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Attracting customers with website content

The Balance between Quantity and Quality in Your Website Content

Many businesses are unaware of the appropriate length for website content. Copywriting costs money: the longer the page, the more it will cost. So it’s easy to want to opt for the shortest word count, but it’s not always the best choice, editorially. Deciding on the optimum length for an article or some other form of […]

Developing a Process to Get New Content on Your Site Regularly

As the owner or operator of a website, you most likely already understand the importance of creating new website content on a regular basis. Adding content to an existing site or creating content for a new website will help your site achieve and maintain a good search engine ranking, while spreading your brand name around. […]

Developing Ideas for Regular Website Content

Fresh content is crucial to your website’s success, as new posts and general website content will keep you relevant with search engines.  Regular content is also the basis of your online presence, though, marking it as one of the main reasons visitors return to your site after their first visit. While some companies have a writing […]

Making Your Blog Content Relevant

In today’s world of information overload, you need to provide transparent, if not concrete, examples of how your services and products can benefit specific niche audiences. That is why you should direct your blog material to the people you want to reach. Make the information relative to those individuals who stand to gain the most […]

Website Content: The Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly

There is little more frustrating than clicking on a website, expecting to learn something about a new topic, to find broken English, a list of links with no real information, unreadable fonts or pictures jutting across text. Rivalled, perhaps, by clicking on a website to find an amalgamation of copy and pasting of other materials in an […]

Structuring Your Blog Post Content Sensibly

Making sure your blog content is relevant will help you succeed in your SEO and link-building activities. However, you want to concentrate on how the content is structured too. That means planning how you will interlink pages, present the material and develop content that is designed to serve the purposes of your niche demographic. Defining […]

How To Write a Content Writing Project Brief

A project brief is an outline of a task or objective. It gives the general idea without delving too deep into the actual content of a project. Though broad, it should have just enough detail to give you a clear idea of the task to be undertaken. As a result, there are things that you should […]

AB Testing website productivity

Guide to A/B testing: An Introduction

When used properly, A/B testing can be a life saver for an online business. A/B testing helps you determine the best copy to drive the kind of leads and conversion rates you desire from your websites and marketing efforts. So, what is A/B testing? A/B testing: What you need to know Before defining A/B testing, […]