MarketSmiths Content Strategists

About MarketSmiths

MarketSmiths is a Brooklyn-based creative copywriting agency, devoted to creating words that work. The mission at MarketSmiths is to obliterate boring, stale copy in favour of vibrant content that invites, enchants and engages the audience. For B2B clients, MarketSmith replaces generic content with a careful arrangement of words.

MarketSmiths offers clients such as enterprise companies and startups an effective digital strategy for web content, compelling press releases, snappy elevator punches, delightful brochures, share-worthy blog posts and much more.

Jean Tang, a master of high-end content and one of the most popular copywriters in the US, founded the New York-based digital copywriting agency in 2007. In 2012, she delivered a TedX talk on ‘The War against Bland’. She leads her team of skilled writers to create inspirational content for readers. MarketSmiths have helped hundreds of companies around the world to improve their ROI by up to 12,000% and taught thousands of small business owners to transform their copywriting skills.

What quality of content will I get from MarketSmiths?

If your content doesn’t generate backlinks, leads to more traffic or increase conversion, maybe you need a copywriting agency. MarketSmiths prides itself as the copywriting agency to demystify complex content in language your target audience will understand.  When a project is received, MarketSmith uses its proven approach to conduct a thorough interview to fully comprehend the goal of the project. From the insight the client provides, they create evergreen copies and run it through a 35-point Quality Control process to eliminate imperfections and ensure the words will improve your site ranking.

The final content the client receives builds a connection with the target audience by providing useful information and stimulating argument to ensure readers are talking about the brand for a long time to come.

How does copywriting improve site ranking?

MarketSmiths have designed a Quality Control Process to guarantee every customer receives value for money on all projects. The goal for every content isn’t to stay unread on blogs and other websites, but for readers to read the first line and lean further in interest, as the words captivate them and consume their attention. Their copywriting communicates the brand by featuring a powerful ‘Call to Action’ that encourages visitors to act and become buying customers.

MarketSmiths say their 35 QC points leads customers from cold-hot-flustered-ready to take action-checkout. The process is geared to produce results and conversion – a necessary feature for every brand that desires to stay in business. To clear-up any misconceptions, MarketSmiths insists it’s not the job of the writer to apply the 35 QC points, but a specialised content strategist, well-versed, exquisitely seasoned and hired for the sole purpose of inserting SEO-rich words, paragraphs, words, sentences and structure, using the online behavioural pattern of the target audience.

What is the process of creating web copy at MarketSmiths?

To capture your brand voice, MarketSmiths employ this process:

  • A seven minute tonal questionnaire to get a feel of your brand’s voice.
  • A brand blueprint to guide present and future projects.
  • A strategy to ensure your copy is produced in the fastest time.
  • Timed revisions to beat project deadlines.

Who are the copywriters at MarketSmiths?

There are 15 skilled copywriters at MarketSmiths, including owner, Jean Tang. When the writers are assigned a task, the first step is to understand the actual content, not rush into writing. Therefore, they ask questions based on your brand and project, probing for insights that will ensure they create spell-binding content for the client.

After strategising, the writers discuss the best approach, logistical details and hash out other fine points. The writers proceed to write, supervised by the content strategist and when the project is complete, the client receives the full draft.

The writers at MarketSmiths undergo an exhaustive application process to ensure that those who are hired are top class wordsmiths. At any stage of the project (damage control, brainstorming – whatever your niche), MarketSmiths prides itself on having a team of writers well-versed to speak your language

What services can I get from MarketSmiths copywriting?

Copywriting Services – MarketSmiths is well versed in B2B and B2C copywriting and the writers assure they will craft jaunty blog posts, authoritative proposals and captivating websites, alive with traffic and buying customers. Industries they write for include law, healthcare, startups, fashion, sports and technology, amongst others.

Content marketing – MarketSmiths provide an assured way to establish authority in your niche to impact with blogposts so that readers rush to share with their followers. Content marketing services offered include white papers, newsletters, guest blogging, social media profiles and video scripts.

Branding and sales communication – MarketSmiths offer message branding that adorns your company with personality. They use a careful strategy, combined with well-chosen words to make your brand more illustrious and appealing. Services include sales deck, copywriting proposals, elevator pitches and personal branding.

Reviews for MarketSmiths

There are 37 five-star reviews on Google. Customers who left reviews have used their services to create dense bulky posts, update content and draft product descriptions for new brands. The reviews were very inspiring; one customer in the food service industry said MarketSmiths helped them launch their restaurant with web copies, cookbooks, press releases and more. Most of the clients spoke about how MarketSmiths always took their time to understand the client’s voice before creating compelling content that mirrored the client’s message. The reviews are therefore comforting for prospective clients who want to know more about the quality of service they will get from MarketSmiths.

How much does copywriting cost?

For defined projects such as guest blog and web copy, MarketSmiths has a fixed flat rate to eliminate surprises or conflicts of interest with per-word or hourly rates. Clients who require daily posts (such as blog subscription) enjoy monthly pricing on a fixed-date for invoicing. Regardless of scale, the payment for every project is transparent to ensure customers know what, when and how they’re paying.


If you visit their website, the quality of writing is impressive. MarketSmiths have written for big brands such as Oracle, LinkedIn, Vizier, Panasonic, American Express and many others.

Instead of isolating writings, MarketSmiths say they use a system called ‘Team copywriting’,where every project has a lead writer and a team of writers who take directive from the team leader. They strategise, discuss a working approach, create content and pass it through the 35-point Quality Control Process to ensure seamless results that boost your revenue stream.