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Making a Difference in your Content Strategy, using Niche Marketing

Put yourself in the shoes of your target consumer. It could be a ‘stay at home mother’ that barely has five minutes to search online for a specific product, before she has to hurry back to take care of her family. It might even be a busy career person, inundated with work calls, who barely has time to come up for air before they are back at their duty post.

What content is guaranteed to grab their attention and keep them focused on your business long enough for them to bookmark your site and remember to revisit it as soon as they have a few minutes of free time? What content do you think will make them feel confident enough to freely provide their contact and credit card information?

Obviously, generic, repetitive content (that the web seems to be filled with these days) is not guaranteed to grab their attention -much less have them return for a second or third visit, even if you are the best source to provide them with what they need.

Whatever it is that you aim to provide to your target audience, if your content does not instantly give them a sense of connection, and provide them with the information they need at first glance, then you are likely to lose potential customers. People are often too busy to carry out the research they need to get access to their niche products. As a result, the bulk of the efforts lie with you and your business to bring the research to them, in an easily digestible and instantly gratifying format.

You probably want to know exactly what niche marketing is and how it can help place your product ahead of its competitors. When created and executed properly, a niche marketing campaign uses niche marketing products to do the following for your brand.

Niche Content Marketing Makes your Brand Exclusive

The appeal of Content Marketing is obvious to people in the Content Marketing sector; it is less expensive than the majority of other marketing choices and has been found to be very effective. In its latest research, the Content Marketing Institute reported that as many as 55% of B2B marketers are still uncertain about what effective or successful Content Marketing is about. However, 93% still maintain that online Content Marketing has the ability to engage clients, leading to their education and conversion eventually. The fact that the internet is filled with various brands offering the same or similar goods and services – even in specific niches – means that the strategy of disseminating a lot of content in the hope that some of it strikes the right note with someone, is definitely a very inefficient strategy.

Niche Marketing Content, when used appropriately, provides you with something that is practically irreplaceable – a differentiator. It gives your brand the ability to seem exceptional and stand out from the rest of the brands. This ability will often translate into better SEO ranking. Niche Content Marketing can be used as a tool to take ownership of a unique sector for your brand on the internet. With the right type of niche content, you will remain in the minds of your target audience long after their contact with you. If you integrate niche content into your lead generation process, you provide a specific value for your target audience.

It is important to understand that if your content creates value to both your target audience and a wide range of other audiences, then it probably isn’t ‘niche’ enough. General content like that might generate leads, but those leads will not be strong enough. General content is valuable, but niche content is more valuable in the sense that it defines your brand correctly and generates stronger leads, based on its ability to make your brand unique. Niche Marketing Content creates something that is really special, only for your target audience, who are your desired potential clients.

Niche Content Marketing Makes use of Customer Trust

You see it everywhere on the internet – a website that provides value, over and over again, soon becomes a reference point for people because they can trust their content. Soon, they are referred to as ‘authority websites’. When you provide quality niche content to your target audience, they will return to your website time and time again for information and resources. This will keep your product or services at the forefront of their mind. They will come to trust your website and before long, your products and services as well.

Niche Content makes use of trust as a tool to keep business prospects close to you and generate strong leads that see your brand as an ‘authority’. The thing about niche sectors is that your audience is very aware of the subject. Mostly, you will find that your target audience and potential clients are experts. Content that is generic or superficial will not be enough to impress them. You need to get their attention using the right type of Niche Marketing Content. The following general approach can make a difference in keeping prospective clients with you:

  • Start with the challenges. Every niche has a very specific challenge that provides a solution for. You need to be highly specific when you state what your solutions are for. Carry out ample research, based on your target audience, with surveys, interviews, feedback, focus groups and emails. While you might be right about the challenges, don’t rely on your knowledge alone.
  • Create solution specific content. Create content where you are able to provide a step-by-step feature or information that directly leads to you and your products, as the best solution. Showing that you understand the problem intimately builds confidence in the concept that your solution will solve it.
  • Your content should try as much as possible to be ‘non-advertorial’. Simply provide quality content that makes the customer trust your knowledge in the niche area, which will in turn naturally lead them to your product or service as a solution.
  • Remember that your target is also an expert, so use the appropriate language. The more technical you are, the more they are likely to appreciate your content. However, if you suspect that your audience might not be particularly technical, it’s okay to adjust your content to suit them as well.

Thought leadership and Niche Content Marketing are fully Compatible

Thought leadership has already been identified as a skilful method to stand out from the crowd. It can be used to make your brand ‘the brand’ and is even more effective when used in a niche area. With thought leadership, you can make your brand advance beyond an expert to being a leader that will garner followers. This will generate leads and create a following that is willing to buy into your product and services. A highly specialised niche provides you with the opportunity to become a recognised leader. The narrower your niche is, the better. This is not about volume, but quality.
An extensive and deep knowledge of your niche will place you in a good position to ask the right questions and provide the best answers simultaneously.  An effective Niche Content Marketing strategy is one that asks these questions:

  • What are the competitors doing and what needs to be said?
  • What approach can I take to make me stand out?

Extensive research based on these two questions – with a lot of feedback from potential clients – will guide you to write articles that instantly demonstrate your expertise and reach out to your target audience. If you have the confidence and skill that many writers have, you can develop a specific style for your brand that increases your visibility and makes your content unique in your niche. Content Marketing can be slow to show results – and even more so in niche areas – so you will need to be patient.

Niche Content Marketing can help you Succeed even in a Crowded Niche

A crowded niche is that much harder to penetrate, but making use of a Niche Content Marketing approach is often just what you need to make a difference. If you are able to create solid content and use innovative marketing techniques, then you have the recipe for success in the palm of your hand. If you are in a niche market, particularly one that is crowded, your expertise has a role to play.

You can leverage your expertise in your niche to create a content promotion framework. Think ‘How-to’ articles, current trends that relate to your niche, and even simple connections between your niche and celebrities – things that will appeal to your target audience. A solid story angle also appeals to consumers, or a connection between your product and the future. These are simple content strategies that can help you stand out from the others.

In all, whatever your niche, whatever its population, creating solid leads that lead to conversion, depends on the specificity, uniqueness and quality of the content used in your Content Marketing strategies. Niche Content Marketing strategies will definitely generate a better quality of leads than general Content Marketing.