graphics created by professionals.

Interviews and Roundup posts

one on one interviews and roundup posts are highly effective ways to get links. With interviews, the objective is to talk with as many influencers as possible so that you end up with a high-quality article that other people, including the experts you interviewed will link to. With a roundup post, you can share from 10 to 100 links on one single post.

Why Guest Posting Can Be a Great Tool to Add To Your SEO Strategy

Google’s Matt Cutts in 2014 announced guest blogging obsolete because it was generating too many spams. So why should you still add it to your SEO strategy? Because Google looks at quality, and a guest post that is comprehensive and of a high quality with links back to your site is just as good for your SEO as a great post on your own site.

Guest posting remains a powerful online marketing tactic, and in 2017, it I probably one of the best ways to build useful links. By consistently posting in-depth, rich and comprehensive content on relevant blogs, you will boost your authority and get more social shares in addition to actual traffic to your website from high quality content. Therefore, instead of leaving the bulk of guest posting efforts to acquiring links, SEO guest posting benefits can be achieved in other, less direct ways.

Guest posts help you grow your brand in several ways. It helps to build brand visibility & credibility and drive targeted traffic while boosting your ranking in search engines. To do guest posting for SEO the right way, link internally.

Once you’ve demonstrated expertise, as a guest author, it’s your job to also demonstrate the expertise of the site owner and other guest contributors. Adding these links will not only improve the SEO of your host — but you’ll also be projecting the same authority to your own site, which gets the backlink.


Guest posting means posting a relevant and valuable article, on another person’s blog or website. It is contributing content to someone else with a backlink to your own blog or website for wider exposure. Guest posting can be very useful in terms of building brand awareness within a wide range of audience and at the same time increase your site’s traffic; if your content is interesting and relatable, there is a high chance that readers will head over to your site or blog for more.

A guest posting service, is a resource that takes on the task of finding credible and legitimate blog sites and create the content to go on those sites for you. You can monitor the process from start to finish, make changes and additions without worrying about deadlines. An example of a good guest posting service is Daily Posts.

  • Increased referral traffic
  • Added Exposure
  •  setting brand value
  • business connections
  • new opportunities
  • High-quality traffic
  • Higher Domain and Search Engine Authority
  • Brand awareness
  • Customer acquisition
  • A better portfolio and credibility
  • Increase in organic traffic and SEO rankings
  • Time management: using the services of a guest posting service gives you the time to focus your efforts on other aspects of your business.
  • Pre-existing relationships: a guest posting service has established contacts and relationships with credible bloggers, making it easy to find a suitable blog willing to post your article on their site.

SEO which is an acronym for search engine optimization, is a marketing strategy, focused on growing visibility, in organic search engine results. It involves both the technical and creative features required to improve rankings, increase awareness and drive traffic, in search engines. There are different aspects to it; from the words on your site to the way you are perceived by other sites on the web.

An inbound link also known as a backlink is a link that comes from another website to your own site. The word “Inbound” is used by the person who is to receive the link; this is a link from an external domain that points towards your page. Google makes use of inbound links as one of its main sources for evaluating the quality of your content. Having inbound links from websites with relevant information related to your site’s focus will help to increase your SEO and the referral traffic to your website.

There is no set number or limit for internal and out bound links that you can have on your post. It depends on the size of your article; how long or short it is. It is usually best to keep the article interesting and informative, instead of making it look like an index. It is safer to use fewer links in your post so that you can maintain the keywords density of your content.

Yes. Guess posting services is 100% safe especially if you follow Google SEO algorithm. At Daily Posts, our writers are trained to work along Google’s algorithm and naturally, too. Once each guest post is written, we proofread to make sure it stays according to Google guidelines and ensure we provided the necessary white-hat services according to your niche.

At Daily Posts, we write only high quality gets posts that are guaranteed to engage readers and generate traffic to your site through the backlinks.  We also ensure all guest posts are published on authority niche blogs and not generic blog networks as most other guest posting services practice. We also choose topics that are not generic. Compared to other services, our guest posts generate more results and post zero risks to you ask far as Google is concerned. Instead, we ensure you rank high on search engine.

Mostly we will be able to get you one link using your anchor text. But this depends on the site we are publishing on. This is as sometimes we will be able to get you 2 backlinks. But this always has to be on the same site.

We do guest on different kinds of sites depending on your needs. If you are looking to target a niche, we do guest posts for niche-based sites which includes multiple category sites. We also do a range of site guest posting which include country-based sites and DA 10 sites. Most of our clients look to build links.

We have a list of sites that are most suitable for any of your needs. Some other services post spun content on low quality sites using automated software. At Daily Post, we make use of real, authority sites.

Many sites don’t slow for the promotion of products, content, brands or company on their blogs. Most times, it depends on how obvious the promotion is. Preferably, the promotion should be a bit subtle which is something out writers are capable of. But there are sites who don’t mind if the articles are promotional for brands. You really don’t have to worry about that as we will find good sites that allow it and promote you in them.

Some of Daily Post clients provide us with blog post topics. But most of the time we come up with the topics ourselves. We only require you to get some your target keyword phrases which we would incorporate into the article and link back to you. Getting topics require some level of research on our part but generally, it consists in us figuring out the kind of topics that your target audience will find interesting. We look out for topics that are relevant and engaging. Depending on the target site. We sometimes go for ones that are a bit controversial to significantly increase engagement.

When we produce a guest post for, it is your property and you can do anything you want with it. If you choose to give credit to our writers, that is ok. We do not require the gesture from you. You are free to enter your name as the writer. If it pleases you, you can add a friend or a member of your staff as the author. The content we produce belongs to whoever paid for it and so is the rights to use it however you like. We also assure you your post would not be sold to another clients. We will only have it in our database just in case you lose your copy. With a simple call or email, we will forward you an original copy in the event you lost it.

The issue of allowing comments on your site is a dicey on. It is good to have your comment section turned on so that readers can engage with your content. It also has SEO benefits as it shows search engine you update your blog regularly; which is a good thing. However, if you don’t have someone monitoring your posts constantly, it can ruin the reputation of your site as people might be post offensive and inappropriate remarks on it. This in turn can limit your SEO performance.

The attention given to guest posting recently is because it is one of the fastest ways to create back links to your site for SEO benefits without incurring any Google penalty. Google’s introduction of Penguin and Panda has significantly increased the risks of other practices through which they generate backlinks. But with guest posts, the backlinks are natural and target authority sites especially when they are written by experienced guest post writers.

Yes. Guest posting is one of the easiest ways to rank higher because search engines consider the number of links to your website. When we are writing your guest post, we ensure we build authority links to your website. Each guest post will contain a minimum of 2 inbound links strategically spread out on the article. At Daily Posts, we allow you to choose both the anchor text to be used on the post and the landing page(s) we are going to link them to. Our writers are trained to naturally use them on the post without disrupting its internal flow.

Not at all. We basically just need our clients to provide us with details of their website and we take it from there. Once we have this information, we can easily determine the niche and create engaging content while targeting that niche. We will even help you place them on top blogs after inserting target keywords on it alongside a back-link to your own site.

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