Martina Mercer

Not sure about how to choose the right copywriting company for your business? Here we present a side by side comparison between Martina Mercer and DailyPosts UK to help you understand their individual fine points and make your decision a bit easier.

Who is Martina Mercer?

Martina Mercer is an award-winning freelance copywriter, whose services are popular across the UK. Her agency has worked with a variety of brands, operating in different industries across Europe, Japan, India, Africa, New Zealand, the US and elsewhere. A few of the agency’s satisfied customers include Shell, BBC, Wilko, Nuusuite, Postcode Anywhere, Harrods, Ometria and Mates-Rates.

You can access the copywriting services of Martina Mercer to help you with managing your brand, digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, and more. The cost of her copywriting services are known to be affordable and can be delivered to suit the deadline of a customer.

What copywriting services does Martina Mercer specialise in?

Depending on your needs, Martina Mercer can provide copywriting services for a variety of purposes. Some of the more popular services offered by the agency include Guest Posts that can help organisations with their branding and voice, as well as Marketing Copy (for promotional purposes) and SEO copywriting to boost the search engine ranking of a website.

The agency can also provide quality digital content for a variety of platforms, including social media and email. You can contact Martina Mercer by email, phone or via the agency’s contact form to discuss how the agency can provide the ideal copy to satisfy your needs.

How qualified are Martina Mercer copywriters?

Martina Mercer is an SEO expert and Marketing Director. She has a degree in Psychology and several creative writing qualifications, as well as experience in journalism and advertising. Her agency has years of experience creating a variety of copy, capable of entertaining, engaging and influencing readers. Also, she has won several awards for her creativity, as well as effectiveness in her line of work.

The qualifications of the agency are noteworthy and several clients have submitted numerous positive reviews concerning the effectiveness of Martina Mercer’s copywriting. The agency has a history of working with start-ups and also has the competence to work with big brands within and outside the UK.

How does Martina Mercer deliver its services?

Martina Mercer has a reputation for delivering quality and error-free copy on time. There are hardly any complaints concerning missed deadlines. The tone of digital copy written by the agency tends to be conversational, so as to make readers become more involved. Corporate businesses often hire their services when they require online content that makes the brand more approachable and friendly.

The agency’s copywriters also perform considerable research while crafting copy for clients. The purpose of this is to ensure clients get copy that is designed to help them best accomplish their goals, as well as appeal to the target audience that the client has in mind. Regardless the location of your business, you can easily access the Martina Mercer agency for content writing services.

How much does copywriting from Martina Mercer cost?

The varied copywriting services from Martina Mercer are available at bespoke prices. The price is often dependent on the sort of copy you need and in what volume. Even though content provided by the agency is of a high quality, their services are popular for being cost-effective and affordable for small businesses, as well as large corporations.

How dependable is the quality of copy from Martina Mercer?

The agency has helped many of its clients accomplish a lot over the years by using a unique combination of editorial, strategic and management skills to provide original copy for a variety of purposes. The agency’s copywriting services are reliable and can be used for advertising, marketing and boosting organic Search Engine Optimisation. Copy from Martina Mercer is also capable of boosting the value of your website and making it more interesting for your customer base.

The agency operates to high standards that have been recognised with various awards over the years. Martina Mercer has also been featured in popular media outlets, such as The Daily Mail, Financial Times, Forbes and Huffington Post.

Services of the agency can be relied on for small projects requested by up and coming companies, as well as for complex and large projects with tight deadlines. With the help of Martina Mercer, you can make your brand more distinctive and put it ahead of the competition.

How fast does Martina Mercer work?

Martina Mercer can provide error-free and engaging copy for a variety of purposes, as fast as necessary. The agency works with the time-frame put forth by a client and rarely ever misses a deadline. Thus, how fast you can get the copywriting services you need from Martina Mercer is dependent on the agreed time frame for a specific project.

The agency can have your requested digital content developed, proofread and properly formatted before the expiration of a deadline. Simply put, Martina Mercer is a reliable copywriter to partner with for prompt quality content, for either large complex projects or simple small ones.

How many times can a project be revised by a client?

Because the agency wants clients to get exactly the quality of copy they want, Martina Mercer makes it possible for clients to revise a copy as many times as necessary, until the job is perfect. This bespoke service is provided by keeping clients updated throughout the progress of a project.

Before a project is completed, clients can also change aspects of their brief if they feel such changes will make the finished body of work better suited to their goals.

How long does it take Martina Mercer to respond after being contacted?

You can contact Martina Mercer through a variety of channels, either to ask a question or place an order for copy. The agency usually replies within less than an hour of receiving an email or message via the online contact form. You can access all the agency’s contact details here.


Martina Mercer is a top copywriting agency in the UK that provides award-winning services at competitive prices to a variety of firms and organisations in the UK and across the world. The agency’s reputation is impressive, as can be seen from the reviews provided by previous clients.