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The Complete Guide to finding a Website Content Writer

The Complete Guide to finding a Website Content Writer In the early stages of creating a website, you’ll need to determine who is responsible for your site content. You might be tempted to assign this critical task to your secretaryor assistant, and have them organise it. The problem is they likely won’t understand the role of [...]

A Complete Guide to Health Copywriting

Daily Posts is a copywriting agency that offers expertly-written copy produced by experienced copywriters from across the world. We specialise in writing niche content, including in the health domain. With our mixed team of experienced health copywriters and professionals who are knowledgeable about health, we deliver quality, well-researched health content. As a healthcare or health-related [...]

A Complete Guide to Medical Copywriting

Today’s medical copywriters require many skills. In addition to writing, we must have a broad knowledge of interviewing, psychology, marketing, customer relations, research methodology and more. A healthcare professional knows more than anyone else how difficult the industry is to master. For instance, doctors learn over 50,000 new words by the time they complete medical [...]

Content Writer vs. Copywriter – What does Each have to Offer?

Many people look for the services of a copywriter, when what they actually need is a content writer and vice versa. This is probably because they often mistake one for the other, but this post is about to clear that up. What differentiates a content writer from a copywriter is actually quite subtle and an […]

The 20 Biggest Content Mistakes That Websites Make

A website puts the most powerful tool for communication right at your fingertips. Whether your website is career related, for ecommerce, blogging or any other reason, you have the unique opportunity to connect with the world and have your own say. How you go about saying what you want to however, is the main concern […]

Content That Fits the Way We Think

If your copywriting doesn’t resonate with some part of your reader, then it might as well just be gibberish. It’s that mental connection, that feeling of something speaking directly to you that opens up a reader, emotionally, to your website. If you want to sell a product, you must first get your audience’s attention and […]

The top Antivirus Protection for Copywriters in 2017

As a copywriter you are constantly scouring the web looking for ideas, sources and rich media to use in the formation of your opinions. That puts you at risk of encountering viruses. A slow computer is the scourge of any professional writer, so you need to get adequate protection to ensure there is a barrier […]

Best Tools to Help You Polish and Share Written Content

A professional web design company that’s worth its salt, like InfintechDesigns will tell you well written content is one of the key elements when it comes to designing a great website. Not just well written content, but content that’s packaged to deliver clear and relevant information to its audience. Well written content should be engaging, […]

Are You Sitting Comfortably? Then Let’s Begin . . . the Art of Storytelling

  For as long as there have been people, there have been stories.  They were told around campfires, in the shelter of caves, in great castle halls, in a child’s bedroom.  Stories have cemented their place in our culture, in our very way of life as human beings.  We grew up listening to stories, telling stories […]

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The Importance of Proofreading Your Website Content

When writing website content, most people become concerned with article topics and search engine optimisation. While these two factors are hugely important, sometimes another imperative aspect is forgotten: proofreading. As good as your staff writers or your hired writing agency may be, there is always a chance that mistakes like typos, grammatical errors, or other issues […]